Natural Born Sellers

Eight sales people put their reputations on the line to risk it all for the ultimate buzz — closing the biggest deal of their lives.

Replacing the existing workforce in real companies across the UK, these ruthless professionals must hit aggressive sales targets, earn maximum commission and thereby push up their combined kitty of cash ever higher.

With buckets of self-confidence, each contestant considers themselves to be at the top of their game, whether it’s in used cars, telesales or property, and all have their own unique sales patter, which they think marks them out as the best.

Brash IT sales expert Thea isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to succeed, while upper-class estate agent Nick’s tip for the top – “bullshit is the sales technique of a dying salesman” – is controversial in the smooth-talking world of sales.

Life on the road for these travelling sales folk won’t be easy or glamorous and, whether they are selling three-piece suites or double glazing door-to-door, the pressure will be on to close the deal.

One contestant will be kicked out each week so, if they can’t close the deal, it could be the end of the road.

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