Law & Order

Saturday 17 July, 10:10pm on Five

The veteran crime drama concludes its 16th season. In the final episode, police hunt a pair of home invaders who brutally murdered an innocent family. ADA Borgia becomes the latest victim when she is kidnapped by the killers, leading to a desperate search. Detectives Green and Fontana respond when four members of the Andreas family are murdered in their apartment. The victims were tied up and asphyxiated by their killers, who managed to enter the flat without the use of force. The husband of the family, Frank Andreas, is missing. The cops learn that he was recently arrested for selling stolen NYPD equipment – including fake police shields. Green wonders if the killers pretended to be policemen in order to gain entry to the apartment. “A lot of these home-invasion crews pose as cops,” he says. “We’re thinking Andreas might have been supplying them.” The detectives learn from ADA Borgia that Andreas was released on bail in return for his help in tracing the killers of three men shot dead in another home invasion. “He said he would work his contacts on the street – come up with their names,” she says. The home invaders must have found out that Andreas was cooperating with the authorities and killed his family in retribution. When Andreas is finally located, he supplies the cops with the first names of the two suspects – Ricky and Vincent. However, he claims not to know their surnames or where they could be hiding. Andreas admits that he made the killers two fake police badges copied from a real shield, but he does not know how they acquired it.

Saturday 10 July, 10:10pm on Five

The 16th season of ‘Law & Order’ continues to probe the criminal justice system of New York City. In this week’s episode, Detective Green’s one-time replacement, Nick Falco, is implicated in the murder of a young woman. Falco’s attempts to clear his name hamper the investigation, which indicates that the victim was part of a gang of thieves targeting rich men. Detective Nick Falco (Michael Imperioli, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Goodfellas’) wakes up in his apartment to find a young woman has been stabbed to death in his bathroom. When Green and Fontana arrive on the scene, Falco claims to have no recollection of the crime. “Last night I went out for a drink, I met this girl, I bring her back here,” he explains. “Next thing I know it’s 10.30 in the morning, she’s cut up on my bathroom floor!” Falco, who temporarily replaced Detective Green after he was shot in the line of duty (see the episode ‘Publish and Perish’), has been on a downward spiral since his wife left him. He believes the girl may have spiked his wine when he brought her home. The victim is identified as Sonya Vasquez, a science student with a sideline in petty larceny. Sonya made money by targeting wealthy married men, drugging them and stealing from them. However, none of her victims is willing to testify, for fear that their wives may find out. “Try involving me in this girl’s murder investigation, and I’ll deny everything,” says one man. The detectives believe Sonya was working in league with three other thieves. One of her accomplices is found shot dead in the street with Nick Falco’s card in his pocket. When confronted, Falco admits that he has been carrying out unofficial enquiries of his own. “Somebody murdered Sonya and it wasn’t me! I can’t just sit around and do nothing!” he says. “That’s exactly what you’re gonna do from now on or I’m gonna kick your ass myself!” Fontana growls.

Saturday 3 July, 10:10pm on Five

The 16th season of ‘Law & Order’ continues to probe the criminal justice system of New York City. In this week’s episode, an undercover officer is killed when a newspaper exposes her identity. Detectives are stunned to learn that the source of the story was a corrupt politician with a vendetta against the victim’s father. An undercover cop named Dana Baker is shot dead and thrown off a roof. Dana was posing as a heroin dealer in an attempt to infiltrate an Albanian gang. Detectives Green and Fontana learn from a source that Dana recently met with a dealer named Zoran Petrovich. It transpires that Petrovich recognised Dana as a cop and killed her. Fontana shoots Zoran whilst trying to arrest him, but the dealer survives. In hospital, he explains that he saw Dana’s picture in a newspaper story. As Green and Fontana probe the source of the article, they are shocked to discover the trail leads to the office of left-wing senator Jonathan Prescott. It seems that Prescott’s chief of staff, Eric Lund, engineered the exposure of Dana Baker in order to damage her father, Senator Tom Baker. The rightwing Baker is a bitter opponent of Senator Prescott and wrote a book attacking his policies. The evidence indicates that Lund exposed Dana’s identity in order to undermine her father’s stance on crime. A call enquiring about Dana’s status purporting to be from Homeland Security is traced back to Lund’s phone. McCoy has the politician arrested, but not before Lund storms into his office and threatens to end his career. In court, the defence presents an email exposing Dana’s identity that was sent the day before Lund contacted the newspaper. This revelation implies that Lund was not the main source of the story. The defence immediately accuses McCoy of withholding vital evidence, and the veteran prosecutor finds his reputation is on the line. Can McCoy show that the email is a fabrication and prove that Lund’s cynical machinations cost a New York police officer her life?

