9:00pm Monday 14 January on BBC ONE

Miranda has been caring for her ill mother for five very long days.

Trapped in her flat being barked at by Penny, she is forced to think about her life regrets. Before she has the chance to tick off her bucket list she gets ill and Tilly, Gary and Stevie offer no sympathy or help at all.

8:00pm Monday 7 January on BBC ONE

Miranda has decided to prove to herself and her friends she can officially be an adult.

First by looking after a toddler, but the soft play centre is too much of a lure and she gets stuck in a kids’ tunnel. Then, by hosting a dinner party for eight. It ends in inevitable chaos.

9:00pm Tuesday 1 January on BBC ONE

Penny embarrasses Miranda by running for local councillor with Tilly as her wing man.

Gary has put himself on the dating scene and Miranda decides she has to do the same. They both want dates for Stevie’s birthday party. Will they find partners or end up back in each other’s company? The result is a big surprise for Stevie.

Starring Miranda Hart as Miranda, Patricia Hodge as Penny, Sarah Hadland as Stevie, Sally Phillips as Tilly, and Tom Ellis as Gary.

9:00pm Wednesday 26 December on BBC ONE

Penny is threatening to cancel Miranda’s Christmas if she doesn’t sort her life out.

Among other things, she forces her daughter on a detox. Stevie has a new executive job and Miranda tries to follow her into an office job, but it all proves too much. Meanwhile, are Gary and Miranda able to just be friends?

Starring Miranda Hart as Miranda, Patricia Hodge as Penny, Sarah Hadland as Stevie and Tom Ellis as Gary.

BBC In-house Comedy has won an unparalleled five out of the twelve competitive awards at this year’s British Comedy Awards. Overall, the BBC picked up nine awards, plus The British Comedy Lifetime Achievement Academy Award for Have I Got News For You.

Mark Freeland, Head of In-house Comedy, said: “I’m thrilled that In House Comedy won five categories at The British Comedy Awards. The creative range & excellence of the four shows recognised – Miranda, Twenty Twelve, Psychoville & Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle show a team at the top of their game & on screen talent who are very, very special indeed”.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller Comedy Commissioning said: “We are thrilled that the abundant charm and talent of Miranda, Stewart Lee, Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Armando Ianucci and the 2012 team have been recognised at this year’s Comedy Awards”.

Pat Younge, Chief Creative Officer, BBC Vision Productions, said: “I am enormously proud of this incredible achievement. As the most successful comedy producer at the awards, this shows that BBC In-house comedy creates a wide range of brilliant comedy across all channels, delivering fantastic content to massive audiences. A huge congratulation to everyone involved in making these productions”.

8.30pm Monday 15 November on BBC TWO

Miranda Hart returns for a new series of the farcical, affectionate, laugh-out-loud comedy which follows the hapless Miranda’s daily quest to fit in and attempt to lead a “normal” life

“She’s the funniest woman on telly right now… this has been the flat-out funniest thing on television for ages” – Heat

“The hugely engaging Miranda Hart deserves a medal, or better still a BAFTA, for reminding us that slapstick can be funny” – Independent

Miranda, the critically-acclaimed sitcom, based on the semi-autobiographical writing of Miranda Hart, has been recommissioned for a second series by Janice Hadlow, Controller, BBC Two, and Cheryl Taylor, Controller of Comedy Commissioning, after the debut series achieved viewing figure highs of three million.

The new series will go into production in summer 2010.

The stellar cast will be re-joining Miranda for the second series, including Patricia Hodge (Maxwell; The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil) as Miranda’s overbearing mother Penny, Sarah Hadland (Moving Wallpaper; That Mitchell & Webb Look) as Miranda’s best friend and military joke-shop manager Stevie, Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary; Smack The Pony) as Sloane Ranger school friend Tilly and Tom Ellis (Miss Conception; EastEnders) as Miranda’s long term crush Gary, in this farcical, eccentric and affectionate family sitcom.

Miranda comments: “I was far more nervous than I thought I would be about the series going out. It being an eponymous sitcom the pressure was on.

“So, I am not only relieved but totally overwhelmed by the response and thrilled that people have enjoyed the series.

“I am very grateful for all the support and to the BBC for giving me the chance to do another series next year. A daunting, but delightful Christmas present!”

Janice Hadlow adds: “Miranda is a fantastic talent and it’s no surprise that her first television series has been an instant hit.

“The fact that she has committed to a second series on BBC Two in 2010 is a wonderful Christmas present for both the channel and Miranda’s fans.”

Cheryl Taylor says: “It’s rare that a debut series provokes such an ecstatic response and we are delighted that Miranda’s special brand of warm and distinctive comedy will be back to delight audiences again next year.”

