Me and Mrs. Jones

9:30pm Friday 23 November on BBC ONE

Since splitting up with Inca, Jason has taken up residence on Gemma’s sofa, and has been serenading the family with his unsolicited and incessant warbling.

Exasperated, Gemma hosts a barbecue at the house to get the estranged couple back together and Jason out of her house. Billy meanwhile has landed a job as a chef, and moves out of Tom’s house. A gathering at Gemma’s is never a quiet affair, and between a trampoline accident, a proposal, a fire outbreak and a surprise guest, Gemma receives two tempting offers from Tom and Billy. Finding herself at a crossroads, will she finally make a decision between her head and her heart?

Alfie is played by Jonathan Bailey; ?Gemma by Sarah Alexander; ?Jason by Neil Morrissey; ?Billy by Robert Sheehan; ?Tom by Nathaniel Parker; ??Fran’s by Kelle Bryan; and Inca by Vera Filatova.

Ep 6/6

9:30pm Friday 9 November on BBC ONE

Tom plans a romantic dinner date with Gemma and pulls out all the stops to impress her with his culinary skills.

Inca, having ditched Jason for failing to tell her he and Gemma are still technically married, is moving on fast and has already lined up a date for the evening in the bar, much to the annoyance of lovelorn Jason, who is still heartbroken and glued to Gemma’s sofa. Feeling a little sorry for Jason, and in a bid to stop him making a fool of himself by turning up to Inca’s date, Gemma brings him along for dinner at Tom’s and asks Billy to keep an eye on Inca. At the bar, Inca ends up giving Billy some advice about love that convinces him to confront Gemma.

Alfie is played by Jonathan Bailey; ?Gemma by Sarah Alexander; ?Jason by Neil Morrissey; ?Billy by Robert Sheehan; ?Tom by Nathaniel Parker; ??Fran’s by Kelle Bryan; and Inca by Vera Filatova.

Ep 5/6

9:30pm Friday 19 October on BBC ONE

Flustered by the events from the night before, Gemma (Sarah Alexander) is frantically baking cakes for the twins’ school function.

Surely she can convince Billy (Robert Sheehan) that there’s nothing romantic between them? That is assuming she can convince herself. Not a natural Nigella, Gemma’s efforts end in a huge mess and she is forced to strip off to her bra, only to give Billy an unintentional eyeful.

Gemma, Alfie (Jonathan Bailey) and Billy arrive at the school and totally unaware of the chemistry between his best friend and his mum, Alfie sets Billy a challenge to see who can kiss a ‘hot mum’ first.

Meanwhile, the twins are on their way to school with dad Jason (Neil Morrissey) and “soon to be step mother” Inca, (Vera Filatova) who is unsuitably dolled up for the occasion. It’s bad enough that Jason has allowed trainee beautician Inca to practice her fake tanning expertise on their young daughters, but Gemma is furious when Inca decides to take an active role in Gemma and Jason’s meeting with the twins’ teachers. Jason thinks it’s hilarious that one of the twins is playing up at school but perplexed when his wit and charm doesn’t seem to be working on their surly teacher.

Divorcee Tom (Nathaniel Parker) unwittingly shares his feelings for Gemma with Billy. He’s head over heels and later confides to Gemma: ‘I definitely want a second date’.

Meanwhile, Gemma’s efforts to focus on her new romance with Tom are questioned when she overhears Billy helping daughter Jess (Sophie Alibert) out. Swept away by his kindness and maturity, Gemma and Billy get closer, with surprising consequences. Can Gemma talk her way out of this one or has she ruined her chances of a grown-up relationship with suitable Tom?

Ep 2/6

9:30pm Friday 12 October on BBC ONE

This new comedy series follows the increasingly complex life of Gemma Jones (Sarah Alexander) as she balances love, affection, sex and motherhood between an ex-husband Jason (Neil Morrissey) and his Swedish girlfriend Inca (Vera Filatova) one grown up son Alfie (Jonathan Bailey), two young daughters and two male admirers with a 20 year age gap (Nathaniel Parker and Robert Sheehan).

Gemma has led a single dateless life since her divorce from Jason (Morrissey) who infuriates her by dropping into her house whenever he feels like it, and doesn’t believe her when she says Tom Marshall (Nathaniel Parker) the ‘hot’ Dad at the school gates, has asked her out on a date.

Gemma’s grown up son Alfie (Bailey) returns from travelling around Asia with Billy (Robert Sheehan), the friend he met on his travels, who he invites to stay with them. Catching Gemma awkwardly kissing Tom on the doorstep that evening, Billy and Gemma find themselves left alone together in the house and there is a spontaneous romantic spark between them. Gemma unexpectedly finds she’s got more than one love interest.

Ep 1/6

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