Unfortunately there’s no LOST this week. This is a major, major bummer. On the plus side this gives us an opportunity to catch our breath since things have been moving way too fast this season. Also on the plus side is that this was one of the best episodes in what has consistently been a pretty fantastic season of television.


We’re back on the island with Sawyer, Juliette, Jin, Daniel and Miles as they plan their next move. They decide to wait for Locke to return. What follows is the passage of three years, throughout which Sawyer becomes the de facto leader of the group and leads them in the perpretation and sustainment of a lie that allows them to become members of the Dharma Initiative.


The first thing that we have to process is of course that huge statue crowning above the trees. Obviously, this is where that freaky four toed thing came from. Less obvious, is what the statue is of. I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable to estimate it might be the Egyptian God ‘Anubis’.

There is a theory out there that the island was the origin of Egyptian legend. The Egyptians discovered the island and begun to worship the smoke monster as Anubis. I’ve also heard people suggest that Richard Alpert might be Ra, the Egyptian sun God. And that’s what the deal is with his eye-shadow. That necklace that Paul wears is the same thing that Anubis holds (you can see them in the screencap BELOW). There are hyrogliphics on the wall of the temple. Oh, and in Egyptian legend a war would rage until the birth of the baby Horus. In the latest episode, Horace has a kid.

There are two main questions that La Fleur raises:

1. Who is the baby that is being born?

2. What is the nature of ‘the truce’?

Alpert mentions that the sonic fences do not keep his people out, that instead, it is the truce that does so. What is the truce? Not to kill members of the other side? Sounds something like the agreement that Widmore and Ben Linus have, no? And if the sonic fences don’t keep the Others out, then why does Linus need to turn them off when they eventually come in and wipe the Dharma Initiative out?

How come Amy can give birth now? What happened to stop women from being able to give birth on the island later? Does it have something to do with the massive electro-magnetism?

Why did Charlotte’s body disappear with the flash? Does the flash not carry dead cells? Or is it something to do with baby Charlotte existing at that time? Is this to avoid a paradoxical meeting of the two entities?

Who do you think Sawyer is gonna end up with? Who would you prefer?

Also, where the hell are Rose and Bernard? I’ll try and let you figure out what happened to them but if I had to guess it would have something to do with a cave and two stones, one black and one white.

Episode 7 begins after the crash of Ajira Airways Flight 316, which was carrying, Ben (Michael Emerson), Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Sun (Yunjin Kim), Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and John Locke’s (Terry O’Quinn) dead body in a coffin. The plane was flying from Los Angeles and scheduled to land in Guam but crashed in the previous episode, “316”, the plane has crashed back on the island near what we believe to be the Hydra Station.

One of the crash survivors, Caesar (Saïd Taghmaoui), searches an office in the Hydra Station, finding several documents he is then informed that a man no one remembers seeing on the plane, has been found: John Locke, Locke explains that the last thing he remembers is dying…


The episode is heavily based around Locke’s time off the island. After Locke left, assisted by Jack’s farther Christian Shephard (John Terry), Locke awakens in a desert in Tunisia, where he is brought to a local hospital (as he broke his leg last time we saw him) and is visited by Charles Widmore (Alan Dale). Widmore asked Locke did he remember seeing him on the island and how long ago it had been since they met for Locke and then goes on to tell Locke that Widmore himself had been tricked into leaving the island many year ago by Ben. He then offers his help to Locke and informs him that Ben is in fact the bad guy in all this and Widmore had only sent people to the island to seek revenge on Ben. Sayid, Hurley and Kate all refuse to go back to the island after being visited by Locke. Locke also visits Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelley), but decides not to ask him to return to the island the reason for this is as Locke says “ the boy has been through enough already”.

When Locke meets Kate, the conversation with her makes Locke look for his old girlfriend, Helen Norwood (Katey Sagal), whom he later discovers has died. While visiting her grave, Abaddon (Locke’s driver offered to him by Widmore) is shot and killed; Locke gets into a car accident after he flees the scene in a panic. He later awakens in hospital with Jack at his bedside not very happy to see him, the two argue about the island and about Locke being “Special”. But just before Jack leaves, Locke tells him that his father, is alive on the island. This upsets and he turn very aggressive shouting disbelieving what Locke has just said and the leaves.

