Melrose Place

Wednesday 2 June, 8:00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama concludes on Fiver. In the season finale, Amanda fires Ella from WPK, and the young publicist takes desperate steps to save her career. Jonah and Riley ponder their failed relationship when they attend a university reunion. David’s hopes of winning back Lauren and making a success of his restaurant are threatened by Morgan. Drew clashes with Michael Mancini at the hospital. Upon her return to work, Ella is shocked to discover that Amanda knows she broke in to the WPK offices. When Ella strives to fight her boss’s attempts to frame her for embezzlement, Amanda fires her. “How did I ever look up to such a desperate, washed-up bitch?” Ella asks. “Get out of my building – you’re fired!” Amanda replies, with a stinging slap to her assistant’s face. Ella begins plotting her revenge when she spots a painting in Riley’s apartment that used to belong to Sydney Andrews. After convincing Riley to hand over the painting as a present, Ella sets to work removing the paint from the canvas. To her shock and delight, she uncovers the image of the priceless Dutch masterpiece that Amanda has been hunting since she moved back to Melrose Place. With this ace up her sleeve, Ella blackmails Amanda into dropping the embezzlement charges and bankrolling a new company – Ella Simms & Associates. But can Amanda be trusted? Jonah and Riley are forced to confront the failure of their relationship when they attend a university reunion. After their friends express their surprise at their break-up, the pair start to question their feelings. Back at Riley’s flat, they share a brief kiss. Jonah begs Riley for a second chance and admits that his relationship with Ella has no future. “I know she’s not the person I’m supposed to be with,” he says. Unfortunately, Jonah’s dreams come crashing down when Riley rejects his appeal. Ella is equally unhappy to learn of Jonah’s decision. “I told you up front that I wasn’t going to be your rebound!” she shouts, tears streaming down her face. Can Ella ever forgive Jonah for breaking her heart?

Another TV show is headed for retirement with The CW announcing today that long-running drama Smallville will finish.

The series, which has run for an impressive nine seasons, will conclude after its tenth says the network.

Smallville follows a young Clarke Kent (Tom Welling) as he becomes the most famous superhero of all, Superman.

The CW has also decided to bring to a close the rebooted Melrose Place after the show’s first season. The series had a run of 18 episodes but has proven not as popular as the original 1990’s effort and will not return.

Meanwhile, teen drama One Tree Hill will receive a surprise eighth season.

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Wednesday 12 May, 8:00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. This week, Ella feels suffocated by Jonah’s commitment to their new relationship. Riley and Ben share a kiss, prompting the latter to end his involvement with Amanda. David makes a shocking revelation to Lauren, only for Lauren to deliver a bombshell of her own. And David goes to extreme lengths to secure the restaurant he wants to buy. Ella returns from work to find that Jonah has decorated her apartment with candles and cooked her dinner. “How sweet – and domestic,” she observes. Jonah then reveals that he has been invited to the birthday party of his agent’s son, and wants Ella to go with him. “I doubt that you need a publicist to schmooze at a rug rat’s birthday,” says Ella. “You wouldn’t be going as my publicist,” replies Jonah. “It would be like a date.” The pair arrive at the party, only to discover that it is not in honour of a child, but a dog. Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Ella disappears into the crowd to network with the various luminaries in attendance. Following Ella’s lead, Jonah does some mingling of his own and has soon made a very useful contact. However, his joy is short-lived when he catches Ella cosying up to another partygoer. Tired of Jonah’s jealousy, Ella lays down the law. “Is this what couples do – suffocate each other and stress each other out?” she asks. “If that’s the case, then I guess ‘couplehood’ is not for me.” Following a successful fundraiser for the education foundation, Riley and Ben celebrate with a glass of champagne. “I had an instinct about you. You’re an amazing woman, Riley Richmond,” says Ben. “Well, I just really believe in this project,” she replies. Caught in the moment, Riley leans in and kisses her boss – but quickly draws away, embarrassed about her behaviour. Ben assures Riley that the incident need not ruin their professional relationship. “Let’s not allow a silly misunderstanding to undermine an incredible project,” he says. Despite his words, it seems Ben is unwilling to forget about the tryst. Back at Melrose place, he nonchalantly breaks up with Amanda. “At the end of the day, we want different things,” he says. No sooner has he dumped one woman than he heads off in pursuit of another. He meets with Riley and tells her his news. “I think people spend too much time analysing their choices instead of going with their instincts,” he says, before kissing Riley once more. This time, however, somebody spots them together and snaps a few compromising pictures. Before long, Amanda gets hold of the images and visits Riley in a rage. “You crossed a line. I consider this a personal affront – and that’s not something I take lightly,” she spits. Realising that her work is more important than a fling with Ben, Riley pays him a visit and ends their relationship. “I guess I’ll have to find other sources of funding,” she says. “But one way or another, I will make this school happen – even if I have to raise every penny by myself.” Elsewhere, another relationship comes to an end when David makes a revelation to Lauren. “I don’t know how to say this, but Noah’s my son,” he says. But Lauren is far from shocked. “David, I can’t be with you any more,” she replies. “We’re just different people on different paths.” Also this week, David sets about stealing a valuable diamond in order to raise the cash he needs to buy a restaurant, but ends up getting himself into a bizarre sort of debt with a beautiful stranger.

