Wednesday, 8 June 2011, 10:35PM – 11:35PM

Mugged sees BAFTA award winner Brian Hill take a fresh look at the most common street crime in Britain. Last year there were more than 1000 muggings a day and in this documentary film he uncovers the human stories behind the statistics, told from the point of view of victims and of muggers. 

The range of stories provide an unflinching look at the profound personal impact of mugging on people from all walks of life, with contributors’ testimony offering a vivid insight into the both the attacks and the full extent of the aftermath. 

Jane tells the shocking story of muggers pushing her off her bicycle to steal her bag, which led to her hitting her head and ending up in a coma. Luckily Jane is able to tell the tale but her story leaves no doubt that her ordeal has changed her life forever. 

“I know that I have brain damage as a result, but I don’t really understand the extent. And it’s only recently really that I’ve accepted the permanence,” explains Jane. “I have absent seizures a lot, where I find it really hard to communicate, and I have Jacksonian seizures sometimes, which is just – which is down one side of my body, down the righthand side.” 

The film also features Paul, who bravely stepped in to help when he heard the cries of Jackie, a woman being mugged. The muggers turned on Paul and viciously attacked him – the force was so great that he later had to have a major lung operation to stop it from collapsing. Despite this, Paul doesn’t regret helping Jackie and she has very gratefully acknowledged him as her hero. 

“He’s (Paul) sort of like an old friend, and yet I don’t really know him,” says Jackie. “But I’ll never forget what he did. Not ever.” 

Providing a rare glimpse into the motivations of those who carry out muggings, producer Brian Hill also speaks to muggers, who talk candidly about their crimes – and the reasons for their actions. 

“We used to hit up all the student areas, just like drive around, you know, see someone, go right, we’ll have him…,” explains Anthony, who served two jail terms for street robbery. “Spoilt rich kids, that’s the way we looked at it.” Anthony continues, “The method was I’d just give them a couple of slaps and, you know what I mean, they’d know not to mess around, they would just do as they’re told…Best adrenaline rush you’d ever get in the world.”

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