Thursday, 3 March 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

The episode opens with a flashback of a distraught Ruth hearing the news that her daughter has died. 

We jump to 1968 and Ruth is having a nightmare. She stares at the bedside photo of Alice. 


Paul suggests to Ruth that they both move away from Marchlands. But Ruth can’t leave Alice. 

Later Ruth discovers a note from Paul. He’s left. She dashes after him and finds him at the station. Paul is in bits – he’s leaving – he feels he’s failed as a father, husband and son. Ruth pleads with him, will the distraught couple make things work? 

The note has an explosive effect on Robert and Evelyn. They begin to argue and in anger Evelyn shocks Robert with a long kept secret. 


Eddie and Helen are rowing, again. He wants to move – for Amy’s sake. Helen resolutely refuses. Later Eddie takes Amy to Alice’s grave and he admits that he believes her now. 

Meanwhile Scott has another seizure in the bath and begins to slip under the water. Helen, having finally seen something that makes her believe in Alice, dashes up the stairs but will she make it in time to save Scott? 


Ruth looks after baby Alice whilst Nisha and Mark go out and have a heart to heart. Nisha is shocked to discover that Mark has lied about the history of Marchlands because odd things happened there in the past – and Scott seems to hold the key. 

In baby Alice’s bedroom Ruth is drawn to discover her daughter’s scrap-book. Emotional, she turns the pages and is surprised to see a photograph of little Olive Runcie, is she connected? 

Meanwhile Scott reluctantly gives Mark and Nisha the article his dad found all those years ago. To their horror Mark and Nisha realise who Ruth is, and her connection to Marchlands. 

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