Lemur Island

lemur island (10/10)

In a corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This ten-part series provides a lemur’s eye view of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine. In the last episode of the series, the members of the Graveyard Gang find their territory disturbed, and the two packs come into direct conflict.

It is an eerie morning in ring tail territory. Cold, moist air has blown in from the drying riverbed and condensed over the hot ground, leaving a lingering mist. The sun burns off the moisture, but a cloud still hangs over the graveyard. Sensing a change in the air, dominant female Crystal is tense and the troop is unsettled. When a small Madagascan hedgehog called a tenrec haplessly wanders into the graveyard, the normally confident Crystal flees to higher ground. The harmless tenrec soon disappears and the troop go in search of breakfast, but the curious atmosphere remains.

Deeper in the forest, Amazon, the dominant female of the Tornado troop, is having problems of her own. As the gang’s fierce leader, she is generally first to eat and drink, but she now has other mouths to feed. With the dominant female of the troop for a mother, little Orinoco is Tornado royalty, but Amazon has a dubious history of motherhood. After she left her last baby to fend for himself, he was attacked by the gang’s old leader and died. Luckily for Orinoco, however, granny Flame is around to keep an eye on him. Having successfully raised three children herself, the tough Flame finds herself having to teach her careerminded daughter a thing or two about parenting.

Back in Graveyard territory, the gang have finished their breakfast of cactus. Looking for a drink, they head to the water trough, only to find their territory teeming with people. As an empty coffin passes by, it is obvious that something very strange is going on. Escaping the chaos, the gang head into the forest for a post-breakfast nap, but soon run into further trouble as they unwittingly stumble onto Tornado turf. Flame picks up the foreign scent and the Tornado girls fall into line –the Graveyards must break the Tornado defence if they are to win the inevitable battle.

As the conflict commences, Orinoco clings tightlyto his mother who wins the first round. Reforming the line, the Tornados hold their position, before Amazon and Crystal go head to head. Amazon drops back while Crystal lunges, but the Tornados counter, and maintain their line once more. Each side lays claim with scent, but the Tornados have the upper hand and, after a final flurry, the defeated Graveyards scatter. The victorious Tornado females regroup and gather their young, but Orinoco cannot keep up and becomes separated from the others. Being alone in the harsh Madagascan environment is always dangerous for a young lemur, but during a drought when food is scarce, it can be fatal.

As they return to their territory after the defeat, the Graveyard Gang are greeted with more bad luck. The first to arrive home, Emily is stopped in her tracks as she discovers that the graveyard has been desecrated. Their once familiar stamping ground now smells like a foreign land and Crystal is very confused. As part of a religious ceremony, some of the human bodies present in the graveyard have been disinterred for reburial with family relatives, causing all sorts of disruption to the lemurs’ surroundings. This human ceremony for the dead, it seems, has sent the graveyard’s living residents into a tailspin. The group’s dominant male, Blake, frantically tries to reinstate his scent, but his efforts are merely a drop in the ocean.

Wednesday 25 April

lemur island (8/10) 19.15–20.00

In a corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This ten-part series provides a lemur’s eye view of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine. This week, the Graveyard Gang and the Tornado Troop are struggling to survive during the worst drought in recent years, and Electra’s attempt to join the Graveyard Gang is foiled when the troops clash over territory.

Late winter finds Madagascar suffering one of its worst droughts in decades. With temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius, the landscape is parched and the rivers are drying up. In this baking environment resources are scarce and life as a ring tailed lemur is harder than ever. Resting in the shade, the malnourished Graveyard Gang have had to survive on a dismal diet of leaves.

Today, however, the gang have encountered a tree by the edge of the road, laden with tasty buds. The food is a welcome relief to the troop, especially for the two females, Liberty and Emily, who have three-week-old babies to look after. But the tribe soon have competition for the tree when the ring tails’ close cousins, the sifaka lemurs, show up. Although the ghostly sifakas rarely fight, a good food source during hard times proves difficult to resist. Feisty young Milton is called upon to stand up to the interlopers. He stops an invading sifaka in his tracks and sends him bounding away.

