Wednesday 1 September, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they attempt to restore law and order to a post- Katrina New Orleans. In the final episode, Cobb and Boulet are assigned to protect a hell-raising college football star on the eve of an important match. However, a series of troubling events threatens to derail the most important game of their charge’s life. On the eve of a big football game, Cobb is dumbfounded when Embry informs him and Boulet that they have been assigned to the protection detail for Vin Bear (Mehcad Brooks, ‘True Blood’, ‘Desperate Housewives’), a New Orleans-born college football player who is about to break into the big time. “Let me get this straight,” he says to his boss. “This town is overflowing with murderers and rapists, and you want us to babysit some football player all night?” However, in light of threats made against the young man’s life, Embry is concerned with protecting his city’s reputation. “Tourism is our city’s life’s blood,” he insists. “We can’t afford to take a hit like that.” At Vin’s hotel room, a party is in full swing, but he soon leads the officers to a downmarket strip club. Inside, the sportsman receives a phone call that puts him in a rage, leading him to get into a brawl with a fan. “You have no idea who you’re messing with, mate,” the fan warns, darkly. “This ain’t over.” After the upset, Vin asks the cops to escort him to his childhood friend Ricky’s home, but Cobb becomes suspicious when Ricky gives his oldest friend a stilted welcome. Cobb’s gut feeling proves correct, and the group are soon ambushed by an armed man hiding in the kitchen. The gunman manages to escape with Ricky as a hostage. Furious, Cobb demands answers from Vin, who confesses that his earlier phone call was from the gunman, Terence Jackson. “He says he’s gonna kill Ricky if I don’t save points off the game tomorrow,” Vin confesses. “They’ve got big bets down.”

Wednesday 25 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they attempt to restore law and order to a post- Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, Cobb and Boulet reluctantly agree to be shadowed by a New York journalist in an attempt to improve the beleaguered force’s image, but her determination to root out a good story jeopardises an operation to catch the city’s most dangerous man. When the New York Herald sends journalist Jodi Mazetta to New Orleans to write a profile of the police force, Cobb and Boulet are unhappy to be selected as her guides. Convinced that she will smear them with her story, the officers decide to keep her away from major cases. However, when a call comes in about a murder, Jodi is determined to visit the scene of the crime. “I’m going to write this article with or without you,” she tells her guides. In order to convince the duo to play ball with her, Jodi tells them some harsh truths about outsiders’ impressions of New Orleans. “They see you as a sideshow,” she insists. “The lawless, promiscuous, murder capital of the country.” Cobb, fiercely protective of his hometown as always, denies the charges. “Well, prove it then,” Jodi challenges him. The cops eventually submit and take Jodi to the scene. The victim, Travis, lies dead from two gunshot wounds to the head in a car outside his home, and the murder has all the hallmarks of a drug-related hit. However, when Boulet and Cobb discover that the victim has a clean record, they must change the angle of their investigation. The officers pay a visit to the dead man’s employer at the stadium where he worked as a caretaker. The boss expresses his surprise at the murder of his hardworking employee, and tells Boulet and Cobb that he initially assumed they had come about the murder in the stadium bathroom the previous week. The cops discover that a teenager was shot there in a suspected drug deal gone wrong – and Travis more than likely witnessed the crime. “He had to have talked to somebody,” Boulet tells Jodi. “The way he was killed in front of his house sent a message to the whole ‘hood.”

