Michaela’s Wild Challenge

Sunday 28 January: 11.35–12.05

Michaela Strachan and her Wild Challenge teammates Ellie Harrison and Jamie Crawford undertake more wildlife-related dares in some of the most remote regions on the planet. Pushed to their physical and mental limits, the three interact with wildlife in ways never seen before.

In the final programme of the series, Ellie is in New Zealand at the North Island’s Waitomo caves, where she is trying to read poetry by the light of a million glow worms.

Jamie is also in New Zealand, where he faces two different challenges. On the South Island his lockpicking skills are put to the test in a mind-bending challenge against the world’s smartest bird, the kea. This big-brained parrot lives on the slopes of New Zealand’s high peaks and there are only a few thousand left living in the wild. Jamie’s other challenge sees him heading out to sea off the North Island to find and join a pod of dolphins.

Meanwhile Michaela gets to bask in the glory of victory, having completed more challenges than anyone else in the series. As a prize she gets to choose her favourite moments from the show – but what will they be?

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