The Graveyards’ next stop is a juicy clump of cacti. Dominant female Crystal gets all the best pickings. But while she is occupied feeding, fellow lemur Sophie has nipped in and kidnapped Crystal’s baby, Jasmine. Childless Sophie is longing for a baby of her own, but she is playing a dangerous game, as Crystal did not ask for a babysitter. Eventually Jasmine’s calls alert Crystal, and she returns to collect her.

Not far away, the Tornado Troop are gradually encroaching on the Graveyards’ territory in search of water. Tagging along behind them is the troop’s ousted former leader, Electra. Electra’s fall from grace has been disastrous. Not only has she lost her child, she has been exiled to poorer feeding areas. Her only hope now is to join another troop, and she has her eye on the Graveyard Gang.

After some days alone in the jungle, Electra finally makes a cautious approach. The Graveyards are uninterested in her presence, but seeing an opportunity, Electra makes a bold move towards lone female Sophie. The Graveyard girl appears to tolerate Electra’s presence and the rest of the gang don’t bat an eyelid. But when the troop moves on, Electra’s new friend Sophie goes with them. For now, Electra must bide her time.

A short time later, the inevitable happens. The Graveyard Gang discover the Tornado Troop in their territory and the two groups manoeuvre into position for a fight. Females on both sides have small babies to look after, so they move away carefully to protect their young. The remaining lemurs posture and pout, but this face-off is more about bravado than fisticuffs. The confrontation has alarmed Electra, however, and she has moved away from the action. Without a family to back her up, she must be extra careful to avoid conflicts.

The Tornadoes move on to search for a better foraging area. Building clouds and flowering trees are tell-tale signs that the wet season is approaching, but for the time being, it is clear that the Graveyard Gang and the Tornado Troop must maintain their strength in numbers and support each other if they are to live to see it. For solitary Electra, however, there is not even this comfort.

lemur island (7/10)

In a corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This ten-part series provides a lemur’s eye view of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine. This week, the Graveyard Gang welcomes two new arrivals while its oldest member decides to pack his bags.

Food and water are at a premium among the members of the Graveyard Gang as the dusty dry season continues. Low-ranking female Liberty is suffering from the lack of food, with patchy fur and tick-ridden eyes. But new trials are just around the corner for her when she goes into labour and sneaks off to give birth.

The young lemur emerges safely into the world, but it must cling tightly to Liberty’s thinning fur for the next six weeks if it is to have any chance of surviving. The next day Liberty unveils her new arrival, before getting down to the crucial job of foraging for food. Liberty must regain her strength so she joins the gang at the cacti to feed. But the weakened baby struggles to grip her fur and hangs perilously low, unable to suckle. The baby is so weak that Liberty gives the afternoon forage a miss, despite her desperate need for nourishment.

The following day reveals that in spite of the odds, Liberty’s baby has survived the night. Further surprises are in store when Liberty’s daughter Emily also gives birth. Healthier and stronger than her mum, Emily is only too pleased to show off her baby, while Liberty is less than thrilled. Her closest ally now has a new priority, and she can’t expect much help from that quarter.

The Graveyard’s Gang’s ongoing search for food now takes them to ‘Dustbin Diner’ in the tourist camp. Here the bins of leftover food are like a Mecca to troops of hungry lemurs and the place is teeming with animals. But it is also a dangerous spot for an infant with a weak grip, and Liberty is uncomfortable with so many rival gangs around.

Once the lemurs are sated, the afternoon siesta draws in. But the peace is shattered by calls of distress from a helpless lemur. In the unfamiliar surroundings a baby has lost its troop. While a healthy baby is rarely deserted, diseases or birth defects sometimes mean that a mother will abandon her offspring. But whose baby is wandering alone, and will anyone bother to respond?

Also this week, the granddad of the Graveyard Gang, 13-year-old Pegleg, decides to look for a new tribe to join. Moth-eaten Pegleg and his dim best mate Derek both have hair loss caused by snacking on a toxic plant. They venture into the jungle in search of a new troop for Pegleg, who has been with the Graveyards long enough for his offspring in the tribe to have reached mating age. To avoid father-daughter matings, it’s common for males to swap troops –hence Pegleg’s decision to move on, with devoted pal Derek tagging along. But spending nights in the jungle away from the tribe is a risky business, and Pegleg’s mission has no guarantee of success…

lemur island
(6/10) 19.15–20.00

In a corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This ten-part series provides a lemur’s eye view of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine. This week, a drought tests the endurance of the lemurs and strains the fabric of their society.