Saturday 26 June, 10:10pm on Five

The 16th season of ‘Law & Order’ continues to probe the criminal justice system of New York City. This week, the shooting of a hospital administrator leads Fontana and Green to probe the death of an AIDS-stricken girl. Evidence emerges that the girl’s zealous doctor tested a deadly cocktail of drugs on her in the hope of curing his own illness. A shooting in a diner leaves the restaurant owner dead and a hospital administrator wounded. The bullet grazed Elaine Clemens’s arm, but she is otherwise unhurt. Green and Fontana learn that a young man named Jeremy Miller was seen fleeing the scene of the crime. The detectives interview Miller’s foster parents and discover that his sister, Emily, recently died of AIDS at a children’s clinic. Elaine Clemens happens to work at the same clinic – implying she was Jeremy’s real target. “We think there’s a possibility he was aiming at you,” Fontana tells her. It transpires that Jeremy blamed Elaine Clemens and staff at the hospital for allowing his sister to die. Green and Fontana trace Jeremy to a park opposite the clinic. “They did this – the doctors,” he says. “I could have saved her!” Before the cops can intervene, Jeremy shoots himself dead. A suicide note blames Clemens for Emily Miller’s death: “Elaine Clemens killed her. Why was her head caved in?” Green and Fontana follow up Jeremy’s accusations by ordering an autopsy of Emily Miller. Sure enough, there is evidence of head trauma – which her doctor, Andrew Copelan, is at a loss to explain. The detectives then discover that Emily’s foster mother had taken the girl off her drug regime because it was making her worse. “Dr Copelan went ballistic,” she explains. “He said she couldn’t ever be off the regimen because she was part of a drug trial.”

Saturday 19 June, 10:10pm on Five

Police and lawyers team up to catch criminals in the Big Apple as the 16th season of ‘Law & Order’ continues. This week, a foiled bank robbery leads police to uncover the kidnapping of a sixyear- old girl. Fontana resorts to heavy-handed tactics to locate the missing child, leaving McCoy in a moral quandary. A bank robbery ends in bloodshed when the thief is shot dead by a security guard. The bank’s manager, Howard Grant, is arrested as an accomplice to the crime. At the police station, Grant refuses to identify the dead man, leading Green to believe he is protecting someone. Grant eventually admits that a pair of men kidnapped his six-year-old daughter Julie and forced him to help them rob his bank. Fingerprints identify the dead bank robber as Cyrus Lowell, a part-time waiter and full-time crook. Green and Fontana trace Cyrus’s father Mitch to a downtown hotel. Mitch explains that his room is being cleaned and meets them in the lobby, where they break the news of his son’s death. Back at the station, a background check on Mitch Lowell reveals that he too is a con man and thief. Fontana wonders if Mitch staged the kidnapping with his son. “How much do you want to bet that the ‘maid’ cleaning his room was a six-year-old named Julie Grant?” Van Buren asks. The cops swoop on the hotel but Mitch Lowell has disappeared. They eventually trace him to the house of his ex-wife. Fontana catches the kidnapper, jams a gun in his face and dunks his head in the toilet three times before he reveals Julie Grant’s whereabouts. The little girl is found safe and sound on a yacht moored off shore.

Saturday 12 June, 10:10pm on Five

New York’s finest continue their fight against crime in the 16th season of ‘Law & Order’. In this episode, the murder of a private defence contractor is linked to an atrocity in Iraq. A shocking twist in the case forces McCoy to make an unpalatable decision. A man is found shot dead in a New York hotel room. Detectives Green and Fontana identify the victim as Jeffrey Pope, who worked for a private military firm in Iraq. Pope’s cellphone turns up in another part of the city and witnesses report seeing a man in a dark red car throwing it in the garbage. The cops’ enquiries lead them to a disgruntled colleague of Pope’s named Kevin Boatman (Pablo Schreiber, ‘The Wire’), who recently quit the firm over an incident that saw two fellow employees murdered by Iraqi insurgents. When questioned, Kevin denies the murder, but admits that he blamed Pope’s incompetence for the men’s deaths. Kevin flew back to the United States from Iraq for just 24 hours – time enough to kill his former boss. Van Buren, however, wants more proof. “He’s here less than one day and comes up with a car and a gun?” she asks. “He must have had some help,” Fontana replies. In search of Kevin’s accomplice, Green and Fontana pay a visit to the Howell family. Their son, Nick, was one of the two men who died in Iraq when he was brutally beheaded by insurgents. The cops grow suspicious about Nick Howell’s younger brother, Robbie – particularly when they notice he has a dark red car. Robbie breaks down during questioning and admits that he provided Kevin with the car and a gun. “Kevin said that someone should pay for what happened to Nick,” he says. Both he and Kevin held Jeffrey Pope responsible for Nick’s death.

