Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter

Thursday 17 April 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Katie and Peter are coming to the end of their Australian holiday. Their two eldest children, Harvey and Junior, have gone back to England with the nannies as school has started, leaving Princess and her parents to make the most of their last few days.

Now up in Cairns and without the boys Peter has arranged for some adults only activities. First up is a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef for his whole family. As they wait to board the boat early in the morning Katie throws down the gauntlet to Peter – she’s convinced that she’s going to catch the biggest fish.

No one likes a competition more than Peter and as soon as they’re out to sea he starts fishing. Almost immediately, before Katie has even come out of the cabin, Peter has landed his first fish, a huge barracuda. The competition is definitely on… Three more fish follow straight away with Peter getting more excited each time he pulls his line out of the water. By the time Katie starts she’s already four fish down and clearly the fishing is quickly losing its appeal. She does at least catch one small fish and scores a minor victory when hers turns out to be the tastiest.

For the afternoon they move to the Great Barrier Reef to go snorkelling. Katie takes the helm of the boat and at full throttle it doesn’t take them long to get there. Peter is the first in, once he’s worked out which way round his wetsuit is actually supposed to go, and there are some amazing fish to be seen. Katie eventually braves the tropical waters but she’s not so impressed. She lasts just 5 minutes before she’s out of the water doing something much more fun – racing the speed boat.

That night, after a rest at their hotel, Peter is in a bad mood. It’s the opening night of his club and everyone’s going to be there for a special party, but he’s tired and he can’t decide what to wear. In their room before they go downstairs, Katie is winding him up and as the evening continues the couple become more and more annoyed with each other. Trying to entertain the crowd Peter works his way around the club saying hello and of course kissing all the women, much to Katie’s disgust. Meanwhile, feeling neglected by her husband Katie hits the bar and finally starts to unwind on the dance floor.

The party goes on until the early hours but overnight the mood between Katie and Peter has worsened. They’ve had a huge row and when we rejoin Katie in the morning, Pete is nowhere to be seen. Worse still the couple are supposed to be flying back down to the Gold Coast and with no sign of Peter, Katie is forced to go on her own. She’s even thinking about flying back to England without him.

While Katie’s manager, Claire, tries to organise her a flight home there’s a sudden breakthrough. Peter has resurfaced and flown down to the Gold Coast to try and sort things out with his wife. In the car on the way to meet Katie at his parents’ house, Peter tells us how the argument started. Katie said something in front Peter’s friends that embarrassed him and he flew off the handle. But he knows that ultimately they love each other and need to sort things out.

Arriving at his parents’ house, Peter asks that they can have some time away from the cameras to talk in an effort to resolve their problems.

The next day manager Claire arrives at the house worried about what she might find but Katie and Peter are on much better terms – at least they’ve started swearing at each other again. Peter and Katie head off for a romantic walk on the beach. They decide they need a holiday for just the two of them and Katie says that’ll be where their fourth child is conceived.

The next day, with the argument now behind them, the couple decide to do something fun together. They’re off jet skiing and in the car Katie takes the piss out of Peter’s singing technique. As they arrive Katie is worried that the bumping of the jet ski might be painful. She had breast reduction surgery six weeks and should be recovered by now but is still feeling some pain. She bravely agrees to give it a go but after less than five minutes it’s another problem that brings her back to dry land. The motion of the jet has given her a panic attack instead.

On the way back to their hotel Katie and Peter bicker about what would happen if they got divorced. At the hotel Katie has her hair done ready for a special night out with Peter. As he’s waiting he ponders on what Princess will be when she’s grown up. He’s extremely protective of her and eventually concludes that the only things he’ll let her do are ballet, dressage or being a nun.

It’s their last night in Australia and during dinner at a local fish restaurant the couple talk about the future and their plans to renew their wedding vows later in the year. The next day they pack ready to fly back to England…or rather Katie packs while Peter searches the house for his missing laces. It’s the ‘lace-gate scandal’ and Peter’s brother Mike is in favour of calling the police.

Once packed they head to the airport, with more than 20 bags. Katie insists that they are all wrapped in polythene in case they open during the flight. Peter and his brother Mike struggle to get them all wrapped while Katie watches on, her only task to hold Peter’s beloved camera. Once the bags are all wrapped they are weighed only to find that several of them are overweight and all the polythene has to come off so they can be repacked. And the first troublesome item to come out of the bag? Peter’s boots.

Finally after the chaos is over Peter turns to the baggage trolley just as his camera falls off and falls onto the floor with a crash. For all his work on the bags, it looks like his camera might not make it back to England in one piece.

All that’s left to do is say goodbye to Peter’s parents, Sava and Tia, and catch their flight. It’s been an amazing holiday but Katie and Peter’s Australian adventure has come to an end.