In the Graveyard Gang, the social cracks begin to appear as drought sets in. Dominant female Crystal and her immediate family claim the best of the sparse pickings, while Crystal’s aunt Liberty and her family scratch a living in the dust, eating clay to draw out toxins from their poor diet. But fortunes change when Crystal leads her gang on a risky trek across open land to a tamarind tree. The tree provides a perfect feast with its juicy fruit – once the lemurs crack the tough, sausage-like pods, that is. It is a lifeline for Liberty, and she is reluctant to leave when Crystal decides it is time to go home.

The reason for Crystal’s caution appears the next day – she has given birth to a daughter, Jasmine, and is so distracted by her new responsibility that she forgets about the need to forage. For Liberty, the strain becomes too much, so she leads her family out on a foraging trip to the far side of town, where they discover one benefit of human neighbours – rubbish bins to scavenge!

Meanwhile, Crystal finally sets out with the remaining Graveyardies to strip a few meagre leaves – barely enough if she is to nurse her infant for six weeks. And there are other risks – a family of yellow-billed kites is nesting nearby. These birds are more of a nuisance than a threat to the adult lemurs, but an infant could prove a tempting morsel for a hungry kite.

While the Graveyard Gang are away, the Tornado Troop risk a raid on their base – only to find less food there than they have back home. They linger too long, however, and are caught by Crystal and her family – it is a dangerous moment, as the Graveyard Gang are outnumbered. But the tense stand-off ends when the male lemurs settle the dispute with nothing more vicious than posturing and scent-marking.

Nevertheless, when the prodigal aunt Liberty returns, she and her family are shunned by Crystal and co. The two groups sleep apart – a serious sign as it wastes body heat on a cold night. The next day dawns with another new arrival – Crystal’s mother Josephine has had a baby, but she has also been attacked. Liberty, slipping further down the social ladder, is the prime suspect.

This social split is being closely watched by the lonely figure of Electra. Formerly the Tornado Troop’s dominant female, she was violently usurped just after giving birth and her son died that same night. Half of all lemur babies, in fact, do not live to adulthood. Outcast and grief-stricken, Electra haunts the borders of the Graveyard, in dire need of company if she is to survive.

Despite social tensions, the Graveyard Gang is forced to work together, hunting far and wide for food, but the rift is still evident, and the drought continues. Then, as the strain gets unbearable, the lemurs wake to a blustery morning, heralding leaden skies and a life-giving downpour. Almost immediately the forest is refreshed, flowers bloom, and the lemurs can feast at last.

For Electra, the relief is twofold, as it seems her exile is over and she is accepted back into the Tornado Troop. The drought may yet continue, but for now, it seems full bellies breed contentment.

Lemur Island (5/10) Wednesday 4 April: 19.15–20.00

In a corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This ten-part series provides a lemur’s eye view of a community of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine. This week, two newborn lemurs face very different starts in life, as former troop leader Electra is exiled from the group.

Winter in Madagascar brings hard times for its native ring-tailed lemurs. In the dry season there is little water and sparse food. The members of the Tornado Troop must scour the forest floor for scraps. For the females especially, these are desperate times, with extra mouths to feed.

At the heart of the Tornado Troop the once dominant leader, Electra, is about to pay a high price for her ruthless treatment of her underlings. When her subordinate Amazon fell out with Electra, the consequences for Amazon’s first child were fatal. But in a sudden, brutal reversal of fortune, Amazon has ascended to the top of the family.

Amazon is the first female in the troop to give birth this year. Her week-old baby Orinoco holds onto her body, dependent on the warmth and milk that Amazon provides. For the first weeks of their lives, lemur babies are extremely vulnerable, with only half of all babies reaching adulthood. The babies must cling tightly to their mothers, who will continue to suckle them for the first four months of life.

In addition to producing a healthy baby, Amazon has also launched a successful attack on Electra. Along with her mother, Flame, she has managed to drive Electra onto the fringes of the group and seize power for herself.

