Most Shocking Celebrity Moments

most shocking celebrity moments of the 00s

Concluding Five’s mirthful glance into the last three decades of celebrity naughtiness, tonight’s programme explores the 70 most outrageous occurrences in the world of the rich and famous since the turn of the millennium. Among the bombshells examined are Winona Ryder’s brush with the law, Angus Deayton’s much-publicised downfall, Britney and Madonna’s dalliance with lesbianism and Prince Harry’s ill-advised fancy dress costume.

As the 70 calamitous events in this chart illustrate, the Noughties have truly lived up to their name in the world of celebrity. Though the decade has yet to finish, there have been plenty of shocking moments to keep the tabloids full to the brim.

Ensuring that tonight’s countdown gets off to an explosive start, Britney Spears and Madonna come in at number 64 with their controversial onstage kiss. During the opening performance of MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2003 –watched by children across the world –Madonna appeared on stage alongside Britney Spears to sing her 1984 hit ‘Like a Virgin’. However, it was not the girls’ singing that grabbed the headlines –midway through the show, Madonna turned to her fellow performer and locked lips with the young diva!

Two places later in the chart comes Winona Ryder, whose bizarre behaviour early in the decade saw her gain hundreds of unwanted column inches –and a criminal record. In December 2001, the diminutive Hollywood actress –star of such blockbusters as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Dracula’ –was arrested for shoplifting from a department store in Beverly Hills. Detained by security guards, she was found with several articles of stolen clothing and accessories worth some $5,000. After a muchpublicised trial, she was sentenced to three years of probation and 480 hours of community service.

Closer to home at the 54th position in the countdown is the embarrassing downfall of onetime BBC favourite Angus Deayton. In May 2002, The News of the World newspaper published allegations that the TV presenter and comedian had spent a number of drug-fuelled nights with a prostitute. The BBC reportedly docked his wages but allowed him to continue presenting ‘Have I Got News for You’ –the following episode of which saw him relentlessly ridiculed by his fellow presenters. However, when reports of a longstanding affair came to light in October of that year, the BBC refused to support Deayton any longer and he was sacked.

Remaining in the realms of the sex trade, number 45 in the chart is the revelation that England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney had a penchant for prostitutes. In 2004, the then 18-year-old footballer was caught on CCTV in a Liverpool vice den which he had allegedly visited a number of times. Among the women he supposedly elected to entertain him were a mother-of-six who dressed as a cowgirl, and a 48-year-old grandmother.

Moving further down the chart, who could forget Chris Morris’s controversial foray into the realm of paedophile-based comedy with his special edition of the satirical spoof documentary ‘Brass Eye’. At a time when Britain was particularly sensitive about the threat to the UK’s children posed by sex offenders, Channel 4 caused outrage when it screened a show which saw Phil Collins promote the importance of ‘Nonce Sense’ and Capital Radio DJ Neil Fox explain that paedophiles have more DNA in common with crabs than humans.

Showing up elsewhere in tonight’s countdown of outrageous events is Rebecca Loos’s televised encounter with a pig; Paris Hilton’s frequent appearances in the tabloid headlines; and Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’s messy divorce. But with so many scandals to choose from, which will come in at number one? Surely only someone whose bad, off-the-wall and sometimes dangerous behaviour throughout recent history could achieve such a dubious accolade…

most shocking celebrity moments of the 90s

Five continues its countdown of the last 30 years of outrageous celebrity acts with a decade bursting at the seams with scandal and intrigue – the 90s. Tonight’s show lists the 70 most stunning moments from a decade of bad behaviour, including Michael Jackson’s wedding to Lisa Marie Presley; Charles and Camilla’s secret tape; Glenn Hoddle’s sacking as England manager; and Madonna’s first venture into publishing.

The world has long looked to Hollywood for entertainment – both on and off the screen. Number 64 on tonight’s list is a bizarre marriage saga more unlikely than any movie script: the pairing of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. The King of Pop surprised a legion of fans with his 1994 wedding to the daughter of another King, Elvis Presley. But the marriage lasted barely two years before the couple separated citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. Jackson’s first marriage would later to prove to be a warm-up for further forays into wackiness, as his appearances later on in this list will show.

In 1995, comedian and quiz show host Michael Barrymore began his own flirtations with controversy when he came out of the closet – an event that ranks at number 61. The tabloids had a field day with the story that Barrymore barged into a London pub and serenaded a crowd of skinheads with the news that he was gay. With the help of his shocked wife, and the support of viewers, Barrymore was able to ride out the late 90s on a wave of goodwill – but darker scandal was just around the corner.

Occupying the number 51 slot is the infamous 1992 ‘Camillagate’ episode, in which a tape recording of a conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles was published in the press. The furore proved to be one of the greatest scandals in a decade of Royal controversy, during a year that the Queen herself named her “annus horribilis”.

Over in the world of sport, the 90s proved to be an equally eventful decade. Former England manager Glenn Hoddle lands himself a place at number 44 on this list with his infamous sacking in 1999. Hoddle had already raised eyebrows with his appointment of an alleged ‘faith healer’ as part of the England coaching staff, but jaws were well and truly on the floor when he said in a newspaper interview that disabled people were being punished for sins in a previous life. The hapless Hoddle claimed he was misquoted, but his excuses were not enough to stop the FA from giving him an early bath.

