Former Lost actor Henry Ian Cusick will make an appearance on crime procedural Law & Order: SVU, with the actor signing on for a multi-episode arc. Cusick, who played Desmond Hume on Lost, will feature in at least two episodes.

Actor Skeet Ulrich has been cast in the upcoming legal spin-off Law & Order: Los Angeles as an ex-marine character called Rex Winters. Ulrich previously guest starred on fellow spin-off CSI: NY in a three-episode arc.

Richard Dreyfuss, star of 1970’s blockbuster Jaws, will guest star on Weeds in the upcoming sixth season. Weeds producers have announced the veteran actor will feature in at least four episodes of the drama series.


Sky has apologised for the temporary blackout which occurred during the Lost finale yesterday morning.

During the live simulcast, a technical hitch occurred causing a disruption to the viewing of the two-and-a-half hour finale.

The channel made an announcement on the Sky Player website saying “We’d like to apologise for this morning’s blackout during Sky1’s live simulcast of the series finale of Lost.

“We’re currently investigating what went wrong, and if it’s any consolation we’ll have the entire episode available to watch as a catch-up title by lunchtime today. Once again, apologies.”

Sky1 screened the Lost finale at 5am as to keep as close to the US screenings as possible to avoid internet pirates taking control of the highly anticipated television event.

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Better set the alarm clock because Sky1 is now screening the epic two-and-a-half hour series finale of Lost at the exact same time as it goes to air in the US.

The network is going all out to prevent illegal downloads of the Lost finale by pushing forward its broadcast to 5am on Monday 24 May.

Originally Sky1 was set to screen ‘The End’ the following Friday, 28 May, but due to the overwhelming demand for the finale episode, the network has decided that UK viewers should be among the first in the world to watch it.

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada will also simulcast the episode at various times of the day in their respective time zones.

Sky1 will repeat the Lost finale at 9pm on Tuesday as well as in the original slot on Friday.

Stuart Murphy, Sky1’s director of programmes, said: “We are proud of the fact that at Sky1 HD we have a long tradition of running all of our US shows as close as possible to their US transmission date. With something as hotly anticipated as the Lost finale, it makes sense to show it at exactly the same time as millions across America will see it.”

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The producers of Lost have quashed any rumours there may be a movie based on the series.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have ruled out the possibility of a movie, saying they want the series to stand on its own.

“The chances [of a movie] are very little,” Cuse said. “We don’t have any intentions of doing that. This is the story we wanted to tell, and it ends next Sunday night, and we were incredibly grateful that we got a chance to do it.”

The pair also said they do not plan on making another series similar to Lost.

“The thing that made Lost Lost was the idea of doing something different and unique and the idea was special and unexpected,” he said. “We could never even try to replicate this thing. We would both die happy if Lost is the greatest television achievement of either of our careers. I hope we work together again, but who knows what it’ll be.”

The Lost finale screens on Sky1 at 9pm on May 28.

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100 props from TV series Lost are about to go under the hammer.

With the finale of the series closing in, the producers are looking to auction the props off from the various seasons of the show to anyone who is interested.

The props include Charlie’s acoustic guitar, characters’ boarding passes for the Oceanic Flight 815, Hurley’s striped canteen, Desmond’s backpack and sets of Oceanic Airlines water bottles and life jackets.

The auctions can be viewed at ProfilesInHistory.

On Friday 28 May, after six monumental seasons and 121 captivating episodes, the series that has provoked more theories, debates and analysis than any other, will reach its final hours on Sky1 HD and Sky1.

The double bill finale, aptly entitled The End, will bring to a close the many unanswered mysteries that show producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have teased viewers with since 2004.

Since its launch, LOST has established itself among audiences as a ground-breaking television series that has defined a genre. It has succeeded in the almighty task of giving sci-fi universal appeal; placing ordinary people in an extraordinary situation.

Still holding the title of the most expensive television pilot in history, LOST immediately captivated both audiences around the world and critics alike. It has since picked up a raft of awards including an Emmy® for Outstanding Drama Series, a Golden Globe® for Best Television Series (Drama), and Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild Awards.

In 2007, Lindelof and Cuse made the bold decision to announce that LOST would comprise six seasons in total and reach its conclusion in 2010, allowing them to map out exactly how the series would unfold over the final two seasons, whilst also providing dedicated viewers with an endgame.

The sixth season, which debuted on Sky1 HD in February 2010, has answered many long-standing questions posed back in the early days of the show. In perhaps one of the most revealing scenes so far, Jacob (Mark Pelligrino) used the metaphor of a wine bottle to explain the importance of the Island, the true nature of the Man in Black and how and why he must be prevented from fulfilling his wish of escaping.

“Think of this wine as… Hell… malevolence, evil, darkness, and here it is – swirling around in the bottle unable to get out, because if it did, it would spread. The cork, is this island, and it’s the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs.”

Now with the Man in Black taking on the form of the deceased Locke (Terry O’Quinn), the final episodes are building towards his potential escape. But will Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) or Jacob’s yet-to-be-decided successor, be able to stop him?

Executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recently put the finishing touches on the final script, and explained that answers to the mysteries will continue to unravel. Cuse commented: “It was very profound for us, as we had written a cryptic scene, and we thought, no, these characters are actually at the place where they can have a discussion about what is going on here. It was very weird to take these closely held secrets and actually put them in the scene. It was very liberating and exciting.”

The final season has also introduced the concept of flash-sideways, portraying two parallel universes. The scenes on the island depict a universe where the bomb failed to detonate and the survivors remained, whereas the flash-sideways show a world where Oceanic 815 landed and the passengers never ended up living together. However, destiny appears to be drawing them together regardless as their lives end up colliding despite the reversal of history.

