Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Wednesday 22 December, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. In this final climatic episode of the series, Goren’s brother is murdered. The initial suspect is Goren’s nemesis Nicole Wallace, but as the case grows more complicated and Goren’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, he ends up as the prime suspect in the murder. Goren’s estranged drug-addicted brother Frank (Tony Goldwyn, ‘Ghost’) is eating at a restaurant with his ex-girlfriend Evelyn when a mysterious blonde leaves her phone number for him at the till. Later, as he smokes crack back at his flat, the same blonde woman knocks at his door. The next day, Frank visits his brother’s flat. As it is the anniversary of their mother’s death, he is there in an attempt to strengthen their relationship. However, when he arrives he finds a cordoned-off crime scene and his brother dead on the pavement. Although the cops at the scene believe it to be a suicide, Goren is sure his brother would not be capable of such an act, thinking instead that it was a revenge attack. “He was a gambler and a junkie for 30 years – I’m sure he had some enemies,” Goren says. From checking his diary, Goren and Eames discover that Frank had coffee with Evelyn the night of his death. From this they ascertain a description of the blonde woman who left her number at the restaurant. The autopsy report shows that Frank was injected with a paralysing agent before being thrown through the window of his flat, and that a blonde hair was found on his body – all calling cards of Goren’s old nemesis Nicole Wallace. “She came after my brother,” a devastated Goren says. Next, the detectives discover that Declan Gage, Goren’s mentor, has also been the victim of a poison attack, but has survived the ordeal and is convalescing in hospital. By tracing a number of intricate clues, the cops find a picture of Donny, Goren’s runaway nephew, with the words ‘tit for tat, blood for blood’ written on the back. “This is just a game to her,” Eames says. “Nicole’s sending us on a scavenger hunt,” Goren agrees.

Wednesday 15 December, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, Wheeler and Logan run afoul of an ambitious ADA after reopening a solved double homicide case. By championing a potentially innocent man, they jeopardise their own jobs and that of Wheeler’s fianc�. In a bedside confession, a dying man admits to a priest, Father Shea (Denis O’Hare, ‘True Blood’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’), that he committed a double murder 16 years ago. As Father Shea was a friend of Logan’s late partner Lennie Briscoe, he informs Logan that the wrong man may be in prison over a double homicide committed in the South Bronx in the early 1990s. However, since he is bound by the Christian sanctity of confession, the priest can say no more. “You know the church – they’re as flexible as a brick,” Ross says despairingly. Eventually, the detectives find a case that fits the priest’s description. The roadside shooting of a couple, the Bottners, was quickly solved and tried by an ambitious young ADA, Terri Driver (Leslie Hope, ’24’, ‘The Mentalist’). The man convicted of the crimes, a petty criminal called Randy Nichols, has maintained his innocence from his prison cell for the last 16 years. Already suspicious of Driver’s methods (see last week’s episode, ‘Neighbourhood Watch’), Logan decides to reopen the case. Captain Ross warns him to tread carefully and to keep his own feelings away from the investigation. “It’s not personal – I just can’t stand the woman,” says Logan. The detectives quickly discover that the two eyewitnesses in the original case are either unreliable or were coerced by Driver. By reviewing the autopsy notes, they realise that the perpetrator shot the Bottners from the back seat of their car, suggesting that the killer knew the victims and that the crime was not a robbery gone awry, as the original investigation concluded.

