My Life

4:30pm Wednesday 28 March on BBC ONE

The critically acclaimed CBBC documentary series My Life is back, and today’s film, My Life: Bionic Me, follows two incredible children with unique stories to tell.

Eleven-year-old Anton lost his arm in a car accident three years ago and has had to adapt, learning how to carry out the everyday tasks he used to take for granted. He now loves to cycle, play video games and mess about with his mates.

Seven-year-old Olivia was two-and-a-half when she got meningitis and lost her left arm and both of her legs just below the knee – though she now tells people that ‘a crocodile bit my legs off’. Her mum was convinced that Olivia would never walk again, but within weeks she was running around on prosthetic limbs.

We follow both children as they are fitted with the latest in high tech designer limbs, and in this touching and inspiring film we find out what difference this makes to their lives.

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