Wednesday 18 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they attempt to restore law and order to a post- Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, Boulet discovers that a man whose life he saved during the storm is running a protection racket affecting some of his oldest friends. But when orthodox methods of apprehending the criminal prove futile, Boulet’s sense of guilt leads him to take the law into his own hands. After the officers are alerted to a shooting at a Mardi Gras supply warehouse by an anonymous 911 call, they arrive on the scene to find two bodies. One is the owner of the warehouse, the other a petty criminal. A noise from inside one of the carnival floats alerts Cobb to the presence of a third man, who has escaped unharmed. Boulet is astonished when he realises that the survivor, Owen Giles, is a man he saved from a rooftop during the storm. Cobb immediately suspects that Owen is behind the killings when he realises that the guns were placed in the dead men’s hands after they were killed. Boulet, however, is angered by Cobb’s refusal to accept that the man he saved is of good character. “You swam out of that prison and started over,” he snarls. “You think second chances start and end with you?” Boulet decides that the next step to clearing his friend’s name is to locate the person who made the anonymous emergency call. He quickly identifies him as Stanley Azabian, the owner of a nearby praline shop. Back at the station, Stanley immediately picks Owen out as the person who shot the two men, much to Boulet’s disbelief. “I saved the life of a killer,” he rages at Owen. “You’re going to die in prison.” However, Lyndsey warns Boulet that she does not have enough evidence to make the charges against Owen stick, because Stanley has suddenly refused to testify. “Come back to me with a witness, or some hard evidence, or let it go,” she tells him.

Wednesday 11 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post-Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, Boulet and Cobb investigate a spate of arsons after a toothless corpse is found in a burnt-out house. Elsewhere, Cobb seduces an attractive fire marshal. An insurance investigator arrives at a abandoned house that has been razed to the ground. As insurance companies are not popular in post- Katrina New Orleans, the situation between the investigator and the owner quickly becomes ugly. When the investigator pulls out a gun to protect himself, he stumbles over and lands on a charred, toothless corpse. As Boulet and Cobb investigate at the scene, they are interrupted by Eileen McGillis, a fire marshal called in to investigate the blaze. She believes that the death may have been accidental, but Cobb points out that the corpse’s teeth were struck out prior to the fire, perhaps in an attempt to hide the victim’s identity. “It may be arson, but it’s definitely murder,” he announces. The three go to see the coroner, who reveals that the victim was badly beaten but still alive when the house was set alight. Although somewhat distracted by Cobb’s attempts at flirtation, McGillis notices in the toxicology report that the victim inhaled a fast-burning accelerant chemical before dying. From this, she is able to link the fire with several other non-lethal blazes in nearby unoccupied buildings. It is then revealed that the victim is Brian Studler, an insurance claims agent. “An insurance adjuster killed in post-Katrina New Orleans – that oughta narrow down our suspect list to 20 or 30 thousand people,” Boulet jokes.

Wednesday 4 August, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post-Katrina New Orleans. In this episode, the hunt for the killer of a plastic surgeon leads the detectives to a father searching for his missing daughter. Boulet clashes with Lyndsey over the DA’s refusal to listen to his concerns about the case. When the body of eminent plastic surgeon Steven Schmidt is found on a riverbank, Boulet is at first convinced that it is an open-and-shut case of robbery-homicide. At the scene, the detectives find the blood of two different people, and a lens from a pair of eyeglasses. Nearby is the doctor’s missing suitcase, which swiftly disproves Boulet’s theory – it contains $50,000 in cash. Boulet and Cobb visit the victim’s wife, Kathy, who confesses that her husband had been spending a lot of time holed up in his study before his death. The cops discover that Schmidt made numerous calls to a Dallas number in the weeks leading up to the killing. Boulet dials the number and reaches a man who tells them that his roommate, Luke Sherman, travelled to New Orleans under mysterious circumstances two days earlier. The detectives trace Luke’s grandmother, who tells them that her grandson left New Orleans after his wife and daughter were killed by the storm. However, the old woman tells the stunned duo that two weeks ago, she discovered that the girl, Melissa, was alive after putting her photo on the internet. She proudly hands over a recent photo of the lost child, and the cops realise that the girl is none other than Steven and Kathy Schmidt’s adopted daughter. Cobb and Boulet visit social worker Pete Taylor, a university friend of Kathy’s who arranged the adoption for the family. He tells them that the girl was put up for adoption when it proved impossible to trace her parents after she was found alone during the storm. Pete admits that he put Luke in touch with Dr Schmidt after he came in to do a DNA test a few days earlier, despite Luke’s unbalanced mood. “The man thought his daughter was dead for two years, and now she’s alive,” Pete says. “He was acting like a crazed maniac – wouldn’t you?”