Increasingly isolated, Electra is in a precarious position. She too is pregnant, but to have any hope of raising a healthy baby she will need the support and protection of the entire family – privileges that Amazon now enjoys. As the new dominant female, Amazon will get all the help she needs, and first pickings at feeding time.

After snacking on fallen Tamarind seed pods, the troop are briefly visited by some brown lemurs, who are larger than the ring tails. The Tornadoes move on to avoid their threatening cousins, but high drama is not far away. Electra has begun labour prematurely. In moments, she has given birth to a male, Prince, on the forest floor. Separated from the troop, Electra calls out for help, only to be answered by Amazon and her cohorts. But the approaching females take advantage of Electra’s vulnerable situation and attack her once more. Electra and Prince are now outsiders from the group, and Prince’s chances of survival are slim.

The next day dawns cold, but, huddled together in the trees, the family enjoy some warmth. Electra wakes up alone, and her odd behaviour soon indicates that something tragic has occurred – Prince lies lifeless on the ground. Having been born prematurely, it seems likely that he was too weak to cling to his mother overnight.

Prince’s death has clearly affected Electra deeply. Her motherly instinct is strong and she continues to lick her son’s face. Cradling him in her arms, she cries out for help, and seems unable to decide what to do next. The Tornadoes hear her calls, but will any of them be moved to respond to their former leader?

lemur island (4/10) 19.15–20.00

In a corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This ten-part series provides a lemur’s eye view of a community of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine. In this week’s episode, mating season arrives and the males compete to woo the females.

For the Tornado family of lemurs, the day begins with the discovery that their territory has been invaded by farmers. The members of the troop wander through the field as tractors churn up the earth. The lead characters of the family become clear: bad-tempered Electra, the dominant female, and Flash, the head male. Cocky and confident with his male pals, Flash is nonetheless subordinate to the girls in the female-dominated lemur society.

As the pack moves on, young cub and ‘spoiled brat’ Chelsea becomes separated from her pushover mum, Stella, and finds herself on her own for the first time. Wandering through the long grass, her cries are drowned out by the noise of the harvest. Chelsea’s adventure nearly comes to a premature end under the wheels of the tractor, but she manages to retreat up a tree, where she waits dejectedly for the return of her family.

Over in the Graveyard family, male lemur Milton is tired of playing second fiddle to chief male Blake and decides to scout about for some female attention. His path takes him into Tornado territory, where a delicate mating game is about to begin.

Lemur females mate only once a year, so there is stiff competition for the males. The females are also aggressive creatures, making any romantic approach a risky proposition. Out in the road, Stella is calling out to the missing Chelsea, but her calls attract the attention of Flash, who is in an amorous mood. Chelsea at first rebuffs Flash’s advances, but as the troop relocates to a clump of cactuses for lunch, his charms begin to work. Rubbing his scent over his tail, Flash finally persuades Stella to sneak off with him into the bushes. Upon their return, Flash is flushed with success and decides to try his luck on another female, Amazon. This time, however, he is quickly sent packing.

When the meal of cactus juice is over, the Tornado family make their way back to their sleeping spot and discover Chelsea perched in her tree. A reunion between mother and relieved daughter takes place, and before long Stella is back to her servile ways, ferrying Chelsea about on her back.

The next day brings plenty of sun for the lemurs to enjoy. Dominant Electra sits apart from the group, but she is still attracting interest from the cautious males, who sense her mating time is due. Flash is on the prowl, only to launch into action when an interloper arrives. Graveyard family member Milton has picked up the females’ scent and a brutal fight ensues, but the refined Milton is no match for brawler Flash.

A monsoon downpour briefly halts events, and Milton retreats to lick his wounds. But once the rain abates and Flash renews his wooing, scentmarking twigs and trees by rubbing against them. To his joy and astonishment, both Electra and Amazon seem to have fallen under his spell! Faced with the family boss, his nerve falters, but in the end Flash succeeds, and he spends the rest of the day chasing off rivals to keep Electra to himself.

lemur island (3/10) 19.15–20.00

In a small, undisturbed corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This astonishing ten-part series, filmed over a year, provides a lemur’s-eye view of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine of foraging for food, escaping the clutches of predators and fiercely guarding their territory.

