Mission: 2110

Exploding on to CBBC screens in early May is Mission: 2110, an ambitious new sci-fi drama game show which catapults viewers into the next century, from the team behind the hit game show Raven.

Written by Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures writer Phil Ford and showcasing the voice of award-winning actress Lindsay Duncan, the bold, 13-part series features characters created by prosthetic and costume specialists Millennium FX (Doctor Who, The Day Of The Triffids).

Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Mission: 2110 sees teams of contestants spanning time to travel to the futuristic setting of our planet to try to restore peace and stability.

In a series of missions these young recruits are guided by part-human/part-machine mentor Caleb in a battle against the Roboidz – intelligent towering cybernetic entities who rule the Earth.

In order to outwit the Roboidz, these intrepid adventurers must snatch bio-rods, the enemy’s vital fuel source, in order to shut down their empire.

In 2110 there are few other humans left. Those captured by the Roboidz are processed to become Shades, mindless workers who serve the Roboidz in an unknown project deep below the complex that they have made their base on Earth.

The Roboidz floating base Future Gate is heavily fortified and unassailable by the small pockets of human resistance that still exist.

But one man has somehow gained access and, hidden amid the laboratories, workshops and production lines, Caleb wages a war against the Roboidz.

But this man cannot defeat the Roboidz alone – he needs help. And that help can come from only one place – the past.

Young recruits from a century before are being transported by a malfunctioning time portal into the very heart of this last-ditch fight for survival. They must find a way to defeat the deadly Roboidz and unlock both their secrets and those of Future Gate.

In a series of challenges, the recruits are transported to battle the immense mechanical monsters. They will need to use their cunning, guile and intelligence to beat the mighty tyrants in order to avoid being vaporised. But can they succeed?

Mission: 2110 will be supported online by a site combining interactive narrative with game play. Players will be able to join Caleb’s resistance to collect precious bio-rods and uncover the secrets of Mission: 2110. Gaining access to the Cycon Archive, players can delve into Caleb’s mysterious past and discover how the Roboidz came to take over the planet.

Millennium FX created the Roboidz and Shades and writer Phil Ford created the back-story. Lindsay Duncan (Doctor Who, Rome) voices Neuros and Cybele, the good and evil alter egos of the Roboidz fictional creator Laura Gant, and CBBC’s newest recruit Stuart Goldsmith stars as the series’ hero Caleb.

Mission: 2010 is a BBC Scotland production for CBBC.

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