Lost Land of the Volcano

Due to an unfortunate clash in the listing with The Fixer (which I watch because my mate from school is the lead character) I have managed to miss Lost Land of the Volcano (BBC One). There’s been a lot of people giddily awaiting each episode and talking about it in rather hushed tones.

There was no way I was going to miss it all.

Mercifully, the fans of this show have it spot-on. Lost Land… is a wonderful programme that defies all logic.

Of course, this being the BBC and Lost Land… being a nature show, it was always going to be rather good. It is expensive looking and contains shots that make your eyes pop out on stalks like an angry crab.

However, one of the few gripes I have about BBC nature documentaries is that they sometimes feel a little pointless and that they cover old ground.

That’s certainly not the case with this show. So many new species and creatures were discovered in the expedition that at times, it felt like our exploring scientists were probably tripping over a new genus of something or other everytime they went for a moonlit piss.

In last night’s show, we saw a meter long rat thing that somehow managed to be cute and a tree climbing furry thing that was a cross between a kangaroo and a koala. It was amazing stuff!

As these animals had never seen humans before, they didn’t bolt like paranoid cats but rather, gambolled into view, scratched their ears and looked at the assembled gobsmacked crew and said “how’s it hanging, man?”

Elsewhere, there were insane scenes from an erupting volcano whilst these great bloody hawk things flew around the crater rim dodging flaming rocks plummetting from the sky.

This show was beautiful to look at, entertaining and impressively groundbreaking. I feel like a mug for having missed it all now. One to buy on DVD when it comes out, that’s for sure.

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