Mrs Brown’s Boys

9:30pm Monday 14 January on BBC ONE

It’s Agnes Brown’s anniversary and she’s in a great mood. However, she would be in an even better mood if she could just find someone to look after Grandad for a couple of weeks while she treats herself to a holiday. Private nursing homes are too expensive and Winnie can’t take him in case Jacko is let out of hospital. Perhaps Doctor Flynn might be able to arrange some respite care?

Rory and Dino’s new apartment isn’t ready yet so Mrs Brown kindly invites them to move in with her for a couple of weeks. However, she’s soon spitting feathers when Dino starts taking over the house. But that’s nothing compared to how she might react if she ever found that the pair don’t sleep in separate bedrooms.

When Dr Flynn reluctantly agrees to have Grandad tested for dementia, Mrs Brown devises a cunning plan to make sure Grandad fails the test and is sent for respite care. But when the health tester arrives, Grandad isn’t the only person he’s concerned about…

Meanwhile, Agnes is furious when Rory picks her rival Hilliary Nicholson as his model in the hairdressing competition. However, Rory has a nicer surprise for his mother as well: he’s arranged a psychic to contact her late husband Redser. Agnes is sceptical until Redser’s spirit reveals some very ominous news.

Ep 3/6

9:00pm Monday 7 January on BBC ONE

It’s all change in the Brown household as two of Mrs Brown’s boys finalise plans for their new homes.

Mark is busy collecting the relevant documents for his family’s imminent emigration to Australia. Rory and Dino have found the perfect apartment in Kilbride. However, moving so far from home means that Rory is going to have to learn to drive, and his driving lesson didn’t go particularly well the last time he tried…

Cathy’s life might also be about to change as boyfriend Professor Thomas Clowne announces he has a surprise proposal for her. However, with Agnes around, it’s very difficult to get a word in edgeways. Concerned that she isn’t good enough for Thomas, Cathy confides in her mother that she’s thinking of having breast enhancement surgery. Agnes tries to hold her tongue, but it’s quite obvious she thinks Professor Thomas Clowne isn’t good enough for her daughter.

Against her better judgement, Agnes gives Buster the chance to quote for the job of upgrading her kitchen. However, when the draughtsman turns up to measure the kitchen and isn’t quite up to the job, Mrs Brown quickly regrets the decision. Will she ever have the new kitchen she desires?

Cathy pays a visit to the doctor to enquire about breast enlargements and is given a ‘size-decider’ to test out different dimensions. However, despite Cathy wanting to impress Thomas with her new ‘assets’, it’s Agnes who makes the biggest impression when she gets her hands on the device…

Ep 2/6

9:30pm Monday 31 December on BBC ONE

The Brown family are celebrating the christening of Dermot and Maria’s triplets. As a treat, Maria’s mother Hilliary Nicholson has thrown the couple a party in Foley’s and hired a hypnotist to provide the entertainment.

The hypnotist uses key words to enchant his volunteers into behaving very strangely. But when they wake up from hypnosis the volunteers have no memory of their behaviour. Unbeknownst to Agnes and Winnie, the hypnotist has them both under his spell!

After an evening drinking champagne at the Nicholson’s house, Cathy comes home raving about Mrs Nicholson’s kitchen. A miffed Agnes isn’t impressed, but when her own kitchen starts to fall apart, she finally accepts that it could probably do with a bit of an update.

Agnes decides to ask carpenter son Mark to do the kitchen renovations, whilst Dermot has an unusual job offer for Mark’s wife Betty. However, Mark and Betty have other things on their mind: Mark’s been made redundant, so he, Betty and their son Bono have decided to move to Australia.

A clearly heartbroken Agnes takes the news in her stride, but there’s one person who refuses to keep his feelings hidden: her grandson Bono. However, after realising that Agnes is still hypnotised, Cathy knows exactly how to cheer Bono up. But when Father Damien pops in to offer Agnes counselling, he is unaware that she is still under the hypnotist’s spell…

Ep 1/6

9:30pm Wednesday 26 December on BBC ONE

With Christmas finally over, most mothers would seize the chance to relax – but not Agnes Brown.

After getting permission from the Bishop to stage her Nativity Play, Agnes has now finished her script and rehearsals are in full swing. Having cast herself in the lead role of the Virgin Mary, Agnes is determined to make her version of the Nativity unforgettable. And judging by the unusual props she’s created, it most certainly will be…

But prop-making is the least of Agnes’s worries: friends and family are nagging her for parts and Father Damien still hasn’t approved the script. And, seeing as Agnes has taken quite a bit of dramatic licence with the traditional Nativity story, it’s looking like he might never approve it. But worst of all is the news that Father Damien has offered the part of the Narrator to Agnes’s posh nemesis Hillary Nicholson!

