BBC Scotland is currently in Argyll filming Mission:2110, an ambitious and bold new 13-episode sci-fi game show for CBBC from the team behind Raven.

Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, in each episode a team of four contestants span time and space to travel to the futuristic setting of our planet, long after mankind has disappeared, to try to restore peace and stability.

The young recruits, guided by their mentor Caleb, have to battle, in a series of missions, against the Roboidz – intelligent towering cybernetic entities who now rule Earth – snatching Bio-Rods, the enemy’s vital fuel source, in order to shut down their empire.

The sheer size and scale of the mighty Roboidz was such that the production team needed to find an alternative location to the traditional studio format to create Future Gate, the Roboidz base.

After scouting numerous locations the production crew discovered that the empty container ships based on Loch Striven on the Clyde would provide them with the the industrial background needed to create a suitable backdrop.

Production has already started on the ship and filming is set to continue until early March, after which state-of-the-art compositing and computer-generated work will bring the futuristic world alive.

The series is set for transmission in the spring.

Prosthetic and costume specialists Millenium FX (Doctor Who, The Day Of The Triffids) are creating the Roboidz and Shades (humanoid slaves to the robots) and writer Phil Ford (Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures) has created the back-story.

Lindsay Duncan (Doctor Who, Rome) will voice Neuros and Cybele, the good and evil alter egos of the Roboidz creator Laura Gant. The series also stars CBBC’s newest recruit Stuart Goldsmith, who plays the show’s hero Caleb.

Executive producer Sue Morgan says: “Mission:2110 is an exciting ambitious and challenging new fast-paced game show where the contestants will need to use all their cunning and guile to avoid elimination.”

Mission: 2110 is a BBC Scotland production for CBBC, series produced by Nick Hopkin (OOglies, Hedz), directed by James Morgan (Trapped, Den Of Doom) and executive produced by Sue Morgan (Raven, Ed & Oucho’s Excellent Adventures).

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