Missing Millions

Tuesday, 4 October 2011, 8:00PM – 9:00PM

Episode four: 

MELANIE SYKES and PAUL HEINEY reunite people with money they never knew they had in ITV1’s Missing Millions. From Ipswich to Aberystwyth and Bath to Edinburgh the Missing Millions team tracks down the rightful owners of these forgotten fortunes. 

In show four MELANIE uncovers the story of Joyce, a hardworking mother from Middlesbrough, who scrimped and saved for her seven children, but didn’t tell them about her savings policy. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46 and the family is still coming to terms with her recent death. Her son and daughter Mark and Adele are shocked to learn that they will get a share of the policy worth £19,500. 

PAUL travels to Walthamstow to investigate the case of Betty Drake who put aside money every month to pay for her funeral. In later life she lost touch with her family and when she died the £3,000 policy remained unclaimed. One of the beneficiaries, her younger cousin Chris, delves into the past to uncover more about her life. She worked as a ‘clippie’ on the buses in the 1960s, where she met her future husband, bus driver Ted. But he was married and it was only after the 1971 Divorce Reform Act that he divorced, enabling him to marry Betty. 

A hunt for the beneficiaries of a £7,000 policy set up 85 years ago by Walter Selwood, a shoe salesman from Croydon, proves to be the team’s most difficult case to solve. All MELANIE and NICK have to go on at the start is an initial, a surname and a date of birth. Walter died in 1985 and MELANIE tracks down his granddaughter Nina in Lincolnshire before surprising Walter’s son Nicholas in Cyprus with the news that he will get a £3,400 share. 

In Sunderland MELANIE meets Theresa who has spent most of her life caring for elderly relatives. Her uncle Thomas Coxon, who died in 2004, took out four savings policies but there was no mention of them in his will and his family didn’t know they existed. He left everything to his unmarried sister, also called Theresa, but when she passed away she left everything to her niece Theresa who will get £9,200. 

Missing Millions is a Flame Television production for ITV1. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011, 8:00PM – 9:00PM

£15 billion is lying unclaimed in Britain’s bank vaults and in Missing Millions MELANIE SYKES and PAUL HEINEY reunite people with their forgotten fortunes. From pensions and life insurance, to shares, dividends and money put aside for a rainy day, this new four part series made by Flame TV for ITV1, tracks down people who didn’t even know they were entitled to a windfall. 

PAUL and MELANIE, along with genealogist NICK BARRATT and the Missing Millions team, find the unwitting recipients and bring them the good news. They also look at the history of the benefactors and the stories surrounding their unclaimed cash. 

“It’s an astonishing amount of money and I was staggered to learn just how much the public could be entitled to,” says PAUL. “It’s been fascinating delving into the past to discover where the money came from and why it is lying unclaimed.” MELANIE adds: “People are sitting on small fortunes without even realising it. It was our job to track them down so they could claim the money which is rightfully theirs. I felt like Mother Christmas delivering the good news.” 

In tonight’s show, Melanie travels across the UK to reunite a staggering £48,000 with its unsuspecting owners, one of whom threw his paperwork in a skip! The trickiest case travels between Bradford and South Africa in the search for beneficiaries and savings accounts that have remained untouched for 30 years. Paul steps back in time to discover the story behind a 130 year old School in Wolverhampton on land donated by Mary Stokes. The school is set to be sold and the heir is shocked to learn that she could get a share of £100,000!

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