Wednesday 8 December, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, Logan and Wheeler meet with a wall of silence from the local community after a sex offender is brutally murdered. When the headless corpse of recently released sex offender Kyle Jones washes up on a riverbank, it is clear from the outset that Logan and Wheeler will have trouble finding the culprit. In the weeks before his death, Kyle was the victim of a hate campaign that involved even the local police, who persistently gave him unwarranted parking tickets. “A sex offender in the neighbourhood,” Wheeler sighs. “It’s the ultimate ‘not in my backyard’ crime.” Kyle’s mother pleads with the detectives to take the case seriously, despite public opinion on the matter. She explains that her son was imprisoned for statutory rape as a teenager, after his 15-yearold girlfriend’s powerful, wealthy family found out about their relationship and leaned on the authorities. Kyle eventually confessed because the DA threatened to add kidnap to the charge sheet, despite the fact that even his girlfriend claimed the sex was consensual. Logan and Wheeler visit Kyle’s former girlfriend, Nancy, and her family to get their alibis for the night of the murder. Nancy’s father seems nonplussed by Kyle’s death, but he has a solid alibi. “If I had a gun in my pocket and saw him in the street I might have blown him away,” he tells Logan, frankly. “But stalk him, stab him and cut off his head? Come on.” Meanwhile, an old colleague of Ross’s, Clete Dixon, arrives at the precinct with his theory that Kyle was the victim of a serial killer targeting sex offenders. Logan is sceptical from the outset, and Rogers backs him up, citing the different levels of competency shown by the killer or killers behind Dixon’s list of murders. “There’s a difference between a surgeon and a butcher,” she says, suggesting that Kyle was killed by an amateur.

Wednesday 1 December, 10:00pm on Five

Legacy (Series 7: 19/22) Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, Eames and Goren investigate the social hierarchy of an exclusive private school after a student is found hanged. Private school student Tessa embarks on an online relationship with Joe, who claims to be a student at another exclusive school and a friend of a friend of Tessa’s. When Joe pressures Tessa to strip in front of a webcam, Tessa refuses, triggering an angry message reading ‘Paul sez you play for the lez team.’ Tessa’s lacrosse teammates decide to get retribution for this alleged slight by beating their fellow student Paul when he is out running. In an escalating conflict, Paul creates an animated video of Tessa and her teammate Kiana engaged in a romantic tryst. Soon after this video is sent around the school, Paul is found by Tessa’s mother, a teacher, hanging from a pipe in the school’s basement. Eames and Goren arrive at the crime scene, and are instantly sceptical that Paul committed suicide. The detectives find fresh mud on the victim’s shoes. “So he hanged himself, but decided to go on a training run first?” Eames says. Although they learn from Paul’s parents that there is a family history of schizophrenia and that Paul was on various antidepressants, their suspicions of foul play are confirmed when the autopsy reveals that although Paul did die from the hanging, he had a skull fracture and was unconscious at the time. Unaware that the bruises on Paul’s body were from the lacrosse team beating, the detectives’ initial suspect is Paul’s father Bill, an aggressive businessman. The cops theorise that Bill had been abusing his son and killed him for being an embarrassment to the family dynasty. Captain Ross, however, is not convinced. “A lot of dads are disappointed by their kids – it doesn’t mean they hang them,” he says.

Wednesday 24 November, 10:00pm on Five

Ten Count (Series 7: 18/22) Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, Logan becomes personally involved in a case after an old acquaintance is killed in what initially appears to be a bar brawl gone awry. However, closer inspection into the life of the victim’s brother reveals the real motive for his death. Gabriel Gardela wins a punishing amateur boxing bout against his opponent Calvin Lewis on a technicality. While his brother Peter, also a promising boxer and Gabriel’s right-hand man, goes out to celebrate with his girlfriend Christina, Gabriel decides to hit a bar with his manager, Gus Kovak (Miguel Ferrer, ‘Robocop’, ‘Twin Peaks’). When out at a seedy pub, Kovak quickly makes his excuses and leaves. Soon after, Gabriel notices a couple arguing at the bar and sees that the man is getting rough with the woman. As he follows the brawling pair outside in an attempt to make peace, another man steps in to the melee and shoots Gabriel in the leg. Logan arrives at the hospital to find that Gabriel bled to death after the single gunshot pierced his femoral artery. It emerges that Logan was an influential boxing mentor to both of the brothers. As he comforts the devastated Peter, he requests to take on the case with Wheeler. “You find out who did this to my brother, Mike,” Peter says. At the crime scene, the police find a Beretta pistol in a nearby sewer. Although the gun does not yield any prints, the weapon is traced to a middle-aged woman in the suburbs. Although the woman claims to have never bought a gun, she has a drugaddicted daughter, Callie, who often stole her credit card. Files indicate that Callie matches the description of the woman in the bar the night of Gabriel’s murder. When the detectives track down Callie, they find she has died of a drug overdose. The autopsy reveals that there is heroin in her system, but also a powerful sedative, suggesting somebody may have deliberately given Callie a ‘hot dose’ to silence her.

