Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter

Thursday 29 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

The show starts with Katie and Peter at exclusive London department store, Harrods. They head for the food hall, where they plan to do the catering for a special reunion dinner party they’re hosting for the Prices. They haven’t seen Katie’s family for six weeks, so they’re pulling out all the stops. The problem is shopping for food has made Peter hungry. And when he stops off to buy a quick snack, he loses track of Katie.

After buying some fancy salmon fishcakes as starters, Katie heads off to the exclusive chocolate counters – with Peter’s credit card and PIN number in hand. She excuses Peter before investing a whopping £160 on luxury chocolates. When Katie catches up with Peter again, he’s at the sushi counter ordering another plate of sashimi.

Just then celebrity radio host Richard Bacon shows up, causing confusion between Katie and Peter as to who exactly he is. Peter tells him Katie thought he was Kevin Bacon, Katie denies this, but Richard makes it clear he didn’t star in Flatliners.

Later that evening, Peter gets on with preparing his signature Thai chicken curry, while Katie enlists the help of her friend and hair stylist Melody to make banoffee pie for dessert. Katie plonks the starters down in front of the guests and it’s clear that she’s got some way to go before she becomes the hostess with the mostest. Not renowned for their culinary skills, Katie’s stepdad Paul struggles to finish Peter’s curry – it seems he took the precaution of having a meal before the dinner party to avoid disappointment.

After the main course, Katie challenges her guests to a taste test to distinguish between her and Melody’s banoffee pies – Katie’s has a touch of coffee – but only her mum Amy guesses correctly. The dinner party concludes with Katie giving her sister Sophie the brand new customised car she bought for her 18th birthday. Having failed her latest driving test and never driven in the dark before, Sophie is really nervous about driving home, so all the guests pile out to watch her torment.

The next day, Katie drives Peter to a top motor racing circuit for a fun day of rally driving. But being Katie and Peter the day out comes with a built-in competitive edge – both want to prove they’re the better driver. Katie indulges in some mind games en route, assuring Peter he’s going to win. But it may all come to nothing as she doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to the circuit. After meeting their instructors for the day, the couple get into their motor racing outfits. Sadly, for Peter, his uniform is playing havoc with his manhood. But that’s the least of his problems as Katie takes a liking to her young instructor, Ryan, sending Peter into a fit of jealousy.

After their safety briefing, Katie and Peter and their instructors head for the practice circuit to learn to handle the car. They get ten laps to show what they’re made of. And the evidence is that if the day had been all about practice, Katie would have beaten her hapless hubby hands down.

With practice over, it’s on. Katie and Peter move over to a proper rally circuit. After another ten practice laps, they take turns recording a timed lap. Katie clocks a quicker time than Peter but, as rumours of backhanders circulate, Peter is somehow declared the winner. Katie is far from pleased with the outcome leaving us to hope for Peter’s sake that she doesn’t ask for a stewards’ inquiry.

Thursday 1 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Katie is on a whirlwind promotional tour for her new book and the episode begins as she is doing the rounds on breakfast television, first with GMTV and then with Lorraine Kelly.

Back at home, things are less comfortable for Peter, who is on day one of his new fitness regime to get back in shape. It’s 8.30am but Peter has only just got out of bed and is lacking motivation. But his new personal trainer is an ex-marine commando and he isn’t going to take any of Peter’s nonsense. He puts Peter through a grueling, and sometimes hilarious, training session which pushes Peter to his limits. Afterwards Peter is all smiles and tells all the male viewers at home to get in shape and that he will be their ambassador!

We rejoin Katie as she is leaving the television studios, who is as ever, being followed around by her loyal “pack” of press hounds. She has a small window before her next interview and so decides to drop into the bead shop in Covent Garden as she is making a blanket for Princess. As she browses the beads, there are loads of paparazzi at the window all desperate for her picture. Next stop on Katie’s tour is at the BBC for a radio interview in Ireland. Katie sits in the radio booth for ages as no one has told when she is going live. After a few minutes of making silly faces, she gets bored and ends up playing with the mixing desk messing up all the sound levels.

As Katie is busy cramming as much into her day as possible, Peter is moving at a slightly slower pace and, having recovered from his training session, is now looking for a Valentine’s card for Katie. He doesn’t want to buy one and would prefer to just tell her he loves her but manager Claire convinces him it’s a good idea. When he eventually finds the right card, he struggles to find the right words.

Katie finishes off a few more interviews and then meets up with Peter in town, and although its still two days to Valentine’s Day, Peter just can’t wait and gives Katie his card. Katie reads out the card – it’s very touching and she tells him that he “can definitely have sex tonight”!

