Most Haunted

Derek Acorah – a man that’s somewhere between Max Headroom and Pacman – has ruled out returning to Most Haunted.


Is it because he’s scared of ghosts? Is it because Yvette Fielding can beat him at arm wrestling? No – it’s a far more spurious reason that that.

Acorah thinks the paranormalgramme is a bit “weak in content”. Have you stop laughing yet?

The celebrity medium, who made his name on the show which claims to contact floating cadavers said that he was unhappy with criticism he had received from members of the programme’s team.

Weirdly, there’s been rumours that he was to make a return to the show. Surely not by anyone who saw the unintentionally hilarious Michael Jackson seance?

“I’m never going back to Most Haunted,” he told the Real Radio North East Breakfast Show.

“I’m doing other things now and I’m going forward in a different way.”

“I wouldn’t go back on it because there were certain issues and I’ve been away from it for so long. Anyway, there were certain issues that were not to my taste and certain negative allegations said against me by certain people within the programme that were grossly unfair and I don’t think I should give them the opportunity of me going back.”

He also argued that the programme “hasn’t got the qualities it had” and that it “hasn’t got the depth”, following his departure five years ago.

Nor does the afterlife exist. Just thought that might be worth pointing out there, should you be in any doubt Derek.

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