Wednesday 12 May, 8:00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. This week, Ella fears she is being framed for embezzlement. Jonah throws a huge party in the courtyard but grows jealous of Riley and Drew’s burgeoning relationship. Michael continues to blackmail Lauren. Amanda steps up her hunt for the missing painting. Amanda receives a visit from her landlady, Jane Andrews (Josie Bissett, of the original ‘Melrose Place’), who reminds her that she wants Ella fired from WPK. Jane wants revenge over Ella for her refusal to have a client wear one of Jane’s dresses on the red carpet. Amanda, however, urges her old friend Jane to be patient. “Ella will get what’s coming to her,” she promises. At work, Ella begins to sense something is amiss when she notices some financial irregularities in her client accounts. It would appear that photographer Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga, another ‘Melrose Place’ veteran) was paid $20,000 for a photo shoot. However, the books show that $200,000 came out of the WPK account. Where is that money now? “Jonah, something seriously shady is going on at work. I think I’m being set up!” Ella tells her boyfriend. That evening, Jonah throws a massive party in the courtyard of the apartment complex to celebrate the sale of his script, and Ella overhears a telling conversation between Jo and Amanda. Jo cites Amanda’s dodgy past and accuses her of embezzling from her own company. Ella realises that her boss is the culprit, but her accusations cut little ice. “You’re nothing but a thief!” Ella tells Amanda. Is Ella’s career over? Meanwhile, Riley agrees to accompany handsome doctor Drew on a shopping trip to buy toys for the children at his hospital. When the pair turn up at the party together, a jealous Jonah cannot help but let his displeasure show. Later, he drops by Riley’s flat to borrow a bottle opener and catches Riley in Drew’s arms. In the ensuing confrontation, Jonah and Drew end up brawling in the swimming pool. Elsewhere, David’s footsteps are dogged by Morgan, the daughter of the man whose ring he stole to buy the restaurant. Morgan is also a budding thief and has her sights set on David. “You’re not the only one who gets a rush from stealing,” she tells him. “This is the end for me,” David replies. “That’s the last time I’m ever gonna rip anyone off.” However, Morgan is undeterred and threatens to tell her father the truth about the robbery if David refuses to see her again. David’s father, meanwhile, continues to blackmail Lauren over her secret career as a lady of the night. Not content with splitting her and David up, Michael arranges a private assignation with his student. “You wouldn’t want me to tell the people in your building that they share a pool with a hooker, would you?” he asks. Placed in an impossible situation, Lauren brings Jonah’s party to a halt by revealing the truth. “I fell behind in my tuition payments,” she says. “So I did something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life…” How will her pals react to her news? Also this week, Amanda continues her hunt for the painting stolen by Sydney Andrews. “Someone in this building knows where that painting is,” she says. Amanda’s plan is to ply her young neighbours with booze and get them to spill what they know. But will she find what she is looking for?