Wednesday 17 November, 10:00pm on Five

Vanishing Act (Series 7: 17/22) Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, Christopher Lloyd guest stars as a jaded magician who gets caught up in an intricate murder plot involving another illusionist. Will Detectives Goren and Eames see through the layers of misdirection to solve the case? Miles Stone, the acclaimed illusionist, has buried himself alive for 31 days. Having been filmed on a ‘coffin-cam’ for a month, Stone is about to perform a live-recorded resurrection show. However, in the final moments of the trick, he disappears. Meanwhile, the Great Carmine (Christopher Lloyd) is performing his hackneyed routine in Coney Island. While halfway through his ‘sword box’ trick with his bored-looking assistant, Carmine opens the box to find that the body of Stone has been impaled within. When he and Eames are called in to investigate, magic enthusiast Goren is evidently excited. At the scene, the pair note the scarcity of blood and conclude that Stone was already dead when the trick was performed. Carmine reveals that Stone began his career as his assistant. He also claims not to know the name of his latest assistant -who has just fled. The girl volunteered for the position several weeks earlier using a false name. Theorising that the washed-up Carmine may have murdered Stone through professional jealousy, the cops detain the trickster while they investigate further. They are particularly interested in locating his assistant. Goren and Eames go to the ‘grave site’ where Stone’s trick took place, and talk to Stone’s producer and confidant Jacob Green (Will Janowitz, ‘The Sopranos’). Green, however, is unhelpful, claiming he had no idea how Stone was planning to escape. The detectives then get a call from Rodgers, who reports that the autopsy indicates that Stone died from a heart attack, brought on by malnutrition. “Then why wasn’t he in the casket when they opened it?” Eames asks.

Wednesday 10 November, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. This week, rock legend Joan Jett guest stars as a music promoter and TV star who is found murdered in her luxury apartment. Could her wayward son have turned killer in order to safeguard his inheritance? When TV presenter and rock and roll icon Sylvia Rhodes (Joan Jett) is found dead in her home, suspicion initially falls on her PA, Ava Reese. Logan and Wheeler discover that Reese has previous for fraud, and sure enough they find that she has stolen one of her employer’s credit cards. Ava is hauled in for questioning, but she claims that she found Sylvia’s body, stole the credit card and fled. “That bitch owed me,” she explains. However, a rock-solid alibi soon exonerates Ava of murder. The detectives turn their attention to Sylvia’s teenage son, Milo, when it transpires that he lied to them about the last time he saw his mother. Local restaurateur and family friend Gino Toniolo reveals that the pair had a blazing row at his establishment on the night Sylvia died. He claims that there was no love lost between the warring duo. “Milo lived off his mum and treated her like garbage,” Gino sighs. At Milo’s apartment, Logan and Wheeler find a stash of prescription drugs – and a lawyer hiding in a cupboard. The attorney, Bo Levy (David Patrick Kelly, ‘Wild at Heart’, ‘Twin Peaks’) claims that he was looking for Sylvia’s will. According to Bo, Sylvia had decided to disinherit Milo because of his wild behaviour, but she had yet to sign and return the document. The detectives realise that Milo might have killed his mother and stolen the will in order to safeguard his inheritance. When confronted with these accusations, Milo is distraught. “I’m lost without her,” he insists. “I’m like an orphan now.” “A very rich orphan…” Logan points out. Milo eventually admits to taking the will after he found his mother’s body, but he insists it was to protect his mother’s estate from the money-grubbing lawyer. “He’s been stealing from my mother for years,” the teenager insists.

