Midnight Man

Thursday 22 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Max suspects the death squad is being protected and funded by front man of The Validus Group, Donald Hagan (Alan Dale). The Validus Group is a hugely successful US private equity corporation and one of the world’s biggest investors in the arms industry. Therefore, it is in the Group’s interests to see that profitable global warfare continues.

The death squad and those behind it have so far tried to silence Max by killing his wife and framing him for her murder. However, Max is determined to expose the truth and prevent any more murders.

Alice Ross (Catherine McCormack), a former employee of Defence Concern fears her boss Daniel Cosgrave is being knowingly manipulated by Hagan and that together, they may be planning a dreadful event– possibly even a new 9/11 – to create a greater appetite for defence spending and neatly lining their pockets at the same time. However, Alice’s collaboration with Max has put her in danger.

Worried that Alice has been killed or seriously injured by the death squad’s leader, Blake (Reece Dinsdale), Max rushes to her aide. Alice has been left for dead, submerged in water in her bath. Max makes a desperate bid to save her.

Max believes Blake wanted a copy of the death list Alice stole from Defence Concern. Max decides the first thing they now need to do is warn Mamood Osmani, a civil rights lawyer, that he is the next target.
Next, Max must get the trophy video of the killing of Majid Danush. Together, he and Alice track down Lucy (Joanna Horton), the girlfriend of former death squad member Gary Elliott (Danny Nussbuaum). Lucy has the trophy video hidden in her daughter’s teddy and Max manages to steal it. The video proves the death squad exists, but doesn’t expose Defence Concern or The Validus Group.

Max confronts Daniel with a gun, forcing him to confirm that Hagan is behind the entire plot. Hagan has been channelling money from The Validus Group through Defence Concern. He wants to create conflict. Conflict means wealth. Hearing this, Max decides to go straight to Hagan and finish this once and for all.

Thursday 15 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Max has uncovered the activities of a death squad and is determined to stop them before they kill anyone else on their list. But his investigations are putting his own family at risk.

Fearing the worst, Max (James Nesbitt) races back to his family’s home to find that his wife Carolyn (Zara Turner) has been shot dead and his old home is surrounded by police. Max is the number one suspect for her murder, and his daughter has been taken away to live with her aunty Diane (Daniele Lydon).

Max knows he must have been framed for his wife’s murder by whoever is behind the death squad but now he’s got to prove it. In a panic he goes on the run from the police, hoping he can find the evidence he needs in time to clear his name and uncover the conspiracy.

Alice opens the confidential file she stole from Daniel and uncovers a list of names – one of which is Reza Dunush (Sargon Yelda), Majid’s cousin. Realising there is truth in Max’s claim that Defence Concern is involved in a conspiracy, Alice asks to meet him. She confesses to Max that she has found a list of names of national security and Reza’s name is on it. Max tells Alice it’s a death list targeting pro-Islamists and they have to find out who is next to be killed.

Alice uncovers one more name – Mamood Osmani, a civil rights lawyer. She confronts her boss Daniel and he claims the list is a leak from the Home Office and he was just going to use it to stir up debate to coincide with the visit of Donald Hagan (Alan Dale). Hagan is an elder statesman and the front man of The Validus Group, a hugely successful US private equity corporation and one of the world’s biggest investors in the arms industry.

Alice’s computer is mysteriously wiped. Alice decides to resign from Defence Concern – she doesn’t trust Daniel and his relations with Donald Hagan. Her fear is that Daniel is being knowingly manipulated by Hagan and that together, they may be planning a dreadful event – possibly even a new 9/11 – to create a greater appetite for defence spending and neatly lining their pockets at the same time.

As Max travels on a night bus, a troubled man approaches him. His name is Gary Elliot (Danny Nussbuaum) and he claims to be the person who killed Max’s wife. He is part of the death squad and explains that it is a small cabal of ex-army and ex-national security. It is they who have been dispatching off anyone they perceive to be a threat to ‘our way of life’. Gary confesses that the trophy video of the murder of Majid Danush (Christopher Jefferies) exists, but before Max learns where to find it, Gary alarmingly kills himself right in front of him.

Stealing his wallet and gun, Max make’s a dash to Gary Elliot’s home to try and find the video. He is confronted by Gary’s girlfriend, Lucy (Joanna Horton). She hits Max and escapes with a disk containing the trophy video.