Wednesday 5 May, 8:00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, Ella works wonders for Jonah’s profile, but the future of his career ultimately rests in Riley’s hands. Lauren finds the means to end her secret double life. David receives some shocking news from Vanessa. After the success of his screenplay, Ella has more good news for Jonah. Not only has she got his face into a clutch of industry magazines, but she has organised him a meeting with A-list actor Owen Anderson, the very star Jonah had in mind when writing his script. When Anderson discovers that Jonah’s story is based on his relationship with Riley, he begs to meet the writer’s muse. While Jonah attempts to tell the actor the truth, Ella steps in to assure Jonah that Riley will cooperate. When Jonah contacts Riley to plead his case, she is adamant that there is no way she can pretend to Anderson that they are still together. “Do you think I can relive those memories without the emotions that went along with them?” she asks. “Why would I put myself through that?” Jonah is understanding, but, as Ella predicted, Riley’s big heart leads her to change her mind. Riley is appalled when she discovers that Ella is behind the meeting, but she tries to go along with the story nonetheless. However, the truth comes out as the ex-couple start to snipe about old times in front of Anderson. “OK, they have broken up, but that does not mean they didn’t share a storybook love story,” Ella tells Anderson. “Storybook?” exclaims Riley, incredulously. “You slept with him!” Anderson, disappointed that the love story is not all it seemed, leaves. Is Jonah’s career over before it has even begun? Back at Melrose Place, workaholic Lauren is infuriated when a rare lie-in is ruined by new resident Drew (Nick Zano, ‘Cougar Town’, ‘What I Like About You’) and his electric guitar. But Lauren is even more annoyed when she learns that her new neighbour is also her new colleague. Lauren has more work trouble when she discovers that a mystery donor has paid off the full $16,000 balance of her school fees. Suspicious, but glad that she can finally put an end to her double life, Lauren calls Wendi to quit her job as a prostitute. “Do I really have to remind you what you have to lose?” Wendi asks Lauren, forcing her to fulfil a final assignation that she will spend the rest of her life regretting… Elsewhere this week, a newly ambitious Riley is thrilled when Ben, impressed by her enthusiasm, gives her a job working for his education foundation. Amanda learns that her business is on the verge of collapse, and her health seems to be heading the same way. David receives a shocking letter from Vanessa that threatens to destroy his strained relationship with his father for good.

Wednesday 28 April, 8:00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, Jonah tries to stop Riley finding out about his night of passion with Ella. David hunts for answers about Lauren’s collapse. Auggie and Violet come to a decision about their future. Amanda throws an elaborate birthday party. Jonah wakes up in a hotel bed next to Ella and discovers he has missed dozens of calls from Riley. Ella urges him to be honest with his ex-fiancée about their night together, but Jonah worries how Riley will react. “I just don’t think she necessarily needs to hear all the gory details,” he says. Jonah returns to the flat to be met by a chastened Riley, who begs him for a second chance. “Before we decided to get married, we never fought,” she says. “Can we just go back to the way it was?” Jonah and Riley run into each other again at Amanda Woodward’s birthday party, which is being organised by Ella. The publicist pushes Jonah to be honest with his ex once more. “Last night would never have happened if I knew you were going to play it this way,” she tells him. Jonah and Riley start to bond at the party, but just when a reconciliation seems to be on the cards, Jonah is compelled to come clean. Is this the end of their relationship? Elsewhere, Lauren wakes up in hospital following her overdose – and David is keen for some answers. “Lauren, I found you passed out on a hotel room floor,” he says. “Your lips were blue. You wanna tell me what happened?” Lauren attempts to cover up her afternoon assignation with Rick, but wily David manages to extract Rick’s number from her phone. He tracks the record producer down to his studio, only to find Rick is unconcerned by Lauren’s health scare. “Come on, man, she’s a whore!” he says. David reacts by beating him up and putting him in hospital alongside Lauren. Back at Melrose Place, Auggie is delighted when Ella offers him a job providing the catering for Amanda’s party. But she is alarmed to discover the out-of-work chef is back on the sauce. “I’m sober, I swear,” Auggie insists. However, it is clear to Violet that Auggie is still pining for Riley. When he sees Riley and Jonah apparently reconciling at the party, he hits the bottle once again. Violet prevails upon him to leave LA with her. “It doesn’t help to walk past the spot where my mom was murdered,” she says. “And it doesn’t help you seeing Riley across the courtyard. Let’s leave – both of us.” Will Auggie take a chance on a fresh start? Also this week, Amanda reunites with her boyfriend, Ben (Billy Campbell, ‘The Rocketeer’, ‘The 4400’), who promises her a special gift for her birthday. However, Amanda is somewhat dismayed to find Ben’s present is a sports car, and not a wedding ring. Ben’s attempts to make amends land Ella in hot water with her boss. “You may fancy yourself my protege, but you don’t measure up,” Amanda tells her, frostily. Will Ella ever work her way into Amanda’s good graces?

