King Of The Hill

Monday, April 5 on E4

Minh joins a shooting club in the hope that it will impress an exclusive country club into allowing she and Kahn to join.

Actress and singer Brittany Murphy has died, aged 32. Her death was confirmed today by Los Angeles county coroner’s office, after she was rushed to Cedars Sinai medical centre following a cardiac arrest.

The actress was widely known as the voice of Luanne Platter in King of the Hill, and as a movie actress in Clueless, and 8 Mile and Sin City.

The Los Angeles fire department responded to an emergency call at 8am from Murphy’s husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack from his home.


It was reported on TMZ that Murphy went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived. S

he was said to have been pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Thursday, November 12 on E4

Luanne and Lucky begin planning their wedding. Lucky asks Hank’s advice on how to pay for the service and Hank persuades Dale into hiring Lucky so he can earn some extra money.

Thursday, October 29 on E4

Brand New Series: Nancy turns to her mother for help when the stress of home life and unresolved feelings for Redcorn cause her hair to fall out.

Thursday, October 22 on E4

Brand New Series: Peggy has her sights set on selling real estate in the exclusive Arlen Heights and befriends residents Cindy and Ted.

Thursday, September 17 on E4

Brand New Series: Hank becomes pre-occupied with a video game about propane and Bobby trains for the Presidential Fitness Test.

Thursday, September 10 on E4

Brand New Series: Bill has a religious experience which involves a romantic liaison with Reverend Stroup after he survives a roof cave-in over his bed.

Thursday, September 3 on E4

Brand New Series: Peggy changes career direction and starts working as an estate agent. Dale buys a set of golf clubs at a police auction for Hank but Hank is put off using them after he learns they once belonged to a convicted murderer.

Thursday, August 27 on E4

Brand New Series: Hank is crestfallen when Cotton gives his beloved Cadillac to Cousin Dusty, but things get even worse when Dusty shows up at Hank’s house with a reality TV show crew.Will Hank get his Caddy back in one piece?

Thursday, August 20 on E4

Brand New Series: Luanne feels overlooked when Lucky becomes obsessed with a 48-inch stump of burled walnut but a young chap soon cheers her up with his offer. Will Lucky realise what’s important in time?

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