My Big Fat Diet Show

Whether your pre-bedtime ritual consists of primping and preening like a princess, or whether you believe grooming is strictly reserved for horses… the new online show Skin and Bare It will give you the lowdown on the best body care regimes.

Hosted by Channel 4’s Anna Richardson (Supersize Vs Superskinny, My Big Fat Diet Show), each five minute episode sees two members of the public reveal their existing skincare routines. They are then asked to swap their regimes over three weeks, with the final results assessed by a beauty expert.

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It’s time to log on, take five, and discover the simple changes that could help transform your skin.

The series will launch with episode 1 on 26 April 2010, with webisodes hosted on and

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Anna Richardson, host of My Big Fat Diet Show, hasn’t had an easy time of things from me. That’s because I don’t like the TV shows she’s had a hand in. Looking at the shows she’s been involved in is more than enough to make my teeth scream.

For starters, she produced the most despicable TV show in history, You Are What You Eat. Anna Richardson is partly responsible for the world becoming aware of the hideous Gillian McKeith, who could be seen haranguing fat people with surreal visual aids like chocolate coffins, enormous cartons of milk filled with thigh bones and cakes made out of mince meat.

Elsewhere, Richardson brought us the woeful Supersize vs Superskinny which stapled the insultingly obvious to our foreheads and wept openly about the amazing journey that saw her realise that an extreme body image is probably a bad thing.

More recently, she was seen in The Sex Education Show and sister show, The Sex Education Show vs. Pornography. Both of these programmes put forward the idea that we, as a nation, are so backward that we barely know which thing to stick in which hole. Oh, and that porn is turning us all into rampant would-be sex attackers who demand a good bukkake session before we even think of leaving the house.

Now, once again, Richardson has appeared, tapping at our screens from the insides and cooing “Hey! I’m back with some real issues!”

Once again, she arrived to talk about diets. Women eh? They’re obsessed with them aren’t they? Cuh! What are they like? You just want to have your cake and eat it, eh girls? EH? HAHAHA! EH? CAKE! DID SOMEONE SAY CAKE? *Pulls out a knife* Give. Me. That. Cake. Or. Someone. Is Going. To. Get. A. New. Orifice.

And on and on and on…

Richardson’s seeming obsession with diets, body issues and the like are borderline pornographic. I’m not kidding. Everytime Richardson appears on TV, she’s forgotten the last show and seemingly lapsed into some kind of idiot world that ‘real’ women are supposed to inhabit.

Last night, she got a bunch of women and shocked them with facts about calories. Yeah. Like the woman who was actually addicted to chocolate didn’t know it was bad for her. Like the woman who snaffled four pork pies ever thought that it was a good habit. Like the woman who cut cupcakes up into little segments to make it less bad for didn’t know she was kidding herself.

Fact is, most people in Britain are aware of the bad things they eat and drink… and most either can’t be arsed changing the way they live their lives or actually do something about it. Both are fine. If you know your diet is bad but don’t care enough to do something about it, that’s fine. Unless you start moaning about it – that makes you an idiot.

The kicker of the whole show is, in essence, women are stupid and delusional. Anna is there to tell you this, with an obligatory ‘Eh, girls?’ If you say that on the end of any sentence, it makes everything okay. It makes you sympathetic to some fictional sistahood.

Of course, most women aren’t stupid. They can be, just like any gender. They can be irrational, just like any gender. They can be irritating pricks, just like… you get the idea (eh, girls?). Most people are aware of themselves and don’t need prodding by a dimwit through the screen. Not even in the name of entertainment.

Anna Richardson makes programmes that look like they mean well, when in actual fact, they keep pushing the notion that somehow, the presence of two X chromosomes somehow makes you staggeringly thick.

It’s like the horrible, horrible Cook Yourself Thin show, only without the recipes. That said, credit where credit is due. At least the irritation scale was gender-balanced with the inclusion of the monumentally irksome Matt Dawson. Fair play to that.

Otherwise, this show was a dreadful use of my time which I’ll never get back. Useless, patronising and idiotic television.

8:00pm Tuesday, January 5 on C4

The January diet is, for many, an annual ritual as the excesses of the festive season rest heavily on the waistline. In My Big Fat Diet Show Anna Richardson grabs the UK by its love handles and shows viewers how to drop a dress size in two weeks. With no fads and no gimmicks, simple calorie-counting and exercise make this diet a definite winner for a fun quick-fix to kick-start the year. In one big interactive diet-a-long, viewers can follow the example of serial dieter Anna for two weeks to shift the excess pounds. Plus Anna is joined by six women keen to trim their tums and buff up their bingo wings.

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