Wednesday 21 April, 8:00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver.

In this episode, Sydney Andrews’s murderer is revealed. Jonah and Riley decide to elope to Las Vegas. Ella works to repair her friendship with Jonah. David rushes to Lauren’s side when she overdoses in a hotel room. Languishing in jail, Michael Mancini receives a visit from Vanessa, his wife. Michael insists he is innocent of Sydney Andrews’s murder – and knows exactly who the culprit is. “I know you killed Sydney,” he tells Vanessa. Michael reveals that he saw her fleeing Melrose Place moments after the murder. He saw Sydney’s broken necklace lying on the ground and retrieved it to protect her. Vanessa, however, denies killing her love rival. “You don’t just need a lawyer, you need a psychiatrist,” she spits.

Desperate to protect his young son, Noah, from his wife, Michael calls up David and begs for his help. “For the sake of your little brother, you need to help me,” Michael says. David agrees to collect Noah from school and keep him safe from Vanessa, who is planning to leave town. But when David receives an urgent call from Lauren, he is forced to leave Noah with Violet. “My dad’s wife, Vanessa – I think she killed your mom,” he explains. It is not long before Vanessa arrives at the apartment complex in search of Noah. Flashbacks reveal the moment of Sydney’s murder, when Vanessa confronted her about her affair with Michael. It transpires that Vanessa also had an affair with David – and Sydney knew all about it. “That was a long time ago,” Vanessa said. “It was five years ago, according to David,” Sydney replied. “By the way, isn’t Noah five?” Sydney’s words drove Vanessa into a rage and, in the ensuing fight, she stabbed her rival.

Now, back at the scene of the crime, Vanessa discovers Violet is hiding Noah in her apartment. What will happen when Violet comes face to face with her mother’s killer? Elsewhere, Jonah and Riley decide to put their recent woes behind them and elope to Las Vegas. When he hears of the plan, Auggie cannot help but plant seeds of doubts in Riley’s mind. “How can you commit for the rest of your life when you don’t even know what kind of life you want?” he asks her.

Ella, meanwhile, tries to patch up her friendship with Jonah by arranging him a meeting with a top producer to pitch his movie. The pitch appears to go badly, and Jonah and Riley are on the verge of driving to Vegas when Ella arrives with the news that the producer wants to buy Jonah’s script. Delighted for her fiancé, Riley suggests they postpone their trip. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you,” she says. But Jonah senses Riley is having cold feet. “I kind of thought us getting married was once in a lifetime too,” he says. In the ensuing conversation, Riley and Jonah split up – and Jonah promptly finds comfort in the arms of Ella…

Also this week, Lauren agrees to spend an afternoon with a former client, Rick. When Rick offers her a drug, she politely declines. Later, however, Lauren rises from the bed and collapses to the floor. Rick admits that he slipped the pill into her wine, and Lauren orders him to leave. She reaches for her phone and begs David to come to her rescue. Will David be in time to save his girlfriend? And will Lauren ever be able to explain her afternoon assignation?

Wednesday 14 April 2010 at 8.00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, David reports his father to the police. Michael threatens to sabotage Lauren’s career. Amanda goes in search of a mysterious keepsake. Jonah discovers Ella’s betrayal. Riley contends with Violet’s disturbed foster brother.

Having discovered Sydney’s bloody necklace in his father’s car (see last week’s episode, ‘Cahuenga’), David is determined to prove Michael’s guilt. He races to the police station only to be waylaid by his father, who threatens to wreck Lauren’s career if David betrays him. “I am really starting to worry about your friend Lauren,” Michael says. “You’d really just destroy an innocent woman’s career just to save your own ass?” David asks. “Oh, I’ve done a lot worse,” Michael replies.

