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Monday, 24 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Everyone’s shocked to learn that Roger’s resigning and Alyson assumes she’s a certainty for the job. But Gavin,the chairman, tells her they’re seeing other candidates, and she does a terrible interview when she’s understandably distracted by the fact that she’s just learned that she’s pregnant.

Sally is worried that Steven might have changed his mind,but he assures her that he’s going to tell Alyson it’s over and then ‘woo’ her. She’s overwhelmed with happiness until she’s told by Natasha that there’s a team of management consultants in the office – and they’re led by her ex, Michael.

Michael tells Sally that he’s been thrown into this at the last minute and doesn’t want to rock the boat for her, but he wants to apologise and try to make amends for the hurt he caused her. He’s finished with her sister and wants another chance but Sally tells him she’s met someone else and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Steven finally gets the courage to finish with Alyson, but doesn’t know that she’s pregnant. Christine finds out from seeing her do a test and tells Sally, not realising how devastating the news is for her. Sally tells Steven who feels he has to stand by Alyson. Sally is heartbroken but knows he’s doing the right thing. But Alyson realises that Steven is in love with Sally, not her, and tells him she wants to do this whole baby thing on her own.
Max and Christine (who’s checked out of rehab early after hearing about Roger) are feeling very threatened by the management consultants and come up with a cunning plan to show them how brilliant they are at their jobs. But Christine’s thrown when Sally learns from Michael that they’re recommending replacing her. Roger tells Christine that she’ll work out how to stay.

Jenny furiously tells Roger that she paid Margaret Fox off to save his job and now he’s resigning anyway, leaving Jenny with nothing. He promises to pay her back and tells her he thinks the world of her – and subtly recommends her to Alyson. He’s preparing to go to his surprise retirement party when he collapses in pain – and Jenny’s devastated to find him dead in his office.

Christine tells Alyson she can’t get rid of her due to employment law – and manages to hang on to her job. Alyson is offered the CEO job and confesses to Jenny that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. Jenny tells her she just needs some good support – like a good PA – and that she’d be happy to do the job.

Sally, upset about Steven, ends up getting drunk and spending the night with Michael – although nothing happens between them. She finds herself being drawn back to Michael, until she realises that he’s not the man for her and goes to Steven’s place, climbing a ladder to his bedroom in a grand romantic gesture. Despite all their problems, they have finally found a way to be together.

Monday, 17 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Roger is excited that his wife Clara is finally coming up to Leeds to spend some time with him. But his tour of the office with her is interrupted by an unwelcome visitor – a woman called Margaret Fox, who is as Jenny says,‘Uxbridge Holdings’. Clara initially thinks Roger’s having an affair until he’s forced to confess all: he’s been paying Margaret for years to cover up for the fact that he hit her in his car when he was drunk-driving. Clara tells him he has to stop it and come clean – and retire. He’s about to do so when Jenny tells him she’s managed to get rid of Margaret. Clara’s so worried about Roger and the stress his job is causing that she tells Alyson the whole story – and Roger is forced to resign by the board.

Christine is determined to stop drinking and manages to get herself on a clinical trial for a new drug supposed to suppress the desire to drink. It’s all going really well until she sees Margaret Fox, panics, overdoses on her medicine and is rushed to hospital.

Sally is trying to avoid Steven since he and Alyson went public but Natasha’s brilliant plan of getting a load of good looking colleagues on the same first aid course goes wrong when she forgets to cancel people – and Sally finds herself on the course with Steven. Things get too much between them and Sally loses her temper with him. But he tells her that he wishes things were different. They’re about to kiss when they’re interrupted by Max who’s found Christine collapsed on her floor. At the hospital, Christine tells Sally that she knows now that she really has to make a big change in her life. These words get through to Sally and after she’s dropped Christine off at a rehab clinic, she rushes back to work and goes straight to Steven. Finally, they kiss.

Monday, 10 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Christine has volunteered Sally for a job swap but is then appalled to realise that she’s going to have a boy from the bakery counter at the local Butterworth’s store working as her PA. However, she’s cheered up that Gillen is a rather good looking young man and starts putting into practice her advice from her AA sponsor that she needs to work on building friendships.

Sally’s in a bad way – it’s the day that she would have married Michael and she receives flowers from him with an apology. She’s also fed up that she has to work in the supermarket until she gets a visit from Steven at lunchtime. But it’s spoiled when he asks her out for a drink – just as friends.

Christine informs the staff that they all have to do 360 degree appraisals which involves them being completely honest about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. However, she’s distracted by wanting to skip out early to help Gillen out with his gig and accidently emails the appraisals to everyone in the company, causing fury and distress all round.

Christine gets so carried away at Gillen’s gig that she misreads all the signals and makes a pass at him – and is humiliatingly rebuffed. After all her strong will, she heads straight for the bottle. Sally cleans her up and makes her face the wrath of her colleagues. As a way of clearing the air, Christine holds a kind of talk show therapy session where the Karens and Vince and Max make up. They then have a party where Steven starts to try telling Sally that his feelings have changed – but he’s interrupted by Alyson who’s decided that it’s time they went public with their relationship.

Monday, 3 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Alyson is distracted and isn’t in the mood when Roger makes an inappropriate comment about Butterworth’s products. She brings in Dan, an old PR associate, to help with damage limitation and tells Roger to keep a low profile.

What she’s not telling anyone is that she’s having to spend a lot of time with her father who’s dying in a hospice, and finding it really hard juggling this with her work commitments.

Due to a flood at Vince’s place, Steven stays on the sofa at Sally and Natasha’s. Steven feels let down that Alyson wouldn’t let him stay with her and is put out that she seems distracted – and that she’s brought in her ex-boyfriend to help out with Roger’s PR gaff. Steven finds himself growing closer to Sally. They end up alone together at home, but their romantic moment is ruined by a call from Alyson.

Roger fails to keep a low profile and insists in joining in with Christine’s supervision of the candidates for the graduate trainee posts. Christine’s barely hanging on as it is and when Roger insists on taking them all on a pub crawl, she insists on Sally coming to help her out, putting paid to Sally and Natasha’s plans for a night out with Steven.

Roger’s pub crawl gets completely out of hand and ends up with two of the candidates being taken into custody for not paying a bar bill at a lap dancing club. It looks like Roger’s second gaffe is the ammunition Alyson needs to get rid of him, but she gets news that her father has just died, and she finds herself choosing to bail Roger out rather than bury him. Roger doesn’t understand why, but realises that he needs to make sure he doesn’t have any other skeletons in the closet and tells Jenny that they need to wind up Uxbridge Holdings.

Max has made Vince fire safety officer to compensate for him not being marketing assistant. When Max sets fire to himself on his birthday cake candles, Vince gets a bit carried away with the fire extinguisher and loses his position.

Sally decides to go for it with Steven and invites him to dinner. But then she learns that Alyson’s father has just died, and tells Steven he needs to be with her. Steven promises Alyson that he won’t leave her – but we know he’s now wishing he was with Sally.

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