Mumbai Calling

Sanjeev Baskar (Goodness Gracious Me, The Kumars at No 42) returned with the first of a 7 part series of Mumbai Calling last Saturday night, giving ITV one of its highest rated sitcom openings in a long time, following as it did the finale of Britain’s Got Talent.

Sanjeev Baskar's new TV comedy Mumbai Calling

Such a boost will give this series the start it deserves, although it’s difficult to say if the overall quality of the finished series will improve substantially on the over long and mostly forgotten pilot.

Telling the story of British-born Indian Kenny Gupta who finds himself running an Indian call centre, Mumbai Calling began life as a pilot back in 2007with a much smaller, scruffier call centre setting.

The glossed up, modernised call centre of the full series is of course based on those customer care and technical support lines which haunt British people on a day to day basis, providing as they do the first point of contact for customers of major British utilities suppliers and software companies.

All of this gives Mumbai Calling a massive hook – an Indian call centre might on the face of it be particularly remote and unreachable but the series shows that the employees have many of our own concerns and fears, as well as some of their own.

Scriptwriters of the series include Andrew Collins, while the series was created by Allan McKeown. Shot in widescreen 16:9, Mumbai Calling stars Sanjeev Baskar as accountant Kenny Gupta, Daisy Beaumont as Terri Johnson and EastEnders‘ Nitin Ganatra as the local call centre manager Dev Raja.

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