Thursday 10 April 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Having spent nearly a week in Brisbane, where Peter grew up as a teenager, the plan is for both him and Katie to fly north to Cairns. But for their final day, Peter wants to show Katie his hometown from a different perspective. So he’s arranged for a helicopter tour to fly over Surfer’s Paradise, but once in the air Peter’s vertigo gets the better of him so the pilot makes an unscheduled stop on a deserted beach. Once on the ground Peter feels much better and strips off for a skinny dip in the sea.

On their return to the helicopter, they discover that the paparazzi have got wind of their trip and they are all waiting for them at their landing spot looking for a photo. So Katie and Peter decide to try and fool them and fake a landing where they were expected to land and fly to another landing spot. But somehow the paparazzi are already at the second landing spot when they touch down. Not to be outdone, they arrange to fly to a third landing spot, and this time they manage to give the cameras the slip.
That night, back at the Versace hotel, the family reunite for a BBQ on their private roof terrace. It’s their last night together as Harvey and Junior fly back to England tomorrow. The next morning, Katie and Peter are sad to say goodbye to the kids, but keep Princess with them as she is too young to be separated from her mum. With the kids on their way, Katie and Peter are in a rush to get to Brisbane airport to catch their flight to Cairns. But the paparazzi are waiting for them at the hotel where they collect their stuff and follow them to the airport, despite our couple’s best attempts to lose them by going round the roundabout a couple of times.

The paparazzi are again waiting for them at Brisbane and Cairns airport when they arrive and questions are beginning to be asked as to how they all seem to know their schedule. Next morning at a family breakfast, Peter confesses he has gone against his management’s wishes and spoken directly with the press to help promote the restaurant and club he part owns in Cairns.

After a swift rebuke from his manager, Peter continues his promotional tour with an interview at a local radio station. Next stop for Pete is his club, and in conversation with his brother and best mate, Peter reveals how he would never have settled down with Katie if she had continued her life the way she did when he first met her.

That night they going to dinner at Peter’s Greek restaurant and in the car on the way there Katie and Peter act out some of their favourite sexual techniques. This is a scene not to be missed. At the restaurant, everyone is having a great time, including Katie, who is enjoying a drink or two.

Peter tells Katie he knows that she’s been drinking, but Katie doesn’t think she is drunk. Katie had only had one drink. Peter explains he is worried that if Katie is drunk she might embarrass him in front of his family. Katie tells him not to worry – she is on her best behaviour. They dance to the Greek music, smash plates and everyone does the Zorba.

Thursday 27 March 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV2.

Katie and Peter are back on our screens and invite us to join them on a fun fuelled family holiday in Australia. Princess is now 9 months old, Junior’s hit his terrible twos and Harvey’s as loveable as ever. But, for Katie and Peter, the trip has extra significance because it’s exactly 4 years ago since they first got together during their experience on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Katie and Peter’s Managers, Claire and Neville, have travelled to Queensland to join up with the couple. It’s been 5 weeks since they last saw the celebrity couple and during that time Katie has undergone surgery in America. However, she’s not happy with how she is healing and reveals to Claire her concerns. The news gets worse after Claire contacts the surgeon who says although he would be happy to operate again, he can’t do it for 6 months until the scar tissue has healed; leaving Katie’s work schedule up in the air.

However, the family are on holiday and supposed to be forgetting about work, so Peter decides to hit Surfers Paradise for a coffee. En route, Katie sees a beauty shop and makes Peter pull into the car park. During a shopping spree, Katie sees a spray tan tent and pump which she proudly demonstrates how to use and promptly buys…to Peter’s dismay. Peter eventually makes it to Surfers Paradise and enjoys his coffee whilst sitting outside the shop. It’s not long before the locals spot him and take advantage of the photo opportunity, which leaves bored Katie entering ‘Condom Kingdom’ to see if she can find something to stop Peter getting her “preggy.”

Back at his parents’ home, Peter’s Dad, Sava, is preparing a BBQ for family and friends. Once the steaks are ready, everyone sits down and tucks in. It’s not long before Peter starts thinking about the evening’s entertainment and makes a “poker” joke targeted at Katie, who promptly pulls him up for saying the gag in front of his mother.

The following day the family go for a picnic at a local botanical gardens. Energetic Junior won’t sit down to eat so Katie attempts some reverse psychology and encourages him to run off. It’s a bad idea because he does…a long way! Peter’s not happy with Junior for running off as the reverse psychology didn’t work. Later on that day, Katie makes the most of her new spray tan kit, while Peter talks to his brother, Chris, about resurrecting his music career.

Finally, the family takes a trip to SeaWorld which is designed for Harvey, who loves water. Katie and Peter get to swim with dolphins but the real poignant moment is when the staff invite Harvey in the pool, as dolphins are believed to have a therapeutic effect on children with disabilities. The family move on to watch Katie and Peter enjoy a unique underwater experience when they enter a fake reef aquarium which houses some jaw dropping marine life. However, it’s hard to impress Katie who can’t help but moan about how cold she is.

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