Wednesday 3 November, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. When a number of high-flying parents are murdered in front of their toddlers in Central Park, Goren and Eames link the deaths to the waiting list for an exclusive private school. When Wall Street financial analyst Skip Lowe is found dead in Central Park after being shot at close range, the detectives assume that his death might have had something to do with his working life. It soon becomes clear that Lowe, although outwardly a devoted husband, was having an affair. “He told his nanny he was tied up at the office, but he wasn’t there when his wife called,” Eames points out, shooting her partner a knowing look. A trawl through Lowe’s correspondence makes it clear that his love life was more complicated than at first expected. On the day of his death, he had organised a meeting with a man calling himself ‘kev9’ through an internet dating site. “Let’s email kev9 and see if he’s interested in another discreet, married man,” Eames suggests to Goren. “I’ll make sure you’re his type.” After meeting Lowe’s secret lover, the detectives are satisfied that his complicated love life had little to do with his death. However, Ross is convinced that the victim knew his killer. “A father shot while walking his two-year-old home,” he says grimly. “I’d hate to think this was a random act.” Soon, the team receives news of another death. Wall Street highflyer Paloma Renzi was killed by the same weapon, again while out walking with her young child. Goren confirms Ross’s suspicions when he notices that the crunchy gravel where Paloma was killed would have made it impossible for her not to hear her killer. “She turned her back on the person,” he realises. “That means she didn’t perceive a threat.”

Wednesday 27 October, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. In this episode, Logan and Wheeler investigate the attempted assassination of a celebrated Sri Lankan political activist. Despite the victim’s long list of enemies, the detectives discover that the attack was masterminded by someone closer to home. Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Tamil independence fighter Bela Khan (Indira Varma, ‘Human Target’, ‘Rome’) arrives in New York after being freed from house arrest in her native country. Following her first speaking engagement, Bela and her entourage are fired on as they exit the building through a back door. Bela survives, but her dear friend and PA Rosemary is fatally wounded. “She saved my life,” Bela tells the detectives. “She threw herself in front of that bullet.” Logan and Wheeler suspect that the would-be assassin had inside help, and top of their list of suspects is bodyguard Gil, a former Special Forces operative. During the assassination, Gil shot the gunman dead, but only after the attacker had pumped two bullets into Rosemary. “Here’s what I’m interested in,” Logan growls. “You’re an ace marksman – so why was your reaction slower than the girl who got shot?” The Khans remain convinced that their friend Gil could not have been involved in the assassination attempt. However, the detectives soon learn that Gil’s brother, who was sentenced to death in Sri Lanka for supporting the Khans, was freed three weeks ago. When confronted with this information, Gil admits cutting a deal with the authorities to save his brother. “I was told no harm would come to Bela,” he insists. “It was just to scare her off.” FBI intelligence reveals that the man who hired Gil has also signed up Canadian gun-for-hire Nick Loren, an expert assassin who is suspected of carrying out dozens of contract killings around the globe. Bela refuses to give up her many speaking engagements, leaving herself wide-open to a potential attack by Loren.

Wednesday 20 October, 10:00pm on Five

Detective drama following the NYPD’s Major Case Squad. In this episode, the toy boy husband of a crime writer and ex-cop disappears along with his secret lover. Goren and Eames begin to suspect that the writer might know more than she is letting on, but Captain Ross’s feelings for the jilted woman threaten to impede their search for the truth. At an NYPD fundraising dinner, cop-turned-crime writer Kathy Jarrow breaks down and confesses to Ross that her husband has disappeared. Goren and Eames make it clear to the captain that they know he is only handing the case to the squad because of his romantic history with Kathy, but nonetheless they resign themselves to the investigation. Kathy claims that her much younger husband Woody failed to return home from work a few days ago. Goren and Eames establish that, on the night of his disappearance, he picked up a young woman. The number plate of his SUV is found in a spot known to be frequented by carjackers. However, the detectives are sceptical that Woody fell prey to a carjacker. “So this devoted husband picks up a hottie, drives up here, pawns some jewellery then gets carjacked?” Eames says, wryly. The pair conclude that Woody and his lover staged the whole thing. Ross breaks the news to Kathy, who uses the opportunity to make it clear that she has regrets about ending their relationship. “I always get it wrong, don’t I?” she says, pointedly. “I chase the bad ones, and let the good ones get away.” However, as the captain asks Goren and Eames to close the case, the detectives uncover new CCTV evidence that suggests the fate of the lovers might not be as straightforward as it first seemed. The footage, taken at a cash machine, shows Woody’s lover Avery on the night they fled, looking distressed and rubbing her Buddhist prayer beads. Ross remains unconvinced that this constitutes evidence of something sinister. “Maybe it’s because she’s a home-wrecker looting her husband’s bank account while trying to pretend she’s being carjacked,” he suggests.

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