King Of The Hill

11:00pm Tuesday, September 7 on E4

Hank receives a delivery of his late father’s belongings, including a list of bizarre final requests; one of which calls for Hank to flush Cotton’s ashes in the toilet of a bar once used by General George S. Patton.

11:30pm Tuesday, July 13 on E4

Hank fronts an eco-initiative to help Strickland Propane’s public profile and ends up impressing the women of Arlen.

11:00pm Tuesday, July 13 on E4

The 13th series of US comedy King of the Hill comes to E4. In the opening episode, Bill is told that he has diabetes and is given some troubling news about his legs by a cranky doctor.

11:00pm Tuesday, July 6 on E4

Hank and Bobby spend precious father and son time together when Hank decides to ditch his old team and instead help his son build a boat for a competition.

11:30pm Tuesday, June 22 on E4

Joseph becomes the school’s star quarterback and gives his fellow pupils hope that they’ll actually win this year.

10:30pm Monday, May 31 on E4

Kahn’s bolshy father-in-law General Gum makes a visit to the family.

10:30pm Monday, May 17 on E4

Peggy accidentally ruins Enrique’s life by selling a house in Enrique’s street to a hip man who invites all his hipster friends to live in the same neighbourhood.

10:30pm Monday, May 10 on E4

Hank cooks up a plan of revenge with two college students after being duped into spending more money on a car than he should have done.

10:30pm Monday, April 26 on E4

Sugarfoot’s restaurant goes out of business after the council bans the sale of foods containing trans-fats.

10:30pm Monday, April 19 on

Ladybird, the Hills’ dog starts acting up and bites Hank on the hand. Fed up, Hank takes Ladybird to a dog spiritualist to calm her down.

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