Minute To Win It

Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 8:00PM – 9:00PM

A group of self-proclaimed geeks from Leeds take on Southampton University’s Cheerleading Squad in the second episode of ITV2’s new game show Minute To Win It. Hosted by Darren McMullen, the celebrity captains Joe Swash and Caroline Flack get down and dirty competing against each other in off the wall games, including How’s It Hanging and Pucker Up. 

The boys’ team, led by Caroline, are a sci-fi loving bunch of friends who love statistics and a well-drawn graph. Joe’s team are five super competitive cheerleading girls from Southampton who won best University Cheerleading lead squad earlier this year. 

Will the brains outwit the beauties, or will the pompoms prove puzzling as they battle it out for the cash prize? 

Games included in the show are: 


Face the Cookie 

Player must move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscle 


How’s It Hangin’ 

Player must knock oranges one at a time through a make-shift goal post at the opposite end of the stage using their hips to swing a banana mallett that is hanging from waist by a length of string. 


Pucker Up 

Players must carry tennis balls from an inverted tennis ball sleeve into an empty sleeve using only their lips. 


Loo Roll Sushi 

Player must move as many loo rolls as they can from one podium to another using broom handles as chopsticks. 


Game of One Half 

Player throws playing cards at a watermelon half in a bid to try and stick as many in as possible. 


Nervous Nelly 

Player must ferociously shake an arm and a leg in order to rack up as many clicks as possible on pedometers attached to both limbs. 


Ball Control 

One player wears 10 x plastic cups attached to their body on feet, knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Other player has to bounce ping pong balls onto the floor and into the cups. 


Spend a Penny 

Player uses a magnet to move pennies up through an inverted glass bowl, dropping them into a piggy bank. 

Darren McMullen is to referee Joe Swash and Caroline Flack as they battle head-to-head in ITV2’s brand new game show, Minute To Win It.

The new eight-part series, in association with Cadbury Spots v Stripes, sees Swash and Flack reunited to captain groups of friends as they compete in hilarious and bonkers 60-second challenges using everyday household objects.

Minute to Win It is a world-renowned format and McMullen is also the host of Minute to Win It Down Under. Shine TV’s Executive Producer, Lisa Perrin, said: “Darren is a hugely popular host of the show in Australia. Already familiar with the format and the games, he was the natural choice for the UK version and is well placed to keep Joe and Caroline in line!”

Angela Jain, Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions said: “”Caroline and Joe are the perfect team captains for this fast paced and competitive show and Darren is the ideal host as he knows the programme so well. May the best man or woman win.”

Each week, Caroline and Joe will lead their respective teams, made up of outgoing members of the public consisting of life-long friends, work mates or family members, as they undertake ten whacky challenges which escalate in terms of difficulty.

As well as encouraging their teammates, the Celebrity captains will get down and dirty competing against each other in off the wall games, which range from Nutstacker, where a player has 60 seconds to stack a tower of ten nuts using only chopsticks, to Puddle Jumper, when the player must move a ping pong ball from one cup of water to another only by blowing, and A Game Of One Half, which sees the player throwing playing cards at a watermelon half, in a bid to try and stick as many in as possible!

Scotsman Darren, host of the hit NBC Show Love In The Wild, said, “I’ve hosted many shows in several different countries around the world and I can honestly say that I’ve never had so much fun in my TV life than I had during the filming of Minute To Win It UK. Having Flacky and The Swashing Machine as team captains added a fantastic dynamic to the show, that I’m sure will be plain for all to see on camera.  I dare you to watch this show and not like it.”

Team captain of the girls, Joe Swash, said: “I’m already addicted. I’ve been practicing loads, failure is not an option for my teams. Caroline and I are quite a competitive couple and I’m determined to be victorious across the whole series – I think it’s going to get messy!”

Boys team captain, Caroline Flack, added: “It’s so good to be reunited with Swash. We have unfinished business! And who can complain about spending all day with the lovely Darren McMullen?”

Cadbury Spots v Stripes launched in 2010 and the next phase in association with Minute To Win It will include additional activity around the TV show.  Team captains Joe and Caroline will appear at events and in online behind the scenes footage leading their Spots and Stripes teams to glory.  This is the next phase of the ambitious programme designed to get people of all ages and walks of life to play games again.

Norman Brodie, General Manager of Cadbury’s London 2012 programme said: “Darren, Caroline and Joe are such good fun and encompass the competitive spirit of Cadbury Spots v Stripes.”

The series was ordered by Emma Tennant, Controller of Digital Channels and commissioned by Claire Zolkwer, Commissioning Editor, Comedy and Entertainment. It will be broadcast on ITV2 in the autumn.

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