The next day and Peter is taking Harvey for his regular hospital check up. Harvey is in a great mood and is making lots of jokes with Peter. Unfortunately, Peter gets lost on the way and is late for the appointment. To make it worse, when he arrives he just can’t find a space in the car park. He drives round and round stressing out that he’s going to get in trouble before he eventually finds a place. On his way out he sees a space right next to the hospital front door. When he comes out of the hospital, Peter is clutching notes that he has written down from what the doctor has told him. He explains the doctor told him that Harvey won’t get better, but that they need to start focusing on him as an individual and his own personal needs.

Back at home, Katie and Harvey are having a photo shoot together for a magazine. Harvey is amusing people by bouncing on top of everyone, which ends up being particularly painful for Peter due to where Harvey is bouncing. The next day is Valentine’s Day but for Katie it’s all work as today is her big book launch in Waterstone’s. She is dressed for the occasion, as a superhero, and will be accompanied on stage by four hunky ‘Clark Kents’. Eventually her moment arrives and everything goes to plan…except her revealing dress reveals a little too much and there is plenty of press about this the following day.

Following on from the launch, the next day Katie and Peter take to the road for a short tour of the country to promote her book as Katie always wants to meet the people that support her. On the way, Katie and Peter play a game to see who can do the best accents. This is a hilarious sequence as neither of them seems able to do any. They arrive in Swindon – Katie is busy signing all her books but the fans are delighted to see Peter as well. There are some fun and games in the hotel that night, but the next day an argument develops in the car on the way to the next location. Katie is not interested in the properties that Peter has been looking at and Peter gets annoyed as he has come all the way to Wales to support her. Neither of them back down and there is an uncomfortable silence for much of the journey, which many couples will be able to relate too.

They arrive in Bristol and Katie rushes off to work. Peter sheepishly appears a few hours later and apologises. Happy again, Katie launches into her final book signing session and when they are done, its time for everyone to head home.

Thursday 24 April 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Katie and Peter are back in the UK after their Australian holiday. And it’s straight back to business for Katie who has a photo shoot with OK! magazine, and it’s the first with her new surgery. Meanwhile, Peter has returned from Australia full of good intentions for the New Year and he’s keen to both re-launch his music career and get himself back in shape.

Katie is complaining about her teeth hurting after the new veneers she had fitted, so she travels up to London (taking Junior for his very first trip on the London Underground) to see a London dentist. The news isn’t good – she needs to remove the veneers, put temporary ones on and then get them all refitted.

The next day and Katie and Peter have a shoot with a magazine. The interviewer asks them about their life away from the cameras and gets them to reveal some intimate detail about their sex life.

It’s now the weekend and Peter is on his way up to Birmingham to perform at a gay club. Before the gig he has been asked by the Make a Wish foundation to meet 14-year-old Ayisha, who suffers from Rett Syndrome. She is one of Peter’s biggest fans and watches his live video every day. Peter is overwhelmed by this meeting and he sings Mysterious Girl to her, her favourite song. After this meeting he has a sleep as he isn’t onstage until much later but when he wakes up he’s very tired and has to work hard to get himself ready for his performance.

Finally, Peter gets on stage and the crowd like some of his new material, but the place erupts when he performs Mysterious Girl – the song that just doesn’t die, he exclaims when he gets off stage. He is exhilarated by his performance, his first in a while, and to top it off by the stage door he meets another huge fan who is reduced to tears by the very presence of Peter.

The next day and Katie and Peter have hit the headlines. Their ex-nanny Becky has sold her story to a Sunday paper and she is extremely critical of their parenting. Katie is angry about the allegations in the paper.

Peter has a pre-arranged business trip to Cyprus already planned, but when he arrives he also expresses his anger at the story, and he is visibly hurt. But he attempts to focus on the reason he has come to Cyprus – to look at potential areas to invest in property. Back in the UK, Katie attempts to take her mind of the headlines with some retail therapy as she is looking to buy a new wheelchair for Harvey. In typical Katie fashion, she asks for the “trendiest” wheelchair and once she finds one she likes, she ends up buying half the shop with all sorts of nice things for Harvey.

Back in Cyprus, Peter has seen all the property sites and now comes up with a better idea – he asks the guys on site if he can have a play in the digger. In Kent, Katie has returned home from the mobility shop and she has asked Michelle Heaton to stay with her for a girlie few days while Peter is away.

Finally, we are back in Cyprus again and Peter is showing us round his new house that his father spent three years building for him. Using footage shot over the last few years we see how the house has progressed. Peter shows us round the house and introduces us to his friend Aristos, a classical composer. They have been working together on a new direction for Peter’s music. Peter listens to some of the backing tracks that Aristos has made and sings a song called Broken Man, which he wrote during his depression.

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