Murder Shift

Thursdays From 5th November, 9.00pm

Investigation Discovery heads back to the mean streets of Indianapolis with the hard-working cops of the city’s homicide department in this brand new series of Murder Shift. Indianapolis is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the U.S, but remarkably the homicide department maintains the highest solve and arrest rates in the country. How do they maintain such a high clearance rate? What does it take for homicide detectives to solve a case? How do they keep their sanity and relieve their stress? We follow Detectives Christine Mannina, Lesia Moore, Tom Tudor, Jesse Beavers, Todd Lappin, Lieutenant Kevin Kelly and Sergeant Jeff Breedlove as they work around the clock to get the job done. Go behind the scenes as Detective Breedlove investigates the murder of a retired factory worker, Detective Beavers uses phone records to pinpoint the killer of a man shot in his car and Detective Moore works with the scantest of evidence – a fingerprint on a mobile phone – to bring to justice the killer of a 17-year-old caught in the crossfire during a drug-related robbery.

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