Ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding for the President of the United States. In a very special episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie tackle a request from the highest ranking viewer of all: President Barack Obama.

In a meeting at the White House, the president tells the guys they may have got a bust wrong. In particular, he thinks past testing wasn’t thorough enough when it came to the myth of the Archimedes Solar Ray. The myth goes like this: Did Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun? According to the president, this classic experiment, which has already been busted twice, had one element missing: manpower. 

Could 500 people, each holding their own mirror, cause a ship to burst into flame? To find out, Adam and Jamie enlist 500 student volunteers ready to light a fire for science! If that wasn’t enough the guys also: Adam risks his life to escape from a car sinking in water upside down; the team test whether bees can lift a laptop; and they test whether Hitler would have been killed by the ‘Operation Valkyrie’ assassination attempt if the meeting he was attending had been held in its original bunker location.

Mondays from 30 August 9:00pm

Never let it be said that Jamie and Adam don’t aim high. For the first of these brand new episodes Jamie decides to take on the godfather of physics, Sir Isaac Newton. According to Professor Hyneman two cars travelling at 50 mph hitting each other is the equivalent of one car hitting a wall at 100 mph. Unfortunately, this is contrary to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. So what will win out: Newton’s Law or Hyneman’s Hynopthesis, when the guys start crashing cars? Then they become lab rats to determine whether women are more tolerant of pain than men, and whether loud swearing helps as well. The team also put a fluey fable to the test, when they test the reach and coverage of a sneeze – which might make you think twice about caring for a sick relative when you see the results.


Mondays From 1st March, 9.00pm

The brand new series of Mythbusters kicks off with six quick-fire fan requests. First up, Adam and Jamie try to send a coconut – with an engraved address on it of course – in the post. Then it’s on to the firing range, as they try to prove that you can light a match with a bullet; examine the ultimate university prank by seeing if you really wet yourself if your hand is placed in a bowl of warm water; and maybe the most disgusting myth ever, where they see if a useable candle can be made from human earwax. And all that’s just in the first episode! Other myths in the series include: could a prisoner break out of jail using nothing more than some water and ten years of saved indigestion pills; another movie myth as the team test whether the bus jump in hit film ‘Speed’ could actually be landed; and could a ricocheting bullet come off three surfaces and return to kill the shooter?

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