Wednesday 16 February, 9:00pm on Five

Continuing on Channel 5 this week is the hit US drama following the work of the navy’s dedicated federal agency. In this episode, the discovery of a doctor’s body on a naval training ground leads Director Vance to believe that his old nemesis, a North Korean assassin, is back in action. Two military men on a cross-country run stumble upon an abandoned car and the dead body of a man lying face-down in the woods. Back at NCIS HQ, Gibbs takes on the case and hands out instructions to his assembled team. “Grab your gear,” he says. “We’ve got a dead civilian doctor on naval academy grounds – gunshot.” Upon arrival at the scene, the agents learn that the victim is a doctor called Elan Cirreux. Owing to a quantity of medical paraphernalia strewn in and around the car, it becomes clear that the doctor performed some kind of surgical procedure before he was killed. “The doc worked on somebody,” says Gibbs. “So why here and not at a hospital?” asks Ziva. “Because the patient didn’t want to be seen,” interjects none other than Leon Vance. Having seen the police report and recognised the killer’s modus operandi, the director has taken the unusual step of attending the crime scene. “Copycat?” asks Gibbs. “That would be a relief,” retorts Vance, gravely. Upon examination of the body, Ducky concludes that the victim was shot twice with great precision – once to cause the maximum pain, then a second to finish the job some time later. “You’ve seen this before…” says Ducky upon seeing the concerned look on the director’s face. “It’s her signature,” replies Vance. It emerges that Vance suspects the work of Lee Wuan Kai (guest star Kelly Hu, ‘Martial Law’), a North Korean assassin recently in the US. The director theorises that Kai sustained an injury during her latest mission and forced the doctor to perform surgery on her. Kai then killed her victim on navy land in order to grab Vance’s attention. “You chase somebody for almost 20 years, you start to think like them,” says Vance. “In some ways, I know Kai better than I know myself.”

Wednesday 9 February, 9:00pm on Five

Continuing on Channel 5 this week is the hit US drama following the work of the navy’s dedicated federal agency. In this episode, two former military men turn up dead in San Diego harbour on board a small wooden boat made by none other than Gibbs. The special agent reveals that he sailed the boat to Mexico earlier in the year and left it in the hands of his old friend and former NCIS agent Mike Franks. However, Franks is now nowhere to be seen… Gibbs, Ducky and Vance are called to San Diego when a craft carrying two murdered men floats into a naval base. The trio are informed that the boat in question is none other than the Kelly, a small craft built by and registered to Gibbs. It emerges that Gibbs sailed the boat to Mexico earlier in the year and gave it to former agent Mike Franks as a gift to his granddaughter Amira, who is also Gibbs’s goddaughter. However, upon visiting Franks’s beach house in Mexico, the agents find it empty. Back at HQ, an excited Abby finds herself in possession of the Kelly. “It’s all mine so I can figure out the mystery!” she announces to her fellow agents. “What mystery? Who the dead guys were?” asks McGee. “Or who killed them,” adds Ziva. “Or how they ended up on the boat,” says Tony. However, it seems Abby has her own agenda. “You guys work that out while I figure out how [Gibbs] got it out of the basement!” she says. It emerges that the two victims were military men dishonourably discharged from their respective forces. Reports suggest that both had been asking around for Mike Franks in Mexico shortly before their deaths, but no other links can be established between the former agent and the dead men. Director Vance is concerned that Franks appears to have gone to ground, and suspects that Gibbs knows more than he is letting on. “Have you got any idea where he might be?” asks Vance. “Your guess is as good as mine,” responds Gibbs. “I doubt that’s true,” says Vance, gravely. “But I’m gonna give you some leeway on this as it’s your friend, your boat and your mess.”

Wednesday 2 February, 9:00pm on Five

Continuing on Channel 5 this week is the hit US drama following the work of the navy’s dedicated federal agency. In this episode, a marine recently returned from Afghanistan is found dead in his car in what appears to be a case of suicide. However, the investigation reveals that the real cause of death was the ingestion of liquid nitrogen, and that the victim had been poisoned on another occasion some months ago. A group of teenagers making mischief on the night before Halloween comes across a dead neighbour locked within a smoke-filled car. A hose leading from the car’s exhaust to the window suggests that the victim committed suicide. At NCIS HQ, Gibbs takes on the case. “Lock and load -we’ve got a dead marine,” he tells his team. “Agent David, you’re driving.” The dead man is LCpl James Korby, a marine recently back from his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. His body was found in his car parked outside his home, where he lived with his wife and stepdaughter. Korby was well known locally for his love of practical jokes, and often organised elaborate pranks at Halloween. “No obvious signs of trouble inside the car, no blood – looks like a suicide,” says Ziva upon examining the scene. “Looks can be deceiving,” announces Ducky. “There’s no way that man killed himself in that car.” Owing to the colour of the victim’s skin, Ducky is able to immediately rule out carbon monoxide poisoning as a cause of death. “The body was staged,” says Gibbs. “To look like a suicide,” adds McGee. However, while the medics are moving the body, they are surprised to hear a loud crunching sound. Upon closer inspection, Ducky find a brittle fragment of flesh in the victim’s mouth, suggesting that the whole body was frozen. “What could get something that cold? Dry Ice?” asks Palmer. “Or liquid nitrogen,” replies Ducky. “Either way, I think you’ve found your cause of death.”