David presses ahead with his plan and presents the necklace to Detective Rodriguez, only to be told it is inadmissible in court because it was seized in an illegal search. However, Rodriguez is willing to consider new evidence if David can obtain it legally. “If I were to find evidence on Mancini in another way, I’d have no problem taking it to the DA,” he says. David promptly hatches a plan to lure his father into the open – but he needs Lauren’s help to put it into practice…

Michael, meanwhile, is stunned to learn Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) has returned to LA. “I missed my old friends,” Amanda says, slyly. She lets slips that she knows of Michael’s affair with Sydney, but insists she is not interested in exposing him. Rather, she is seeking a keepsake that was in Sydney’s possession, but is now missing. “I’m looking for something I loaned Sydney before she died,” she explains. Michael advises her to speak to his son, who was close to Sydney before her death. David, however, is suspicious of Amanda’s motives – especially when she makes it clear that she knows about his career as a housebreaker.

Elsewhere, Ella lands cash-strapped Jonah a job as an IT expert at her agency. When she learns that Jonah has access to the company email records, she urges him to search for her name so that she can find out what Amanda thinks of her. “I don’t ask you for a lot of favours, but I’m asking now. Help me keep my job,” Ella says. Jonah performs the search, but is shocked to discover an email revealing that Ella denied him a director’s credit on a music video. “Reading that email out of context is totally misleading,” Ella warns – but Jonah is in no mood to forgive.

Also this week, Violet is shocked when her foster brother Levi tracks her down to Los Angeles. It soon becomes apparent that twisted Levi is in love with his stepsister and keen to reignite their childhood love affair. “What happened to ‘we’re adopted, we don’t share a drop of blood, keep Mom and Dad in the dark and we’re gold’?” he asks. Riley interrupts Violet and Levi’s argument and discovers that Violet owes her stepbrother money. Riley pays Levi off, but the disturbed young man refuses to give up so easily. He bursts into Riley’s apartment when she is alone and demands to know about Violet’s relationship with Auggie. A horrified Riley is helpless as Levi begins smashing up Jonah’s film equipment…

Wednesday 7 April at 8.00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, Ella’s new boss, Amanda Woodward, tests her friendship with Riley. Auggie is arrested on suspicion of Sydney’s murder. David is determined to prove his father’s guilt. Lauren spurns David’s advances.

Ella’s world is turned upside down when WPK boss and former Melrose Place resident Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) takes over the LA office of her agency. Amanda wastes no time in firing Caleb and upsetting Ella’s plans for the launch party of Anton V’s jeans campaign. Riley is the face of the new campaign, but Amanda decides to jazz up her background by inventing a fictitious life story of hardship. Ella fears that Riley will not cooperate with the plan – but Amanda is adamant. “If you have a problem, there’s a long list of eager assistants willing to take your place,” she says.

Ella begs Riley to play along with the false life story, warning that she will not be paid for the modelling job if she does not fulfil her publicity commitments. Riley reluctantly agrees to help Ella – but she is not the only one who is suspicious of Amanda’s motives. Caleb accosts Ella outside the office and warns her that Amanda has been taking an unusual interest in her. “She’s been asking all sorts of questions about you,” he says.

Later, at the publicity launch for the jeans campaign, Riley does her best to field questions from the press about her ‘troubled’ past. Ella, meanwhile, is delighted to receive a job offer – and a passionate kiss – from rival publicist Melissa Saks. “Why are you wasting your time at some dead-end PR firm?” Melissa asks. Ella is flattered by the attention, but assures her that she is loyal to Amanda.

However, Ella’s plans quickly come unstuck when Riley cracks under the pressure and tells the assembled press that her life story is false. “I guess your friend’s not such a great friend after all,” Amanda remarks. Riley’s rash decision to storm out of the press launch has profound consequences for both her teaching career and her friendship with Ella…

Elsewhere, Auggie is arrested in connection with Sydney Andrews’s murder. David bails his friend out of jail, but Auggie is disappointed to find his neighbours suspect he may be guilty of the crime. His only support comes from Violet, who is nonetheless disappointed by his behaviour. “You were pretty much out of here the second we slept together,” she reminds him. “When a guy runs off to Mexico, it’s kind of obvious he’s just not that into you.” But love-struck Violet comes to Auggie’s rescue when he considers relapsing into drink – by throwing herself into his arms.