Nineteenth place on the countdown is awarded to a stunt that was shocking even by this star’s extreme standards. In 1992, Madonna published a glossy coffee-table book entitled ‘Sex’, filled with explicit nude pictures of herself. Stunned critics condemned the book as little more than pornography, yet copies of ‘Sex’ flew off the shelves and today it is a valuable rarity.

At number 11 –just missing out on the top ten of this list of fame and shame –is David Icke’s memorable 1991 appearance on ‘Wogan’, in which he claimed to be ‘the son of God’. The former footballer faced down national ridicule and went on to write a series of books about an alien conspiracy that he claimed was taking control of the world.

The top ten of tonight’s show features such shocking celebrity moments as Woody Allen’s relationship with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi; George Michael’s spectacular ‘outing’ by the LA police; and Bill Clinton’s now legendary encounter with a White House intern. But which scandal has won the number one spot?

most shocking celebrity moments of the 80s

Five begins a three-part countdown of the biggest celebrity scandals of the last 30 years. Tonight’s instalment celebrates the vice and sin of the 80s with a list of the 70 most outrageous moments of the decade – including Ian Botham’s brush with drugs; Peter Duncan’s nude film appearance; a nocturnal visitor for the Queen; and Rob Lowe’s sex tape.

Tonight’s programme presents the most shocking moments from a decade of extremes and excess. One incident from 1986 concerns a sporting titan of the 80s –England cricket star Ian Botham. The all-rounder booked his place in the pantheon of English cricketing heroes with his outstanding performances in the Ashes series of 1981, but his fall from grace was sealed with a newspaper interview in which he confessed to smoking cannabis. Botham’s colourful personality made him perfect fodder for the tabloids, and his casual admission of drug-taking was seized upon by the press. For his misdemeanour, Botham received a two-month ban from cricket, and earns himself a place at number 64 on this list.

Another shocking drug scandal in the world of sport occupies number 46 on the countdown. In 1989, tennis legend Björn Borg was treated for an alleged overdose in Milan amid rumours that he had tried to kill himself. Borg, a winner of 11 Grand Slam titles, denied the allegations and claimed to have food poisoning – but it did not stop wild speculation in newspapers and magazines.

From drugs to sex, number 42 on the list features former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter Peter Duncan. In the early 1980s, Duncan was the action man of children’s TV, performing stunts such as running the first London marathon and cleaning Big Ben’s clock without a harness. Originally an actor, Duncan made a memorable – albeit brief – appearance in ‘Flash Gordon’. But shortly after his appointment to ‘Blue Peter’ in 1980, the press gleefully reported that Duncan’s other screen work included a nude appearance in the 1975 thriller, ‘The Lifetaker’. The BBC decided to be lenient on Duncan, as it was one he had made earlier.

The Royal Family makes one of several appearances on the list with the number 37 spot awarded to the Queen’s night-time intruder, Michael Fagan. Buckingham Palace was left red faced in 1982 when unemployed father-of-four Fagan climbed up the drainpipe, entered the palace and found his way into the Queen’s bedroom. The pair chatted for about ten minutes before Fagan asked for a cigarette and the Queen managed to call a footman – her composure in the face of adversity winning her many plaudits.

Sex was the downfall of Hollywood star Rob Lowe, who makes an appearance at 30th place in tonight’s countdown. In 1988, the press got hold of a sex tape featuring the actor in bed with two young girls – one of whom was underage. Lowe claimed the girl had lied about her age, but the incident succeeded in damaging his career for years afterward.

Also featuring in tonight’s programme are such iconic moments of the 80s as Kylie and Jason’s love affair; Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood’s legendary appearance at the Brits; and the shocking revelation that Leslie Grantham had served time for murder. The top ten features such luminous figures as Oliver Reed, Bill Wyman and Elton John – but which scandalous moment is crowned king of the 80s?

most shocking celebrity moments

The Most Shocking Celebrity Moments takes a detailed look at the last three decades of celebrity naughtiness in order to discover which outrageous moments have shocked the public the most. A trio of three-hour shows list the embarrassing moments from 70 down to 1. The first programme charts the bad behaviour of stars through the 1980s. In a countdown that features Madonna causing uproar with her controversial ‘Like a Prayer’ video and Rolling Stone Bill Wyman’s marriage to a very young Mandy Smith, what misbehaviour will make it to number one?

Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of the 1990s features such unforgettable scandals as Robbie leaving Take That, Geri Halliwell quitting the Spice Girls, Monica Lewinsky becoming a household name and a certain moment that Hugh Grant would rather forget.

Finally, Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of the Noughties proves just how the decade has lived up to its nickname so far. Rebecca Loos pleasured a pig on national TV; Michael Jackson dangled his baby from a hotel balcony; Paris Hilton frequently graced the tabloid headlines with her presence; Britney and Madonna got very friendly; and Paul McCartney and Heather Mills battled it out in public.

With outrageous moments like these to choose from, picking a number one will not be easy…

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