Locke then goes to a hotel, writes Jack the suicide note, that was given to him in the previous episode by Eloise Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan) and then later by the flight attendant on the plane, then Locke attempts to hang himself. Ben, however, shows up and talks Locke down.

Ben admits to shooting Abaddon, claiming it was to protect him. After learning of Locke’s plan to seek advice from Eloise Hawking and find out how to return to the island along with all the people that left, Ben kills Locke, faking his suicide and making sure there is no trace of him in Locke’s hotel room. He then takes Jin’s (Daniel Dae Kim) wedding ring, which Jin had entrusted to Locke and then Ben leaves.


The narrative returns to the present on the island, where Locke is taken in to the room were the injured people from the plane crash are discovers an unconscious Ben among the injured passengers of Flight 316…


More Lost Next Sunday 9pm Sky1 and Sky1 HD (UK)

This January, Sky1 and Sky1 HD makes a long awaited return to the Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning LOST, for its fifth and penultimate season. The jaw dropping finale to Season Four may have finally revealed who was in the coffin, but there are still many questions left to be answered and Season Five promises to set the dramatic groundwork for the final act. Destiny calls for the Oceanic Six but will they answer?
By leaping between different phases of time, the last season of LOST began to put the pieces together for what has been a rollercoaster ride of a series. In the present day it was revealed how the Oceanic Six returned back home and why the others remained on the island – some by choice and some forced by circumstance. Ben was shown turning the frozen wheel and causing himself and the island to vanish to be relocated in a destination yet to be revealed… In the future, the Oceanic Six were revealed to experience far from a welcome return home; Jack (Matthew Fox) is a broken man following the breakdown of his relationship to Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is back in a mental institution and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) is working as a hitman for the time-travelling Ben (Michael Emerson). In the final flash forward, Jack and Ben met alongside Locke’s (Terry O’Quinn) coffin and revealed that prior to his death, he had returned from the island to deliver them each the message that their departure caused awful things to happen that cannot be resolved without their return. A depressed, pill-popping Jack was eager to go back to his heroic former life, but can he and Ben convince the fragmented others to return with them? Executive producer Carlton Cuse said: “The people that are off the island… the island seems to be drawing them back, and Ben makes it clear they need to go back. So that’s a lot of what you’ll see…the journey of how those six return.”

Along the way, there will be some new additions to the cast: Reiko Aylesworth (24) will play a member of the Dharma initiative called Amy, Raymond J. Barry (Alias) will play Jack’s grandfather, Patrick Fischler (Mad Men) will assume the role of a corporate security man, and Eric Lange (Bones) is a smart and controlling off-island character named Marty. Their role in the grand scheme will remain a mystery until the new season begins.

Executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recently revealed that only 34 episodes remain of the series, split equally between two seasons. Speaking at a convention earlier in the year, they were drawn on how the journey will be mapped out in Season Five, on the way to the series’ ultimate conclusion. Cuse said: “We’re basically putting together the last two seasons of the puzzle. Our ability to negotiate an end date to the show so far in advance was unprecedented in network TV. It has given us a real sense of what the journey is going to be. We’ve had the chance to do something really extraordinary, and the challenge is to make this engaging and exciting, where everybody is really excited about the final season of LOST.” Lindelof added: “The cool thing about Season Five is that it takes a little while for your brain to fully absorb how the story is unfolding, but hopefully once it does, you’ll realise we’re trying something new yet again.”

The island is calling again…. Don’t miss the penultimate season of what Empire magazine calls “one of the most compelling shows on television,” launching the week beginning January 24th on Sky1. LOST can also be enjoyed in glorious high definition on Sky1 HD, capturing each blade of grass and grain of sand in the best picture quality available.

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Sky1 and Sky1 HD are giving viewers a chance to bring themselves up to date in time for the new season by repeating Season Four in its entirety, daily from Tuesday 6 January at 2pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD, as well as daily at 10am on Sky2. The finale of Season Four will also be available to watch on Anytime TV from Thursday 22 January.

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