michael jackson reality show

The death of Michael Jackson has been one of the most grimly fascinating television events in history, with just about everyone appearing to give their views on the whole thing, including a ghost on some American news show.

The funeral itself was one of the most bizarre spectacles ever aired, with viewers offering sympathy, before sneering and laughing at each ridiculous and wild claim made by those paying tribute. At times, the whole thing has made me feel like reality folding in on itself.

And so, the latest coffin shaped bandwagon to jump on regards those that survive Jackson, notably, the brothers of late pop star.

Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine are to appear in a reality TV series. It is not yet known when the show will air or how many episodes it will contain or whether Michael was filmed for the original documentary.

It does focus on MJ’s brothers as they prepared to reunite for a concert tour. A spokesman for the show confirmed the series is in production but claimed the footage had been “leaked” without its consent while Jermaine is currently planning a tribute concert to his brother, to be held in Vienna on 26 September.

So much for grieving eh?

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