On a cool and misty morning, members of one of the island’s lemur troops, the Graveyard Gang, are slow to wake from their sleeping huddles in the treetops. They will stay like this until their dominant female, Crystal, leads them out on their daily search for food, although one young male seems keen to leave the safety of the canopy. Like most youngsters, six-month-old Hogarth wants to explore his surroundings.

But trouble is never far away in the forest. Local birds of prey are among the dangers –and they are easily big enough to make a meal of a Graveyard Gang member. As well as predators, the gang must keep a lookout for rival lemurs like the three roving males who are approaching the edge of the Graveyards’ territory. Led by five-year-old Titus, they have left their own family groups in the hope of making contact with unrelated females. Titus is in his prime and only has mating in mind. Has this clouded his judgment?

Certainly he should know better than to approach across open ground. The object of his interest is Topaz, the sister of the Graveyards’ dominant female, Crystal. She is in season –which for ring-tailed lemurs only happens on one day of the year. All three Rovers try to impress Topaz, but the Graveyards’ dominant male, Blake, is vigilant, and mounts a surprise attack from above. While Rivet –perhaps the weakest of the three Rovers – scarpers, Errol and Titus stick around. But Topaz has chosen her fellow Graveyard Gang member Blake as her suitor, impressed by his status. Undeterred, Titus embarks on a stink fight to win Topaz around, vigorously rubbing his tail against his shoulders and between his wrists to infuse his fur with scent. When a furious Blake emerges victorious yet again, the defeated Rovers finally retreat to the forest to regroup.

In all this commotion, none of the animals seem to have noticed that young Hogarth has wandered off and is now around a kilometre away from the cemetery that forms the Graveyards’ base camp. Instinctively he calls out, but his family are too far away to hear him. The six-month-old’s purposeful trek through the undergrowth suggests a confidence beyond his tender age and stands him in good stead as he finally reaches the familiar territory of the graveyard. But with no sign of the rest of his troop, this is a dangerous place to be. As the evening draws in, Hogarth must look for a resting spot, but can he survive the night alone?

lemur island (2/10) 19.15–20.00

In a small, undisturbed corner of the remote island of Madagascar lives a remarkable and unique prosimian species: the ring-tailed lemur. This astonishing new ten-part series, filmed over a year, offers us a lemur’s-eye view of these fascinating creatures as they go about their daily routine of foraging for food, escaping the clutches of predators and fiercely guarding their territory.

The series follows two distinct families, or ‘gangs’, of ring-tails –the Graveyards and the Tornado Troop –who live in a four-square-kilometre patch on the island. This week’s show offers a compelling insight into the bitter internal politics of the Tornado Troop, and reveals the heartbreaking struggle for survival faced by a baby ring-tail with a broken leg.

As well as waging a constant battle for dominance with each other, the two troops have plenty of internal struggles, as the dominant female leaders are regularly in danger of being usurped by ambitious and aggressive footsoldiers. Tornado Troop member Alexis –not unlike her ‘Dynasty’ femme fatale namesake –has established herself literally at the top of the tree through sheer tenacity and bloody-mindedness. It is she who leads the Tornados about their daily business, and she who gets first taste of the best berries in the rainforest. But heavy lies the crown that Alexis wears, as her position is always under threat from the likes of Frieda and Amazon –two headstrong lieutenants who make sure Alexis is never allowed the luxury of complacency.

Unlike the Graveyards, who are a tight family unit, the Tornadoes are a dysfunctional bunch whose members only look after number one. As Amazon puts all her efforts into fending off Alexis, she is neglecting her five-month-old baby, Gizmo. The youngster has to fend for himself at all times, and in the unforgiving jungle, his learning curve is a steep one. He also has to put up with the galling sight of another infant, Chelsea, getting mollycoddled by her doting mum Stella, who carries her daughter about on her back. Gizmo’s life is one of loneliness and hardship as he tries to punch above his weight to compete with the others for food, water and desirable tree space. He is in for a nasty shock when he is attacked by Alexis –for the heinous crime of being Amazon’s son.