The producer is Nerys Evans, the director is Juliet May and the executive producer is Jo Sargent, Creative Head, BBC Comedy Entertainment.

Jo Sargent adds: “We are delighted to be working with Miranda on a second series.

“She is a unique and extraordinary comic talent who has the ability to talk to a broad audience who can identify with her and all her quirks and foibles.”

Miranda is a BBC production for BBC Two.

A mere two minutes in, it was clear that last night’s new BBC Two comedy show, Miranda, was by far the worst show of 2009.

The show was a nightmarish vision of the future of British comedy… a future that has seen the BBC so frightened of getting dogged with controversy that the BBC Trust has actually managed to kick every single slightly edgy joke away from our screens, leaving us with limp, hackneyed shows that redefine tasteless.

Now, I’m not talking about ‘tasteless’ like it was making jokes about uncovered war graves, but rather, devoid of any flavour whatsoever.

Miranda is horrible, anti-TV.

It’s an incredible programme. When I say incredible, I clearly mean earth-shatteringly dismal. The punchline to each joke is good enough to announce itself a full 9 weeks in advance and the when they finally arrive, they’re good enough to be borrowed from every shit-cake ’80s sitcom that was ever pulled from the listings after one series.

The only purpose I can see for this show is that it is acting as a flare in the sky. It’s a distress signal from comedy writers who are warning Auntie how wrong this new taste-guide could go. We could end up with shows so poor that people actually make good on their promise to ditch all media and go to the internet to get the kicks they want.

Seriously, this show is like Not Going Out, but worse. It’s identikit comedy dirge made for simple-minded idiots who laugh at anything remotely penis-shaped or anyone tripping over a carefully placed object.

Now… you make think it’s cruel to have a go at anyone who likes this show, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t worry. They won’t be able to read this review because they’re illiterate. I’ll be horrified and staggered if there’s a poorer TV programme shown in the next decade.

Filming has begun on the brand new comedy sitcom, Miranda, due for transmission in Autumn 2009 on BBC Two.

Miranda is based on the semi-autobiographical writing of comedy actress Miranda Hart (Not Going Out, Hyperdrive, Absolutely Fabulous). The show started its life as a TV pilot and then moved onto becoming the critically acclaimed, Sony Award nominated radio series, Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop, on BBC Radio 2.

Patricia Hodge (Maxwell; Betrayal; The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil) returns to our TV screens playing Miranda’s mother and is joined by a stellar cast, including Sarah Hadland (Moving Wallpaper; That Mitchell & Webb Look), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary; Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason; Smack The Pony) and Tom Ellis (Miss Conception; EastEnders) in this farcical, eccentric and affectionate family sitcom.

Miranda is desperate to fit in, but her public school background makes her a bit of a misfit down the pub and she’s never quite fitted in with Sloane Ranger childhood rival Tilly (Sally Phillips) or the rest of ‘the girls’ (not least because she’s a foot taller than them all).

Due to years of agoraphobic tendencies she can’t quite grasp how to behave socially and constantly fails to avoid embarrassing situations, especially around men.

A constant disappointment to her mother Penny (Patricia Hodge), and lacking any real capacity or interest for business, Miranda employs her childhood friend Stevie (Sarah Hadland) to manage her joke shop.

It doesn’t matter what Miranda attempts in life – dating, joining the gym, job interviews or simply dealing with her overbearing mother – she always seems to fall flat, quite literally, and is incapable of leaving a room without knocking something over.

Miranda comments: “Since I can remember I have wanted to be a comedian and so to have my own show on the BBC is a total thrill, albeit slightly unnerving! To have actors like Patricia Hodge and Sally Philips interested in my writing, let alone agreeing to do the job, is a real honour.

“Comedy is such an important part of my life, if I hadn’t had people like French and Saunders, Morecambe and Wise and Joyce Grenfell to watch, my life would have been a much duller place and so to be a part of this wonderful industry is a real blessing – I can’t believe my luck.”

Guest stars include Peter Davison as Miranda’s old French teacher, Adrian Scarborough (Gavin And Stacey), Luke Pasquilino (Skins), Alex Macqueen (The Thick Of It) and Katy Wix (Not Going Out).

The 6 x 30-minutes series was commissioned by Lucy Lumsden, Controller of Comedy Commissioning, and Janice Hadlow, Controller of BBC Two.

The producer is Nerys Evans and the director is Juliet May.

The executive producer is Jo Sargent, Creative Head, BBC Comedy Entertainment, who adds: “We are delighted to be working with Miranda. She is an extraordinary talent – a huge star in the making. Miranda’s skills, both as a performer and a writer, are very impressive – it is rare to find someone so uniquely talented.”

Miranda is a BBC production for BBC Two.

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