Alien 3

9:00pm Tuesday, November 23 on F4

Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley in the third instalment of the series, as her escape pod (from the end of Aliens ) crash lands on a penal planet. The crew and Newt are killed in the crash and Ripley, alone again, must convince both the prison staff (including Charles Dance) and the prisoners that something alien has joined them.

A late-night murder at McCool’s bar is remembered from three different perspectives as Detective Dehling (John Goodman), bartender Randy (Matt Dillon) and Randy’s lawyer-cousin Carl (Paul Reiser) project their fantasies onto the sexy Jewel (Liv Tyler), whose boyfriend is the corpse in question.

Saturday 1 March at 9:00pm on F4

Christmas at the Riveria
Monday 24 December 2007 9:00pm – 11:00pm on ITV1.

It’s Christmas Eve at the Riviera Hotel in Eastbourne. Ashley Dodds, the assistant manager, is excited to be left in charge at last – he’s going to make it the best Riviera Christmas ever. Unfortunately, his plans go awry from the moment the guests start arriving.

A motley bunch of guests arrive at the hotel for the Christmas holiday. Some are looking for love, others are looking to escape their loved ones, some want to re-create the past, others want to put the past behind them. What they all have in common is that the Christmas spent here changes all of their lives forever.

Warren Clarke (Dalziel and Pascoe) plays the cantankerous Maurice whose life is turned around by this unforgettable Christmas, with Barbara Flynn as his wife Rita, who’s been hiding a family secret for years. Pam Ferris (Rosemary and Thyme) is Avril, the ageing man-eating divorcee desperate to find love and long-term happiness.

Reece Shearsmith (League of Gentlemen) plays the hapless assistant manager Ashley Dodd, who rises to the occasion when disaster strikes. Also staying at the hotel is the philandering Reverend Miles Rogers (Alexander Armstrong, Life Begins) and his long-suffering alcoholic wife Diane (Anna Chancellor, Spooks), and the mourning Dunns – father Dennis (Sam Kelly, Barbara) and his son Tim (Darren Boyd, Green Wing).

The festive fun starts promisingly with Ashley arranging carol singing in the grounds of the hotel. With the brass band leading the way the guests form an orderly procession clutching their hymn sheets.

It’s a freezing cold night, and with limited light the band of merry musicians and singers don’t see the frozen pond until it’s too late. The ice cracks and the guests plunge into the icy depths.

The hapless hotel manager is panicking. If he doesn’t rescue the guests quickly they could die of hypothermia before Santa has had the chance to deliver their presents.

Then there’s the problem of how to get Santa down the chimney. Junior chef Luke is ordered to put on the Santa suit and climb up the flue. He lands in a sooty heap in the fireplace, to the bewilderment of the guests.

In the midst of the mayhem, vicar Miles Rogers is trying to salvage what is left of his rocky marriage to Diane, who is rather too fond of whisky. The philandering vicar has been having an affair with an attractive young curate, Vanessa. He claims to have ended the affair, and has booked the luxury hotel break to make up with his wife. Miles gets the shock of his life when Vanessa arrives at the hotel demanding he ends his marriage and runs away with her.
It’s all too much for Miles.

All amorous Avril wants in her Christmas stocking is a man. Tim is the object of her desire. But he manages to dodge every compromising situation, even when she locks him in her room.

Tim and his father Dennis have a sad mission to complete in Eastbourne. They have to scatter the ashes of Dennis’ wife and Tim’s mother. It’s a poignant moment for the pair who are struggling to cope with their bereavement.

But as they try to bid their final farewell they are besieged by hungry swans that seem to think the ashes are a tasty treat. Unbeknown to them there was an accident in the hotel kitchen and the ashes got mixed up with the turkey stuffing.

Just when everyone thinks nothing more can go wrong a fire breaks out in the Riviera Hotel, and everyone has to be evacuated. But there’s one person missing – Maurice. The fire is spreading quickly and Maurice is trapped in his room. Rita begs Ashley to save him, and the assistant manager braves the flames to pull Maurice from his bed and carry him to safety.

Saturday 20 January: 16.05–18.25
Drama from the bestselling author in which a successful young executive falls for a beautiful divorcée with a young daughter. Their fairytale courtship and subsequent marriage ends tragically when his new wife dies from cancer soon after the wedding. Left to look after her daughter on his own, he soon faces a further test when his young stepdaughter’s natural father threatens to begin a custody battle.

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