Michaela’s Great British Animal Roadshow

Weekdays at 6.00pm

Beginning on Five this week is a brand new series investigating the front line of animal care in the UK. In each episode, presenter Michaela Strachan steps into the shoes of Britain’s most dedicated animal carers, providing life-saving support for injured wildlife and vulnerable pets.

Michaela Strachan scours the country to find Britain’s most devoted animal guardians. Assisting wounded animals and pets, she discovers how these creatures came to need human protection and care. Michaela will also help out with newborn wildlife during the busiest time of the year for animal births.

With cameras in the animals’ living areas, the series gains a unique insight into their behaviour away from the intervention of human carers and public visitors. The show provides an insight into the lives of the staff, and the scale of their responsibilities as they provide treatment and support.

Monday’s episode is based in Colchester Zoo in Essex. It is an emotional time for keeper Carrie Hollingworth as she makes final preparations for her meerkats to move to a new enclosure. After ten years in their old home, will the meerkats settle into their new, open-plan quarters?

In Tuesday’s show, Michaela visits Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire. She meets Spud, the hedgehog with a chronic skin condition who was found wandering around a garden. Will a bit of Tiggys TLC be enough, or is Spud destined to see out his life as a spineless hedgehog?

At Chester Zoo in Cheshire on Wednesday, Michaela helps the team tend to two of the rarest babies on the planet. In the wild, black rhinoceros are teetering on the edge of oblivion, with only 700 remaining. Chester has enjoyed two successful births within seven months. But are they developing at a healthy rate?

Thursday’s episode focuses on Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset. Founder Pauline Kidner’s kitchen has been turned into an impromptu badger sett for five orphaned cubs. Reliant on Pauline’s surrogacy skills, the cubs face bovine TB test results. If any cub fails, all will have to be put to sleep…

And on Friday, Michaela visits Blackbrook Zoological Park in Staffordshire. It is hatching season, with new baby birds arriving every day. Keeper Jacklyn Pearson is forced to hand-rear two sandhill crane chicks, but she becomes gravely concerned when the weaker chick develops a serious breathing problem…

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