As if there wasn’t enough going on, poor Agnes is suffering from rheumatism in her wrist. When Dr Flynn’s remedy fails to improve the situation, an unlikely hero in the form of Buster Brady appears with a homeopathic solution. However, as with all of Buster’s ideas, his solution isn’t particularly standard…

But nothing is going to stop Agnes from putting on her Nativity Play. With some surprising casting decisions and ambitious stunts, her unique take on the old-time tale will be a show that the residents of Finglas will never forget. Fire extinguishers at the ready.

10:15pm Monday 24 December on BBC ONE

With the festive season fast approaching, Agnes Brown finds herself facing her busiest Christmas yet.

Spiritual son Trevor is visiting from the missions, grandson Bono is sleeping over on Christmas Eve, and there are three new faces to feed on Christmas Day now that Agnes’s youngest son Dermot is the father of triplets. But first things first – Agnes must finish the simple task of decorating the tree.

And it seems as though Christmas in the Brown household is only going to get busier. When visiting, priest Father Damien announces that the Finglas Nativity play has been cancelled. Agnes vows to stage a Nativity play of her own in the local community centre. However, she meets stiff resistance from Father Damien, who is wary of meddling mothers like Agnes and refuses to ask permission from the Bishop. But nobody ever says no to the formidable Agnes Brown.

Cathy is furious when she discovers that Agnes has been reading her mail and decides to play a prank on her interfering mother. Convinced that she has been entered into a ‘Best Christmas Mother’ competition, Agnes starts being unusually nice to everyone – even Granddad! And Cathy isn’t the only one playing tricks. Agnes gets her hilarious revenge on Dermot’s snooty mother-in-law Hillary Nicholson after she scoffs at the idea of Agnes playing the Virgin Mary.

Plus there are plenty of other Christmas crises for the Brown family. Who will Buster and Dermot get to play Santa in their Christmas Grotto? Will Rory take Dino to the hairdressing award ceremony? But most importantly – will Agnes ever get to play the Virgin Mary?

9:30pm Saturday 4 February on BBC ONE

There’s bickering aplenty in the Brown household. Betty is upset with Mark, Rory and Dino are squabbling and Agnes and Betty rub each other up the wrong way.

Agnes is upset about all the unrest at home but realises that she has an equally frosty relationship with Maria’s mother Hilary. With Maria about to give birth, Cathy convinces Agnes to build bridges and invite Hillary out for dinner. Agnes takes Hillary for dinner in a rather unusual setting and relations between the pair gradually begin to thaw – particularly as Hillary gets increasingly drunk.

Meanwhile back at home Maria suddenly goes into labour. With Buster panicking, Dermot fainting and the rest of the family out the house, will the ambulance arrive in time?

Confirmed for Saturday 4 February on BBC One at 9.30pm to 10.00pm

Ep 7/7

9:30pm Monday 30 January on BBC ONE

When Spartacus the old family dog starts looking poorly, the Brown children reluctantly decide the time has come to put her in a home. But when the Brown children decide how to break the sad news to their mother, Agnes gets the wrong end of the stick.

Under the impression that her children are planning on putting her in a nursing home, a furious Agnes sets out to persuade her children she’s not going senile.

Meanwhile, Cathy’s new boyfriend Professor Clowne is determined to interview Agnes for his new book about motherhood and won’t take no for an answer. Agnes reluctantly agrees to the interview but then becomes convinced that Clowne actually wants to study her to prove that she’s going senile.

Moreover, with Agnes’s birthday fast-approaching, the Brown family have decided to throw their mother a surprise party. But poor Agnes is expecting a completely different surprise…

9:30pm Monday 23 January on BBC ONE

Agnes is feeling self-conscious about her weight after some less-than-flattering comments from her family. She decides to go on a diet but struggles to keep her resolve when she sees her favourite foods.

Rory meanwhile is in good spirits after securing a promotion as manager of the local hair salon. However he is immediately thrown in the deep end when he has to deal with a major staff incident. And as if that wasn’t stressful enough, boyfriend Dino is in a foul mood with him after being overlooked for the job.

Ep 5/7

I have to say, next to Episodes, Mrs Brown’s Boys has to be one of my favourite comedies of the year.  I absolutely love it.

Agnus Brown, aka Brendan O’Carroll, has had me in stitches of laughter every week since the show debuted on February 21st.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check it out.

Monday nights at 10:35pm on BBC One!

10.35pm Monday 21 February on BBC ONE

Brendan O’Carroll’s comedy series, based on his stage show of the same name, follows Ireland’s funniest and proudest mother, Agnes Brown (played by Brendan) – a foul-mouthed Dublin matriarch who interferes in the lives of her children and friends

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