Wednesday 21 July, 10:00pm on Five

US drama following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post-Katrina New Orleans. When the deacon is killed during a service at the church Boulet attended as a boy, the officers meet with a wall of silence from the congregation, and Boulet’s mysterious grudge against the priest threatens to derail the investigation. On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Cobb and Boulet are alerted to reports of shots fired inside a church. At the scene, Boulet reveals that his family used to attend the church. “But we don’t come here any more,” he adds, darkly. The officers suspect a hostage situation, but they enter when they hear the congregation singing. Inside, all appears to be normal. “I always hoped you’d walk back through that door,” remarks the priest, Father Dennehy. “But maybe not armed for war.” Cobb is shocked when his partner responds aggressively to Dennehy. “Shut your mouth,” Boulet snarls. As the priest tells Boulet that they would have heard the shots because they were in silent prayer, the congregation -most of whom have known the officer since he was a child – round on him. Just as Cobb is beginning to suspect a false alarm, he notices blood spots on a sheet, and lifts it to reveal a dead body hidden underneath. Boulet immediately identifies the man as Deacon Jared Smith. “Since you’re the boss here, I’ll let you tell me first what went down,” Boulet growls at Dennehy. But the priest – himself an ex-police officer – refuses to cooperate. “From my time on the force I seem to recall something about a right to remain silent,” he smirks.

Wednesday 14 July, 10:00pm on Five

US drama series following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. As the officers hunt down the killer of a kind-hearted local woman, they uncover some disturbing truths about the victim’s past. Cobb’s cover is nearly blown when a good deed goes wrong. When bar owner Mary McDonald is found murdered on a makeshift altar outside her establishment, the cops at first conclude that it was a ritualistic voodoo killing. However, Boulet pulls out his knowledge of voodoo – learned to impress a girl when he was younger – to establish that the crime scene was staged. “This junk makes no sense,” he argues. “A chicken foot, a glass eyeball? There’s no message in this garbage.” The officers struggle to find any record of Mary’s life before she moved to New Orleans five years earlier. Ginger traces the voodoo articles found at the crime scene to one of Mary’s employees, Sam Winston. Sam tells the police that she and Mary used to be an item, but they split up because her lover seemed to be hiding a huge secret. The voodoo items were at the club because Mary had asked her ex to cast a protection spell to ward off evil. Meanwhile, Cobb and Boulet discover a month-old newspaper clipping outing Mary as the well-known local ‘guardian angel’ who anonymously paid off people’s bills for them after the storm. The journalist who uncovered her identity tells the officers that Mary had not wanted to be identified, but he printed her picture regardless and the story ran in all the national papers. Cobb realises that the story was printed around the same time that Mary became scared and asked Sam to cast the spell.

Wednesday 7 July, 10:00pm on Five

US drama series following a pair of tough cops as they try to restore law and order to a post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. The murder of a city councillor leads Cobb and Boulet to a local brothel, where they uncover a web of corruption that stretches right to the top of the local judiciary. The two officers soon realise that even Embry might not escape with his reputation intact. As the naked body of New Orleans councillor and former district attorney Clay Beelman is pulled from the water, Cobb removes a false fingernail from the dead man’s skin. With the help of his wife, Boulet traces the false nail to a local salon. The salon owner promptly identifies the nail as that of one Laine Rogers. “I always do special designs for the Poplar House girls,” she explains. When a confused Cobb asks for clarification, Boulet explains that Poplar House is the name of a local brothel. Boulet informs Embry that they are going to raid the brothel, but he reacts strangely. “He’s just picking his battles,” Boulet reassures Cobb. “You mess with Poplar House, you piss off a whole lot of powerful people.” The truth behind this sentiment becomes apparent when the cops burst into the brothel. “What’s going on? The NOPD always calls for an unscheduled raid,” the madam, Marquetta Dinovi, cries. The officers even spot one of the city’s distinguished judges at the foot of the stairs. As Cobb heavy-handedly searches the upstairs rooms for a prostitute with a missing fingernail, Embry arrives on the scene. “What don’t you understand, Cobb?” he blazes. “I’ve got this.” As he orders Cobb out of the room, Embry begins to remonstrate with one of the girls, Sarah, whom he clearly knows well. Embry tells his fellow officers that Sarah is one of his sources, but Cobb has his doubts. “The man’s got his vices, but whores ain’t one of them,” Boulet insists.

