My Name is Earl

11:25pm Wednesday, May 19 on C4

Series four kicks off with a double bill. Joy’s latest con reminds Earl of a wish he stole from a dying child named Buddy. So, ten years on, he visits the kid’s mother, only to find out that Buddy (guest star Seth Green) is very much alive, and wants Earl to help him produce a movie. In the second programme, combing through the past makes Earl think of #87 on his list, “chased away Mum and Dad’s friends”. So he and Randy visit their parents to bring back their old friends. But they soon realise that back then a lot more was going on than children’s eyes can see.

Monday, December 7 on E4

Earl decides to make up for all the second-hand smoke he’s inflicted on the world, and confess to a man who served time for a crime Earl committed.

Friday, December 4 on E4

The first ever episode of My Name Is Earl . After winning a small lottery jackpot, small-time crook Earl Hickey has a moment of realisation and vows to change his ways.

Thursday, June 25 on E4

Brand New Series: A triple bill of new episodes of My Name is Earl on E4 this evening, taking the show through to its season finale.

Thursday, June 18 on C4

Brand New Series
Reverend Green (guest star Faizon Love) has trouble trying to forgive Earl for several of the items on his list. Meanwhile, Joy has Catalina imprisoned in her shed, pinned to the wall by a lawnmower.

Thursday 23 April at 9:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Darnell and Joy have to go into the witness protection program, but Joy isn’t happy with her new identity: Phyllis Rosenstein from Ohio. Meanwhile, Earl and Randy try to post themselves in a crate to Joy and Darnell’s new home to make up for spoiling Joy’s chance of being famous. Guest starring Erik Estrada.

Thursday 16 April at 9:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Earl and Randy are overjoyed to find a new reality game show featuring their all-time favourite TV actor, Erik Estrada from C.H.I.P.S . . Joy steals Randy’s audition for the show as payback for him and Earl doing the same to her years ago. But her public appearance on the show has serious consequences for Darnell that nobody could have foreseen.

Thursday 9 April at 9:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Earl takes responsibility for his former babysitter’s slacker son. And Joy loses Mr Turtle.

Thursday 2 April at 9:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Earl remembers how a couple of weeks before Earl found karma, he and Joy decided to run a scam. Earl wants to make up for it, only to find out that Joy is still running the scam.

Thursday 26 March at 9:00pm on E4

Brand New Series

Earl tries to help his old friend Raynard (guest star Ewen Trainspotting Bremner), who ended up living in the woods because Earl stole the mobile library and pretended it was his band’s tour bus so that girls would believe they were supporting U2.

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