Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter Stateside

Thursday, 2 July 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

It’s the families last week in LA but before they go, they must meet a very special visitor Jessie. He has exactly the same condition as Harvey and Katie and Peter are overwhelmed to meet him and his mum, Peter in particular is in tears at seeing what he thinks Harvey will be like in 4 years time.

Next day, Katie and Peter are training for their final run before the marathon, they have to complete 18 miles and limp towards the finish line. After training, it’s time to take Harvey to the doctors and whilst Peter plays with him, Katie tells manager Claire what the doctor said, how he is doing really well and how may cases there are like Harvey.

It’s late at night and Katie and Peter are packing up their mansion, they both reflect on the trip, Katie is looking forward to getting back to England but Peter has loved it and is sad to be leaving. The next day the kids are flying home, Katie and Peter have a lot of errands to run but on the way they get a phone call to say that Junior and Princess won’t be released from their last day at nursery until mum and dad pay up. A furious Peter gets on the phone and demands they be released and is thrilled to see them when they get home, getting in some quality family cuddling time. However Junior wants chocolate and nearly convinces Peter to give it to him when he gets caught by the nanny who has forbidden it, leading to a huge tantrum.

With the kids flying home in a matter of hours, Katie and Peter have a trailer for the show to record but it all goes very wrong when one of the them farts and no-one is owning up, leading to a row. It’s the final day in LA, the kids have gone home and Katie and Peter are doing the final packing – Katie hits on a novel way of clearing up, burning it and tries to goad Peter by telling him she’s burnt his stuff. On there way to the airport, the tensions increase.

Thursday, 23 April 2009, 9:00PM on ITV2

The family have only just arrived in LA and are just getting settled into the their mansion in Malibu. Their first priority is to settle Harvey into a new school as it’s important that he feels comfortable in order for the family to stay in America. 

They set off for the Junior Blind school, as they have heard a lot about it, and when they arrive, followed by the usual photographers, it soon becomes apparent that this is the place for Harvey. 

It’s the next day, and whilst Harvey heads off to his new school, Katie and Pete have errands to run; they couldn’t bring any toys over from the UK so to help the kids settle in, they have decided to go toy shopping and after an ambush from the photographers, they manage, with some difficulty, to pack a whole loads of toys into just one car. 

Katie heads for home, tackling driving for the first time, without Peter, in America but soon starts having car trouble. Sister Sophie informs Katie that they have a flat tyre and the girls panic and when they become desperate, they ask a policeman who informs them that actually it’s totally fine, much to Katie’s embarrassment! 

On the other side of LA, Peter’s not done with the shopping and has decided to rent a new car, and although he intended to get a four-seater for all the family, he is distracted by the sports cars and although Katie gets winds of this and berates him for being selfish, he drives off with the convertible. 

A new day and Katie, Peter and Sophie have to do their marathon training. It’s a huge leap in distance and all is going well until Katie has to pull up in agony. Gutted at having to give up before the finish, she meets up with Peter who gives the waiting photographers an eyeful of his super toned frame. 

Back at the house, Katie and Peter are handing out all the toys they bought yesterday to the tears and tantrums of the youngest two. 

Later, Katie takes Peter’s sports car for a spin and, once out and about, has car trouble again when she notices she’s nearly out of petrol and has to stop and ask the trail of photographers on her tail to help her get there and once there, she even makes them help with the pump. 

When she finally returns, it’s a get together and the family sit down and have the first barbeque in the Malibu mansion. 

It’s nearly the end of the first week and Katie heads off on the school run with Harvey, whilst Peter manages to cram Junior, Princess and two cars seats into the sports car. 

After dropping off Harvey and getting photographed as she visits the foot clinic, Katie then heads to the stables. Katie is having her horse flown over so she can ride whilst she is in LA. 

As Katie looks around, Peter has headed into the studio for his first day back finishing the album and he’s excited to get going; he loves the music he’s working on and feels that it’s all starting to come together.


Thursday, 16 April 2009, 9:00PM on ITV2

Katie & Peter try their hand at living and working Stateside, family and all… Katie & Peter are moving west. They are off to the States with the entire family in January and ITV2 viewers will get to see all the highs and lows of life for the Price-Andre family in America. 