Later, Max manages to track down Lucy. He warns her that she and her daughter will be in danger unless she gives him the video. Lucy is scared and tries to get away from Max but as she does, Max makes a grab for her. Max catches her daughter’s teddy in his hand, and in that moment sees the teddy has been restitched. The trophy video is concealed inside the teddy. However, Lucy is too quick for Max and snatches the teddy away, leaving Max empty-handed.

Alice calls Max. She has found another copy of the list and wants to help Max now that she has resigned from Defence Concern. Max has an ally with the perfect link to help him expose the death squad, Defence Concern and The Validus Group. Knowing it’s just a matter of time before the truth is revealed, Max hurries to her flat to meet Alice. But as he arrives outside, he sees Blake rushing from her flat, a gun in his hand.

Continued in part 3…

Thursday 8 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Max Raban (James Nesbitt) was once a successful investigative journalist but is now reduced to raking through bins for cheap celebrity stories after being publicly and professionally disgraced. His past has left him a broken man; he is unable to face daylight, has temporarily split from his wife Carolyn (Zara Turner) and has little contact with his eight-year-old daughter Martha. He is the Midnight Man.

Any information he uncovers during his nightly trawl through the bins he sells to friend and tabloid editor Jimmy (Ian Puleston-Davies). Max is desperate to revive his ailing career. So when he accidentally discovers evidence linking to the recent murder of Iranian Majid Danush (Christopher Jefferies), he thinks he is onto a lucrative story about international conspiracy. With his track record as an occasionally unreliable conspiracy theorist, will any one believe him?

Max goes looking for hard evidence. His investigation leads him to a small policy group called Defence Concern. Lead by Daniel Cosgrave (Rupert Graves), the group’s sole aim is to place defence and national security at the top of the political agenda. Although he is unsure how or why Defence Concern are involved, Max demands to speak with Cosgrave about the murder but is stopped by Alice Ross (Catherine McCormack), Cosgrave’s Foreign Affairs Adviser. At first she thinks Max’s claims are outrageous, but when she asks Cosgrave about it and he acts suspiciously, she copies a confidential file in a bid to find out what he is hiding.

Max knows he is getting close to a big story – he is now being followed at every turn he makes. It seems that someone wants him out of the way and will stop at nothing to silence him. But a determined Max won’t be intimidated. He tracks down Reza Dunush (Sargon Yelda) and Reza tells him a death list exsists that includes people the government want to disappear. Furthermore, Reza has proof – a trophy video of the murder of his cousin was sent to him as a threat to keep him quiet. Max needs that video and Reza agrees to give it to him if they can meet again in private. But before they can, Reza is found dead.

Max knows a death squad is at large and must stop them before they kill anyone else on their list. Now that Reza is dead Max must find the trophy tape himself but this isn’t going to be easy – he is still constantly being watched from the shadows. He goes to Jimmy and asks for his help, but Jimmy thinks Max has no lead and is paranoid.

Lost, but as determined as ever, Max won’t give up and the death squad knows it. Blake (Reece Dinsdale), the leader of the death squad, tracks down Max in an all night café and tells Max to give up. Max refuses but by doing so he unwillingly puts his family in jeopardy.

Continued in part 2…

The three-part drama, produced by Carnival Films, tells the timely story of a terrifying conspiracy, reaching the highest echelons of power.

James Nesbitt (Murphy’s Law, Jekyll, Bloody Sunday) plays Max Raban, a former journalist reduced to raking through bins for tacky celebrity stories to sell to the tabloids. But everything changes when his nocturnal rummaging uncovers a frightening world of deceit and distrust with fatal consequences.

Raban’s life begins to fall apart when his estranged wife is murdered and he’s framed for the crime, forcing him to become a fugitive. But Raban discovers a death squad is at work and he’s determined to expose the truth about the brutal killers.

The series also stars Catherine McCormack (28 Weeks Later, Elizabeth David: A Life in Recipes, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot) as Raban’s unlikely ally; Zara Turner (The Brief, Forgotten, McCallum) as his estranged wife; Rupert Graves (The Waiting Room, The Dinner Party, The Forsyte Saga) as an influential political lobbyist; Ian Puleston Davies (Silent Witness, Vincent, Dirty Filthy Love) as a newspaper editor; and Reece Dinsdale (The Chase, Ahead of the Class, Thief Takers) as an anti terrorist officer.

Midnight Man is written by David Kane (Sea of Souls, Rebus), produced by Alan J. Wands (Rebus, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, The Magdalene Sisters), directed by David Drury (Fallen Angel, Love Lies Bleeding) and the executive producer is Gareth Neame.

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