Law & Order: Special Victums Unit

law & order: special victims unit
loss (4/25)

The ‘Law & Order’ spin-off following New York’s elite special victims unit continues its fifth season. In tonight’s episode, the investigation into the rape and murder of a beautiful undercover agent brings the detectives into contact with a Colombian drug cartel –and the toughest case of Cabot’s career.

When a young woman wearing only a fur coat is found dead with her tongue cut out, she is identified as Livia Tellez, aka Livia Sandoval –a Colombian immigrant who has been in the United States for seven years. It turns out that she had taken her civil service exam back in 2000, and was snapped up from the Police Academy by the DEA to be an undercover agent and infiltrate a Colombian drug cartel.

Utilising his narcotics department background, Fin talks to one of his sources and is given the name of Dominican dealer Felix Santos (Andre Royo, ‘The Wire’). He tells them that Livia was sleeping with Colombian Rafael Zapata Gaviria, who got angry with Livia and her “big mouth”.

Meanwhile, Tim Donovan (Josh Hopkins, who plays Peter Manning in ‘Vanished’), the investigating DEA agent, gets angry with Benson and Stabler for talking to Santos, who he claims is his informant. But when he realises he should have saved Livia, who had become embroiled in the undercover world, Donovan feels guilty and agrees to cooperate with the SVU.

The detectives are convinced that Rafael killed Livia. They track him to his yacht and find traces of bleach and dried blood, which is enough evidence to arrest him. Rafael is arraigned and released on $1 million bail, but his attorney makes the case that the confidential informant provided information crucial to the case, so he must also be questioned.

Cabot offers Rafael a manslaughter deal, which he declines. When she taunts him, he threatens her. The fact is, Rafael blew the DEA’s undercover investigation wide open when he raped and murdered Livia –and they want to get him. The Feds overrule the Judge and Donovan’s testimony is out, but Cabot now has much bigger problems. Donovan has picked up surveillance of a threat against Cabot’s life… and the bad guys also know where her mother lives. Cabot is horrified, but Donovan assures her that he will testify if necessary –anything to get these guys. But no sooner has he made his promise than he gets into his car and it explodes. Cabot is now really scared, and Cragen gives her a gun to carry for protection. DA Branch is also concerned about Cabot, and tells her that they are dropping the case against Rafael –but the Feds immediately pick Rafael up for Donovan’s murder. Rafael flips on the big drug lord, Cesar Velez, and in return gets a reduced sentence and a new identity in Arizona. Dejected that a rapist and double-murderer has gone free, Cabot goes out for a drink with the detectives to commiserate. On the way out, Cabot is hit with a hail of bullets and left on the ground in a pool of blood –it seems that her enemies got their revenge after all, despite all of the police precautions. However, on the day of Cabot’s funeral, Cragen gets a mysterious call telling him to meet Federal Marshal Hammond (Mitch Pileggi, ‘The X Files’) at a motorway rest stop. Could there be more to Cabot’s untimely demise than meets the eye?

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