Peter is going to be recording a new album, the main reason for the move, and Katie will be doing what Katie does best – being the most glamorous mum on the planet as she settles Harvey into his American school and looks after Princess & Junior, all whilst horse riding, running (Katie is training for the marathon) and doing all the promotional work that comes her way in Tinseltown. 

Stateside is going to have the usual Katie and Peter ups and downs: the bickering and the making up; the tantrums and the love ins; the family outings and the family bust ups, all against the backdrop of being in a different country. 

The new series kicks off with Katie and Peter still in England but tying up loose ends before they leave for America, and we catch up with them recording the new ‘Stateside’ titles for the new series. 

The title shoot has an American theme and Peter is relaxing in a Cadillac whilst Katie is dressed as a rather sexy policewoman, much to Peter’s delight. The couple are on good form and there is plenty of banter between them. 

Next we see Katie and Peter at the offices of a daily newspaper where they are guest writing the celebrity column. The couple look through recent paparazzi shots that have been sent into the newspaper and they comment on pictures of Amy Winehouse and Samantha Ronson. Katie also discusses Kerry Katona and the journalists ask them a few questions, such as the last thing they argued over. 

Later in the episode, Katie and Peter return to the house where their children are, who are cuter than ever, particularly Princess who is now one-and-a-half and is walking and talking. Both Katie and Peter are planning to run the London Marathon in April, so even though they have just got home, they immediately get ready for the night run they have planned. 

Peter tells Junior off for using a bad word and then Harvey arrives and throws a little tantrum but Katie cheers him up by getting him to repeat his favourite nursery rhyme. Much later than expected, Katie and Peter finally head off for their run. 

The next day couple’s management are at the house for a meeting about LA. However, the meeting soon descends into chaos as Peter puts one of Katie’s hair clips on his nose. Peter escapes to the playroom and gives an impromptu and very cute Greek lesson to Junior and Princess. 

Later that day and Katie is clearing out her office before the move. She finds a newspaper article written about her and Peter before they went into the jungle, titled “sex pack meets six pack”. She reads it to Peter and they laugh about what they supposedly said about each other before the jungle. 

Finally, Peter heads over to see his manager Neville for a quick meeting about his music, as recording his new album is one of the main reasons for moving to the States. Peter discusses how he feels everyone is expecting it to be rubbish but that he is hoping to surprise a few people. He also apologies for Insania and says that he is now doing what he should have done back then. 

The next part picks up on the day before the move to LA. Katie has a huge mountain of clothes she is packing for the trip. Meanwhile, upstairs, Peter is having a heart to heart with Junior. Someone has put pink nail varnish on his nails so Peter explains this is not for a boy. Junior doesn’t really understand. And it seems the stress of the big move is getting to everyone as later that evening Peter and Katie are having a big row. 

Peter has arranged to go out and Katie thinks he is being suspicious and might be seeing someone else. In a tense scene, they both tell each other what they think before Peter escapes to the bedroom upstairs. Katie stands by everything she has said but Peter just can’t understand why he is being picked on. Eventually, Peter backs down and stays in for the evening, they share a pizza and Katie wonders what the next few months will bring. 

Next morning and everyone is up early and there is some last minute packing to be done. With 22 suitcases loaded into car, they finally set off. There are photographers at the airport and, to make it worse, Harvey doesn’t want to get out of the car but eventually they make it into the terminal. 

We pick them up on their arrival in LA, and there is a frenzy of photographers as they arrive. They set off for their new home, a seven-bedroom mansion in Malibu and even though it’s late and they are jet lagged when they arrive, they are impressed with the house. 

Next morning and it’s a beautiful setting for Katie and Peter to wake up to. We explore their new house, which has some incredible views over the valley. Katie and Peter attempt to allocate rooms for the kids before hitting the shops to get some food in the fridge. There’s another huge group of photographers following them. 

Back home, Peter is complaining that Katie is being moody and he tells us a story his dad told him about having two ears – goes in one and out the other.


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