Saturday 5 June, 10:10pm on Five

The veteran crime drama continues its 16th season. This week, police probe the death of a high-flying investment banker after his body is found dumped in the street. The trail leads to the man’s boss and her powerful but ruthless father. Derek Miller, an associate investment banker, is found dead in the street. Witnesses recall seeing a white SUV in the area at around the time the body was dumped. The ME reports that Derek suffered a cocaine-induced seizure after being hit about the head with a bottle. “Blow to the head probably triggered a seizure,” Rodgers says. “He was dressed post-mortem,” she adds. Green and Fontana speculate that Derek may have had an assignation with a woman at the time of his death. The detectives make a breakthrough when they discover Derek was having an affair with his boss, Sophia Keener. They go to question Sophia’s estranged husband, Robert White, but he denies having a motive to kill his wife’s lover. “Sophia and I are done,” he says. “She can bed who she wants.” Things start to look bad for Robert when the cops learn he traded in his white SUV the day after the murder. Did he dump Derek’s body in the street? When questioned, Robert’s new girlfriend, Natalie, offers further clues. She reveals that Robert received a call from Sophia on the night of Derek’s murder. “His wife called the house at two in the morning. After he hung up, he said he had to go into the city to see her,” Natalie says.

Saturday 29 May, 10:10pm on Five

The veteran crime drama continues its 16th season. This week, Green and Fontana probe the death of a young tearaway who was sleeping rough in a warehouse. Evidence emerges that the boy’s mother killed him because she feared his violent impulses. A young lad is found shot dead in an abandoned warehouse. The cops struggle to establish the boy’s identity until DNA profiling reveals that the victim’s father is currently in prison. Walter Flint is a convicted serial killer and rapist serving time in Attica. When questioned, cold-blooded Flint reveals he did not even know he had a son. “You gave this kid a life. Somebody stole it and you just don’t give a damn,” Fontana says. “You’re as dead as he is.” Flint reluctantly supplies the name of the only woman who could be the boy’s mother – his ex-wife, Allison (Molly Price, ‘Third Watch’). The victim is revealed to be Danny Ashburn. Fontana and Green pay a visit to his mother, Allison, who married Danny’s stepfather, John, when he was four years old. Allison and John explain that Danny had severe behavioural problems. They claim not to have seen the lad in six months, since they kicked him out of the house. The cops track down Danny’s pregnant girlfriend, Tina, who reveals that she and Danny recently visited his parents begging for money. This contradicts Allison and John’s claim that they had not seen Danny in six months. The detectives grow even more suspicious when they learn that John has access to the same calibre gun as the one that killed Danny. They search the Ashburns’ house and find the weapon hidden away. Ballistics tests confirm that the firearm is the murder weapon. However, John has an alibi for the time of the murder. The cops are shocked to realise that it was Allison, not John, that killed the boy. “I couldn’t go through that pain again,” she explains. “He was becoming just like his father.”

Cancelled drama series Law & Order may not be dead yet.

Despite its axing last week by NBC, the show’s creator is yet to throw in the towel on his beloved series.

The creator of the long-running series Dick Wolf has vowed he will do everything in his power to keep the show running, with work going on behind the scenes to resurrect the axed drama series.

The series, which has run for 20 seasons, was one season away from breaking the record for the longest-running drama series in television history but by the looks of it will have to share the title of 20 with Gunsmoke.

The series was canned partly due to the emergence of spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles as a popular replacement.

If history is anything to go by, Wolf’s task is possible with the likes of Scrubs and Friday Night Lights revived after being canned by their respective networks.

Source: TV Squad


Early reports are suggesting long-running American series Law & Order has been cancelled.

Word is circulating that NBC has canned the show, which has run for a mammoth 20 seasons.

If the decision is final the show will have come up one season short of becoming the longest-running television drama series in history.

The shows production company has said the show will not continue on NBC while the network itself is yet to comment on the situation.

Source: THR


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