Wednesday 30 June, 10:00pm on Five

Continuing on Five this week is the US police drama set against the backdrop of a post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. In this instalment, the investigation into the case of three prison escapees brings back painful memories for Cobb. As the officers track the missing prisoners, they uncover a web of corruption and rampant greed that poses a risk to the entire population of their devastated city. Cobb is awoken from a post-shift dream about his own escape from jail by news of a real breakout by three detainees. “The sooner they get back in prison, the sooner we get back in bed,” Embry announces, rallying his entire force to help with the search for the fugitives. Rather than joining the manhunt, Cobb convinces Boulet to help him question the escapees’ known associates. “I can’t wait to explain this to Embry,” Boulet remarks. “Cobb tapped in to his special prisoner powers to get into the mind of a fugitive and become one with evil.” In spite of Boulet’s reservations, Cobb’s plan pays off and leads the partners to the three men. However, one fugitive, Tim Dunlevy, manages to escape after Cobb is distracted by an enthusiastic deputy (Jamie McShane, ‘Sons of Anarchy’) who seems hell-bent on taking down the prisoner. When Cobb and Boulet bring in the captured men for questioning, Deputy Carlsson once again disrupts the process. Aided by the influence of prison boss Terry Deville, Carlsson is able to return the criminals to prison without proper questioning, much to Boulet’s disbelief. As it emerges that Dunlevy masterminded the escape, Embry discovers that the fugitive received his two-year sentence for the minor crime of being drunk and disorderly – his first offence. Swann blames her nemesis Deville, who is paid a premium for every inmate his prison takes, for this injustice. “Before Katrina he was raking in over 100 grand a day,” she reveals. “So it’s to his advantage to jam as many people in there as possible.”

Wednesday 23 June, 10:00pm on Five

Brand new to Five this week is a US police drama set against the backdrop of a ravaged New Orleans, two years after Hurricane Katrina tore through the city. Officers Marlin Boulet and Trevor Cobb do their best to pursue the criminals intent on preventing the city’s recovery, while also trying to rebuild their own lives. In the opening instalment, the cops investigate a series of shootings at charity fundraising events. After meeting for the first time at the makeshift FAS (Felony Action Squad) headquarters, New Orleans police officers Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson, ‘The Shield’, ‘Law & Order’) and Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser) are given their first assignment – to police a charity event raising funds for the redevelopment of the Ninth Ward. No sooner have the pair arrived than they witness a singer being shot dead as she takes to the stage. The officers race off in the direction of the shots, but lose the suspected shooter amongst the crowds at a casino. Later that day, further shots are fired at another fundraiser. Before Cobb and Boulet can give chase, their car explodes in a ball of flames, sending the officers crashing to the ground. Back at FAS HQ, the pair start to piece together the puzzle, and come to the conclusion that the attackers are professional hit men. Working to the theory that the first shooter may have escaped into the casino, the cops investigate the security guards and learn that all of them are mercenaries and former soldiers. It is only when Boulet and his wife, Ayana, come under attack at their own home days later that the officer realises what must be happening. The key to the case appears to be a Christina DuBois, the daughter of a local casino magnate. Christina organised both fundraising events, paid large sums of money to casino security boss Gordon Wix, and has recently been buying up huge areas of real estate in the Ninth Ward. Could the ambitious young entrepreneur be using some decidedly shady tactics to force terrified New Orleans homeowners out of their properties?

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