10:00pm Tuesday 25 September on BBC FOUR

Ex-mafioso Frank Tagliano is collecting a debt owed to his new club when he learns of a development project for the construction of a luxury holiday complex in Hafjell with businessman Julius Backe. Eager to have a piece of the action, he volunteers to put pressure on Tord Haukenes, an environmentalist who owns land essential to the development.

Policeman Geir Tvedt stops Frank in a routine inspection and discovers that Frank does not have a valid driver’s licence. Frank is now obliged to undertake the minimum two months instruction to pass his test – or is he? Tvedt is dismayed by the lack of professionalism shown by his colleagues in the security measures in place for a prestigious cross country skiing event, especially since the chief of police is competing in partnership with a senior government minister.

Cast: Steven Van Zandt plays Frank Tagliano, Sven Nordin plays Julius Backe, Kyrre Hellum plays Geir Tvedt and Anne Katharine Krigsvoll plays the chief of police Laila Hovland.

Ep 3/8

10:00pm Tuesday 18 September on BBC FOUR

Relocated Mafia member Frank Tagliano has opened his new nightclub in Lillehammer and is soon offered some contraband liquor found abandoned in a truck by the local taxi driver. Little does the local motorcycle gang know what they are up against when they try to retrieve the illicit booze.

Frank also has some bad news for Geir ‘Elvis’ Tvedt – the local Elvis-obsessed policeman – when he cancels his act at the club.

Frank is persuaded to attend an ice-skating event to help immigrants integrate into Norwegian society and comes to the aid of Sigrid when she badly damages her leg in an accident. When a moonshine apparatus explodes in the basement of Frank’s house, the sheriff begins in earnest to wonder who the new neighbour really is, especially since her deputy is now under the impression that Frank is really an Arab terrorist.

Cast: Steven Van Zandt plays Frank Tagliano, Kyrre Hellum plays Geir ‘Elvis’ Tvedt, Steinar Sagen plays Roar Lien, the local taxidriver, Marian Saastad Ottesen plays Sigrid and Anne Katharine Krigsvoll plays the chief of police Laila Hovland.

Ep 2/8

10:00pm Tuesday 11 September on BBC FOUR

New York Mafia member Frank Tagliano agrees to testify against his new boss who he thinks has overlooked him for promotion – on condition that he is relocated with a new identity in the FBI’s witness protection programme. He asks to be sent to Lillehammer in Norway, of which he has fond memories of the winter Olympics of 1994.

But the quiet snowy town is not quite as he imagined. His new accommodation is next to the Chief of Police and that the prospect of becoming a Norwegian bar-owner is hindered by red tape – but he may have better luck in romance when he meets Sigrid, a single mother on the train from Oslo.

Cast: Steven Van Zandt plays Frank Tagliano, Anne Katharine Krigsvoll plays the chief of police Laila Hovland and Marian Saastad Ottesen plays Sigrid Haugli.

Ep 1/8

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