McLeod’s Daughters

MccLeod’s Daughters is back for another season after concerns that the show may be experiencing financial difficulties. The show, which features some highly paid stars and is shot on expensive 16mm film stock, is the most expensive drama in Australian TV, and has received over $200 000 in grants from the South Australian government to fund production. After Channel Nine was sold last year with financial difficulties under the covers, viewers were worried that their beloved show may be lost in the shuffle. However, Nine has announced that the show will go on… for now!

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A candid interview has been released with Simmone Jade MacKinnons, the grand dame of Aussie outback drama Mcleod’s Daughters. As attractive as this actress is she values certain things more than continued fame and success- namely her new dog “The Dude,” her new boyfriend, her new house, and the possibilities of exotic travels around the world!

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McLeod’s Daughters is getting a new hunk, with the character Marcus Turner arriving on the scene in the South Australian outback. The new star, Matt Passmore, is a classicaly trained actor who has plenty of experience on other Australian drama series for Australia’s channel 9, but says that working in the outback comes with the problems of flies, deadly heat, and the remoteness of the set. Its definitely not like working in a Melbourne or Sydney studio!!

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