Monday 31 January, 9:00pm on Five USA

The second season of the smash-hit drama series following the US navy’s dedicated federal agency continues on Five USA. This week, a bombing range used for target practice by the marines is found to be the dumping ground for the mafia. Among the victims unearthed during the investigation is an undercover FBI agent. When a civilian’s body is found on a navy bombing range, Gibbs and the team uncover the disturbing truth that the area has been a dumping ground for local gangsters for some years. It emerges that this latest victim is actually an undercover FBI agent. As Gibbs investigates, he learns that his FBI counterpart, Agent Fornell (guest star Joe Spano, ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘Hill Street Blues’), is in trouble. Under suspicion of being a mole, Fornell has been imprisoned by his fellow agents for feeding sensitive information to the local mafia boss. While Fornell continues to deny the allegations, Gibbs sets out to expose the real spy…

Wednesday 26 January, 9:00pm on Five

Continuing on Channel 5 this week is the hit US drama following the work of the navy’s dedicated federal agency. In this episode, the discovery of a dead marine off the coast of Tanzania unearths a shocking case of foul play on board a Jordanian freighter. Meanwhile, Director Vance assesses Ziva’s application to return to NCIS, only to uncover a startling coincidence. The NCIS team is alerted when two shrimp fishermen haul in a plastic bag containing the decomposed body of a US marine. The body, found in the Indian Ocean near the coast of Tanzania, is that of Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer. Using MTAC to communicate with the dead man’s commanding officer, Gibbs and Vance learn that Cryer was an experienced marine specialising in the infiltration of terrorist camps – until he went AWOL some months ago. He was last seen in Jordan boarding a freighter called the Damocles, which was lost at sea en route to the Horn of Africa. “We know someone who lived through that shipwreck,” says Gibbs, recalling that Ziva was assigned to the Damocles on her last Mossad mission. When a postmortem reveals that Cryer was shot in the head, Vance calls in Ziva for a long-overdue t�te-�-t�te. “It seems we have a problem,” he says. Since Ziva’s liberation from the Somali prison camp (see episode one, ‘Truth or Consequences’), she has been reticent about her experiences – but Vance is convinced that she is hiding some vital information. “You want to stay here at NCIS?” asks Vance, referring to Ziva’s application to rejoin the team. “Then let’s talk.” However, Ziva refuses to comment on the nature of her mission on board the Damocles. “I want to know how Staff Sergeant Daniel Cryer died!” demands a frustrated Vance.

Wednesday 19 January, 9:00pm on Five

Continuing on Channel 5 this week is the hit US drama following the work of the navy’s dedicated federal agency. In this episode, Gibbs and the team come under scrutiny when a blogger with a reputation for exposing government cover-ups is murdered. Owing to the blogger’s recent online activity, state police suspect that NCIS may have been involved in the murder and take control of the case. However, Ziva theorises that the killing was little more than a publicity stunt gone wrong. NCIS agents investigate when notorious blogger Matt Burns is thrown from a bridge and killed. Prior to his death, Burns had been accusing NCIS of a major cover-up involving Lt Arnett, a dead naval officer suspected of insider trading. When Gibbs arrives, state police detective Danny Sportelli asserts his authority. “I expect your cooperation,” he says. “That includes investigating the possibility of an NCIS cover-up.” Having been warned off the Burns case, the agents turn their attention to Lt Arnett, who was killed in a car crash two weeks earlier. Burns’s claim was that the officer was murdered by government officials to conceal the fact that he had been making millions from insider trading. The Arnett case is reopened, but the evidence steers the agents to the same conclusion – that the officer’s death was accidental. However, new evidence comes to the fore when it emerges that Burns’s inside source was one Jessica Summers, a navy lieutenant who had been having a relationship with Arnett. When Arnett broke off their affair, an angry Summers went to Burns and shared her suspicions that her former boyfriend was guilty of insider trading. “Arnett’s death is looking less like an accident,” says Tony. “Maybe Burns was onto something.” “Which means we blew the investigation,” adds McGee.

Monday 14 January, 9:00pm on Five USA

The second season of the smash-hit drama series following the US navy’s dedicated federal agency continues on Five USA. This week, an elderly war hero confesses to a murder, but Gibbs is convinced that there is more to the case than meets the eye and sets out to prove the old man’s innocence. When veteran marine Ernie Yost (Golden Globe Award winner Charles Durning, ‘To Be or Not to Be’, ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’) shows up at NCIS headquarters and announces that he killed his best friend during a battle at Iwo Jima 60 years earlier, Gibbs’s gut instinct tells him there is more to the story than meets the eye. With the help of his team, who are captivated by the warmth of the old vet, Gibbs works to solve the mystery and keep Yost from going to prison and losing his Medal of Honour.

