Lies and Videotape

Tears, Lies and Videotape: Monday 18th May, 9:00PM, ITV1

“Please come home Shannon, if you’re out there come home. If anyone’s got my daughter, my beautiful Princess daughter please bring her home safe. I need her home.”

These were the words that the evil Karen Matthews said when making appeals for the safe return of her abducted daughter Shannon; what she failed to tell the nation was that she was instrumental in that abduction and knew exactly where Shannon was.

Karen Matthews had planned it all; the abduction, keeping Shannon hidden and sedated, and all in the hope that she could make money out of it. She’d hoped to build up a fund – in the same way the McCann’s did with their Find Madeleine appeal – and then share the ‘reward’ for finding Shannon safe and well…

And she’s not the only evil liar who’s examined in this programme and who lied in full-view of the public and the press, as well as to police and in many cases, their own families. Professor David Canter and Professor Paul Ekman look at the behaviour of people such as Karen Matthews and examine how their body language gave them and their despicable lies away.

Other cases examined in this programme will be those of Gordon Wardell, Tracie Andrews, Ian Huntley and Fadi Nasri, all of whom were instrumental in crimes in which they, at first, appeared to be the ‘suffering victim’ or the bereaved and grieving family member.

Also discussed in this documentary will be the case of Paul Dyson who strangled his fiancé to death the day before Valentines Day, and Michael Gifford Hull who murdered his wife then buried her body in nearby woodland.

Professor Paul Ekman – one of the world’s leading experts on criminal body language – along with Canter, will examine TV footage of all those featured and between them, they’ll ask the question, were the signs there all along and therefore, could these liars have been exposed sooner?

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