Indeed, following a recent meeting with Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) starts to feel as if he has led another life before and plans to ‘awaken’ the other passengers on Oceanic 815 – starting with crashing his car into Locke as he crosses the road.

On Friday 28 May at 7pm, Sky1 HD and Sky1 will kick off an evening celebrating LOST with a two hour US special entitled LOST: THE FINAL JOURNEY. The documentary will take a retrospective look at the past six seasons of the series and delve into what has transpired during the current season as a primer leading into the finale.

At 9pm, it’s time for LOST: The End, a two and a half hour conclusion to a television phenomenon and an unmissable landmark event in television history. Fans need not despair as at 11.30pm, two of Sky1 HD’s specials, THE END IS NIGH and TOP 10 GREATEST SCENES will follow.


Sky1 has announced when it will air the last ever episode of Lost.

The mammoth two and a half hour finale will screen at 9pm on Friday 28 May.

The channel is also going all out on the night of the highly anticipated conclusion, with a line-up of special Lost programming before and after the final episode.

Screening at 7pm is Lost: The Final Journey, which is a two-hour retrospective documentary of the show which will warm fans up for the impending finale.

Following the finale episode will be a pair of Sky1 specials, The End Is Nigh and Top Ten Greatest Scenes.

Better unplug the phone, it’s going to be a big night in for Lost fans.

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Last week the Reduced Shakespeare Company performed ‘Lost Reduced’ in London.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it (‘it’, being the most convoluted show in televisual history) couldn’t be done, but the Reduced Shakespeare Company managed to condense 5 seasons of Lost into 10 minutes, exclusively for Sky1 HD.

The result is the hilarious Lost Reduced, a must for any Lost fans!

We have the full ten minute show available here, to watch, with your eyeballs. So what are you waiting for? All these words here are merely filler so that the formatting of the page doesn’t get wrecked and all that junk.

Honestly. There’s nothing being said here at all. You might as well try and work out how Lost is going to end. Oh. I see.

Lost the final season starts on Sky1 on 5th February at 9pm.

After last week’s epic show in which poor Daniel got shot and killed by his own mother back in 1977, tonight’s show, entitled Follow The Leader, picks up of course where that one left off and in the opening shots, we see Kate and Jack hiding in the bushes and watching in horror as Daniel gets killed…

So, just to whet your appetite for tonight’s episode, here are some sneek peeks… but be warned, they’re quite spoilerish so don’t watch or read on if you don’t want to know!

I cannot wait for this episode! I’m really hoping that they might take Daniel to The Temple where ‘the magic’ seems to happen and he’ll come back to life! After all, the Island cured John of the whole being dead issue so perhaps it’ll do the same for Faraday?

I’m also hoping that we’ll get an explanation as to why his own mother sent him back to the Island knowing full well that she was going to kill him if she did! She’s not that evil surely? There has to be a reason, so fingers crossed that we get an explanation for that.

Roll on 9pm when the episode is on Sky1!

Following the events of “This Place is Death“, a time jump briefly brings the remaining group of survivors — James “Sawyer” Ford (Josh Holloway), Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell), Miles Straume (Ken Leung), Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) and Jin-Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim) — to a time when there is an ancient statue standing on the island (the remnants of which are seen in “Live Together, Die Alone“). They are only able to see the back of it before John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) turns the wheel, bringing the survivors forward to 1974, at the peak of the Dharma Initiative‘s presence on the island. Now that John has pushed the wheel, the time jumps have stopped and they are stuck in the past. The group comes across a pair of Dharma Initiative members who have been captured by some of the island’s native inhabitants, known as the Others. Juliet and Sawyer kill the two Others and free Amy (Reiko Aylesworth), but her husband has been killed. The group returns to the Barracks, where Amy resides; however, she tricks them into walking through the sonic fence which surrounds the Barracks, knocking them unconscious.

Sawyer wakes up and is confronted by Horace Goodspeed (Doug Hutchison), the leader of the Dharma Initiative on the island. Sawyer tells him that his name is James LaFleur and that he and the other survivors were part of a shipwreck on the island, and that they are still looking for other members of their crew. Horace informs him that they will have to leave the next day on the submarine because they are not “Dharma material”. Meanwhile, Daniel sees a young girl he believes to be Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader), but decides not to say anything to her. That night, the spokesman of the Others, Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), enters the Barracks to determine why his treaty with Dharma was broken. Sawyer convinces Alpert not to attack Dharma, because he is the one who killed the Others. Alpert is further convinced when Sawyer shares knowledge of the events that transpired in 1954 in the episode “Jughead“. Because Sawyer has successfully defused the situation, Horace allows the group to stay and look for the other crew members of their ship, when in reality they are waiting for Locke to return with the survivors who left the island.

Three years later, the survivors have joined Dharma and are living in the Barracks. Sawyer is the well respected head of security, while Jin continues to search for those who left the island. Amy is pregnant with Horace’s baby and due to give birth in two weeks. Following an argument between them, Horace gets drunk and Amy goes into early labor; Juliet successfully delivers the baby. Horace believes that Amy is not yet over her deceased husband, however Sawyer reassures him by stating that three years is enough time to get over someone, referring to his relationship with Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly). Sawyer returns to his home, where he lives with Juliet, with whom he is in love. The next morning, he receives a call from Jin, who has found Kate, Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox), and Hugo “Hurley” Reyes (Jorge Garcia) in the jungle (as seen in “316“). Sawyer secretly meets them far from the barracks, where they are reunited.

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