He manages to escape Alexis’s cruel advances, but is left nursing a broken leg. Now he is left to hobble after his family, who completely ignore his piteous cries for help. His daily struggle for survival has become much more intense now that he is at the mercy of the island’s intimidating queue of predators –namely boa constrictors, birds of prey and wild dogs. However, Gizmo is a lemur of spirit, as we see him gamely leaping from tree to tree, carefully avoiding putting pressure on his injured leg. His survival depends on keeping close to the gang, but as he is continually playing catch-up, each day becomes more of an ordeal than the last. When Alexis leads the gang to a tree full of coveted orange berries, Gizmo has to make do with the unripe green fruit that all the other lemurs avoid.

At one point, Gizmo is so exhausted he is forced to rest on an open road while the others march on with considerable alacrity. He is a sitting duck for predators, but what the other Tornadoes don’t know is that they are about to bump into the Graveyards and wage a turf war –one that poor Gizmo should count his blessings he’ll avoid…

lemur island (1/10) 19.15–20.00

This new ten-part series follows the lives of two troops of ring-tailed lemurs –the Graveyard Gang and the Tornado Troop –who live on the southeastern corner of Madagascar. The series was filmed over 12 months and features amazing footage of their daily struggles for food, shelter and dominance. Revealing the complex details of their habits and behaviour, the series includes the unprecedented footage of a ring-tailed lemur birth, and provides an insight into the challenges facing these charming prosimians on a daily basis.

At 13 years old, Pegleg is the oldest lemur of his troop –the Graveyard Gang. He is a true survivor, having once escaped the jaws of the biggest threat to lemurs, a feral dog. However, he was left maimed for life by the attack, and has been forced to adapt to life with just three limbs. With remarkable flexibility, he has survived well, but he is no longer able to participate in the fights for dominance that take place amongst the other males.

The Graveyard Gang, headed by alpha female Crystal, live peacefully in an ancient cemetery, away from the disturbances of human habitation. They have a ‘sleeping tree’, where the 14 members go to bed every night, and a meagre supply of food in the nearby cacti. But their easy routine is under threat.

They have the neighbours from hell in the Tornado Troop, a junk-food eating, scavenging, trouble-causing group of three tough lemur families. When the Tornadoes defiantly stroll onto their enemy’s territory, a vicious fight ensues, leaving the Graveyard alpha male, Blake, with a serious hand wound. His allies fight off the attackers, who nonchalantly take their leave.

Trouble is also brewing within the ranks as the females, including Crystal, come into season. For ring-tailed lemurs, this happens for just one day of the year, and causes frantic displays of machismo from the males as they fight it out for mating privileges. With Blake injured, his second-incommand Milton is the natural inheritor of alpha power – but while he and the other males busily wave their scent-filled tails at each other in a show of intimidation, a clever contestant sneakily approaches Crystal. Pegleg, a good catch thanks to his amazing survival skills, is welcomed by Crystal, and the alpha female chooses to mate with the male outsider.

It may be mating season for the lemurs, but it is rainy season for the rest of Madagascar. As the island’s vegetation flourishes in the rainfall, the lemurs can only hide and wait. A banquet of fruit is blown to the ground by the storms, and as the rain eases off, they run down and eat hungrily. For youngster Hogarth, the fruit is a rare treat – but he is so absorbed in his snack that he fails to notice a slithering predator eyeing him up for a meal of his own. Fortunately for the troop, Crystal is constantly on the alert. She spots the tree boa, and the lemurs hastily get out of its way.

The young ring-tailed lemurs have much to learn in the coming months as they battle to avoid predators, storms and starvation. Will they manage to survive, and how will they fare in the cut-throat world of lemur politics?


lemur island

This ten-part series follows two troops of ring-tailed lemurs –the Graveyard Gang and the Tornado Troop –who live on the southeastern corner of Madagascar. Having been studied for 40 years, these unique animals are now accustomed to humans. This has enabled detailed filming of every aspect of the lemurs’ complex lives, from wars with neighbouring gangs and troop leadership battles, to political alliances and illicit relationships.

Filmed over the course of a year and capturing some amazing animal behaviour, including the first ever footage of a ring-tailed lemur birth, Lemur Island follows the characters in each troop and tells their story. Packed with drama and jeopardy as well as beautiful wildlife imagery, the series reveals as never before the trials and tribulations of Madagascar’s most charismatic inhabitants.

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