Monday 7 January, 9:00pm on Five USA

The second season of the smash-hit drama series following the US navy’s dedicated federal agency continues on Five USA. This week, Gibbs and the team step in to protect a war veteran after she is almost killed by a car-bomb – but come up against tough and unyielding FBI agent Lina Reyes (guest star Elizabeth Pe�a, ‘Transamerica’, ‘Tortilla Soup’), who is reluctant to let them participate in the investigation. After Lieutenant Commander Micki Shields narrowly escapes death when a bomb explodes in her car, the FBI and NCIS both rush to the scene. “We tend to hurry when we suspect terrorism,” says FBI agent Lina Reyes, coldly. “So do we when the target is a naval aviator,” retorts Gibbs. Reyes insists that the FBI will handle the investigation – it is the NCIS’s job to protect the intended target. The shaken Shields believes that she is being punished for a tragic mistake she made in the war, which left ten Afghan civilians dead. “My kids could have been in that car,” she tells Kate. “One mistake. One horrible mistake…” Kate is sent to find the rest of the Shields family, while Tony heads off to secure their home. But the clock is ticking for the team – Shields is on ‘terminal leave’, which means that she will become a civilian in four days and the NCIS will no longer be able to protect her. Back at the lab, Gibbs and Abby examine security footage that captured the explosion – and a shadowy figure planting the bomb. Ducky, meanwhile, performs an autopsy on the charred remains of the family dog, who was in the car when the bomb detonated. Traces of a specific explosive and mercury reveal that the agents are dealing with an Al Qaeda assassination team, who used the same combination of elements in a previous attack. The FBI have realised this too, and Reyes tells Gibbs that they know of three individuals in the US who may have links to the terrorists. Gibbs wants to bring one of the men in for questioning but Reyes refuses, telling him that it will expose their investigation and prevent the entire cell being found.

Wednesday 7 July, 9:00pm on Five

The action continues with the US navy’s dedicated federal agency. In the explosive season finale, Tony faces the consequences of his deadly encounter with Mossad agent Michael Rivkin. The agents fly to Israel to present Tony’s case to the head of Mossad, who also happens to be Ziva’s father. The fall-out from Tony’s fatal shooting of Mossad agent Michael Rivkin (see last week’s episode, ‘Semper Fidelis’) continues this week. Put on the spot, the NCIS agent is forced to justify his use of deadly force. Ziva, meanwhile, cannot bring herself to forgive her colleague for gunning down her onetime lover. Satisfied that Tony’s actions were justified, Gibbs and Vance fly to Israel to explain the situation to Mossad director Eli David (Michael Nouri, ‘The OC’, ‘Damages’), Ziva’s father. Eli is furious about the incident and accuses Tony of killing Rivkin because he wanted him out of Ziva’s life. The Mossad director eventually admits that Rivkin was acting under his orders, sparking a rift between the two agencies. Can Vance reach an understanding with Eli to ensure that Mossad curbs its operations on US soil? Elsewhere, relations between Gibbs and Ziva take a turn for the worse when he learns that his agent was romantically involved with Rivkin. When Ziva responds by telling Gibbs that she cannot continue to work with Tony at NCIS, he makes the decision simple for her – and fires her from the team. Is this is the end of the road for Ziva and NCIS?

Wednesday 30 June, 9:00pm on Five

The explosive action continues with the US navy’s dedicated federal agency. This week, Gibbs is tasked with investigating the murder of an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agent at the home of the secretary of the navy. Tony, meanwhile, believes shifty Mossad agent Rivkin may be involved in the case. Security is breached at the mansion of the secretary of the navy during a poker game involving the heads of the CIA, FBI and ICE, leading to the death of an ICE agent. The secretary puts Gibbs in charge of the investigation and has him run it jointly with Agent Fornell (Joe Spano, ‘Hill Street Blues’) of the FBI and Agent Julia Foster- Yates (Jaime Murray, ‘Hustle’, ‘Dexter’) of ICE. The team’s search of the grounds turns up a small listening device the intruder had set up to eavesdrop on the meeting. Ducky finds evidence the assailant did not intend to kill the ICE agent, but only to subdue him. Abby, meanwhile, is able to trace the signal from the bug back to its source – an international terrorist and sleeper cell handler named Abin Tabal. The agents rush to Abin’s hideout, only to discover he opted to kill himself after his operation was exposed by the ICE agent’s death. However, what appears to be an open-and-shut case is complicated by the presence of Mossad agent Michael Rivkin, who is back in the US visiting Ziva. From previous experience, Tony knows that Rivkin is capable of all manner of underhand activities, and he begins to suspect he was involved in this case. But when Tony goes to confront Rivkin, a fatal altercation ensues…

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