Also this week, David learns that someone may have tried to frame him for Sydney’s murder, and realises there is only one person who fits the bill. “My father. If anyone’s capable of murder, he is,” he tells Auggie. David resolves to search his father’s house for clues, only to discover his mother-in-law, Vanessa, has asked for a restraining order to stop him bothering them. Undeterred, David breaks into his father’s car and makes a shocking discovery… In between his nocturnal investigations, David finds time to woo Lauren. The medical student rejects his advances, only to be won over when David prepares her a special dinner. Riley is quick to notice the change in her friend’s demeanour – and urges her to seize the moment. “The worst thing would be letting your life pass you by and having it take your soul mate with it,” she says.


Wednesday 31 March 2010 at 9.00pm

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, the police hunt for Auggie. Jonah helps Ella land an important new client. Violet continues to blackmail Michael. Lauren treats David’s little brother. Riley considers betraying Auggie.

The residents of 4616 Melrose Place are shocked when police swarm the complex in search of Auggie. Detective Rodriguez has startling new evidence that links Auggie to the murder of Sydney Andrews. “We found the murder weapon,” he tells Jonah. “It was a knife with his blood on it. Mr Kirkpatrick’s wanted for murder.” Stunned by the news, Riley defends her friend – but Jonah is not so sure. “How well do we really know that guy?” he asks. When Riley lets slip that Auggie is away on a trip, Jonah urges her to tell the police – but she refuses to betray her friend.

Annoyed with his fiancée once again, Jonah decides to spend the day helping Ella land a new client. Ella hopes to sign up-and-coming German director Franz Keppler for her agency, but knows nothing about his films. Jonah is delighted to have the chance to meet one of his idols, but is disconcerted when flirty Franz begins to sleaze his way into Ella’s affections. Jonah promptly invents the story that he and Ella are an item.

A chastened Franz apologises for his behaviour, and is charmed enough by the pair to sign up to Ella’s agency. Later, Ella reveals that she was unfazed by the German’s manner, and presses Jonah to admit that he enjoyed playing the role of her boyfriend. “I think that you put your arm around me and pretended to be my beau because secretly it’s what you wanted since the day that we met,” she says. Jonah is flustered by Ella’s accusation, but when she starts to criticise Riley, he is compelled to jump to his fiancée’s defence. “Don’t you ever badmouth Riley!” he snaps. Have Ella’s words rattled Jonah?

Elsewhere, Violet continues to squeeze Michael Mancini for money. With the sneaky minx facing a court appearance for an old arrest, she orders the conniving doctor to find her a lawyer. If Michael does not agree, Violet will send the video of the two of them together to his wife. “Either get me a lawyer, or I get you divorced,” she says. However, Michael is not beyond a few underhand tricks of his own. He threatens to expose Violet’s scheming ways to the judge presiding over her case, who also happens to be his friend. “Your days of milking me for money are over!” Michael says.

Lauren, meanwhile, is struggling to balance her life as a surgical intern with her second career as a lady of the night. Michael catches her drifting off at work and orders her to focus. “When I chose you for my team, you said you could handle the grind,” he snaps. Lauren has a chance to redeem herself when David brings his little brother, Noah, to the hospital when the boy injures himself in a fall. Lauren treats Noah’s injuries and earns praise from her boss. However, Michael is furious to learn that David took Noah to the fair without his knowledge, and berates him for his carelessness. “I just wanted to be a brother… I love him,” David says, miserably.

 Also this week, Riley ponders whether she should tell the police what she knows about Auggie. When she connects with the absent chef in an internet chatroom, she tries to find out why he has fled to Mexico. Auggie’s response is worryingly vague: “I’ve ruined my life.” Riley starts to wonder if her friend truly is capable of murder. “Maybe he did hurt Sydney,” she tells Jonah.


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