My Shocking Story

November 1st, 9pm on Discovery Channel

My Shocking Story: Treeman Meets Treeman sees global phenomenon Dede as he learns that he is no longer alone. He comes face to face with Zainal, a second Treeman, who after seeing Dede on television was encouraged to come out of hiding and seek medical help with leading plastic surgeon Dr Surachman.  For the first time these two ‘Treemen’ meet in an emotional one-off as Dede makes a personal journey to Zainal’s home town in Indonesia.

October 25th, 9pm on Discovery Channel

My Shocking Story: Human Spider Sisters follows the lives of 40-year-old conjoined twin sisters Ganga and Jamuna. Eager to know how their busy life is affecting their many shared organs, and exactly how they are joined together, the sisters are visited by world specialist, Dr James Stein to assess if they could still have the chance to be separated.

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