Neighbours is planning to go all out during its week-long celebration of its 6000th episode.

Producers have lined up a fairytale wedding, an attempted murder, the return of a favourite character and the coming out of the soap’s first openly gay male character to keep viewers entertained throughout the week.

“The clever thing about the storyline at the moment is that the 6000th episode is not just about one story, it’s actually about three stories all coming together at the same time,” says Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr Karl Kennedy.

“It’s like the street is in upheaval in many areas. Paul Robinson has a very big story which culminates around that time and then continues on after it, Libby Kennedy has a massive story and the way Toadie Rebecchi is affected by that is really interesting too. It’s really good human drama.”

The celebration of the Aussie soap’s 6000th episode coincides with its 25th anniversary milestone and producers are hoping the weeks will aid the revival of the show which has been slipping in the ratings in recent years.

There are hopes the upcoming wedding between Donna Freeman (Margot Robbie) and Ringo Brown (Sam Clarke) will draw the viewers in a similar way that Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene’s (Kylie Minogue) did many years ago.

“People are saying that my wedding is this generation’s Kylie and Jason wedding – that’s big shoes to fill,” said Robbie of the upcoming event.

“But I’m quite honoured get to be a part of it, this a big milestone. I’m very flattered. It is a big deal.

“It’s a big climax of a lot of storylines, they all come together and kind of blow up in everyone’s faces.”



Neighbours will hit its 6000th episode this year and its finally been revealed what and who will be the star of the show.

To mark Neighbours’ 6000th episode, baddie Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) will be at the centre of an attempted murder.  Yes, attempted, meaning that Paul’s life is left hanging in the balance after he is pushed from the roof of Lassiters.
The story will air on Channel Five from 11th October after Paul’s dodgy dealings (again) are revealed.  If you’re a keen watcher, you’ll know that the wheels are already being set in motion for his downfall.  The 6000th episode is on Friday 15th October however each day that week, a new suspect will be revealed – I’m guessing we could already name these.
But don’t worry those Neighbours peeps have thrown in a soap wedding for you.  Donna and Ringo will tie the knot in between Paul’s freefall.  In true Neighbours and soap style, we wonder if they will make it down the aisle safely!

Neighbours airs on Channel Five, weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.

Neighbours –  on 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

What will Declan do with Paul’s secret? Lyn goes on a date with Terry. Natasha tests Andrew’s feelings for her. Chris plans a special date with Summer. Susan struggles to cope on her course. Callum discovers his true calling.

Monday 9th – Episode 5951

Having alerted Paul’s boss to certain business irregularities, Declan wonders whether he should tell Rebecca the truth. Steph and Toadie attempt to deflect Lyn’s meddling by setting her up with Terry. But Terry’s romantic overtures hit the buffers when he helps out at the store.

Tuesday 10th – Episode 5952

Paul convinces Declan that Rebecca could face prison if his business dealings are exposed. Diana Marshall’s unexpected arrival at Lassiter’s prompts a desperate scramble to hide the information on Paul – but Toadie refuses to play along. Lucas urges Lyn to give Terry a fair try. But is their date doomed to end in disaster?

Wednesday 11th – Episode 5953

Fed up with Summer’s digs about her relationship with Andrew, Natasha decides to test his feelings for her. When Summer offers some advice, Natasha hits back with some harsh words. Toadie reveals the extent of his feud with Paul to Steph. The wily Robinson, meanwhile, hires a private investigator to help him retrieve Toadie’s file on him – and goes as far as bugging his neighbour’s home.

Thursday 12th – Episode 5954

Susan continues to receive threatening emails at college. Donna, Ringo and Zeke come up with the idea of arranging a get-together to help Susan fit in – but she ends up being humiliated in front of a crowd of students. Summer tries to turn up the heat in her relationship with Chris, but Natasha and Andrew cannot resist meddling.

Friday 13th – Episode 5955

Susan fears she is being victimised by a cyberbully. Can she fight back against her tormentor? Andrew introduces Callum to the world of grossout comedies and the young lad takes it upon himself to launch his own stand-up show. But his increasingly rebellious behaviour leads to a showdown with Steph.

Coming Soon

Can Susan fight off her bully? Donna urges Ringo to rejoin the paramedics. Andrew learns a secret about Natasha. Libby and Zeke jump to Susan’s defence. Diana puts Declan in an impossible situation. Callum continues to defy Toadie.


Will Steph and Toadie’s wedding go ahead? Terry woos Lyn. Will Ringo and Donna reunite? Libby witnesses a shocking scene. Declan learns Paul’s secret. Donna stands up to her father.

Monday 2nd – Episode 5946

Steph wonders whether she should marry Toadie now that Sonya knows the truth of their sham relationship. Lyn urges her to go through with the wedding to avoid suspicion. Michael tries to talk to Natasha sensibly about her relationship with Andrew. Can the pair see eye to eye?

Tuesday 3rd – Episode 5947

On the day of his wedding, Toadie tries to convince Sonya to wait for him. Lyn, however, has other ideas, and orders Sonya to leave. Donna feels caught between Nick and Ringo on her first day out of the hospital. Terry pushes to be invited to the reception so he can impress Lyn with his dance moves.

Wednesday 4th – Episode 5948

Ringo makes a grand romantic gesture in a bid to make Donna admit that she wants to be with him. But will Nick give his blessing to their reunion? Libby is appalled after witnessing Toadie kiss Sonya outside the reception. When confronted, Toadie insists the incident was a one-off. However, matters become more complicated when Doug learns that Toadie is covertly helping Sonya to stay in Erinsborough after all…

Thursday 5th – Episode 5949

When Susan publishes an article online, she receives a nasty personal reply that Declan thinks may have come from Paul. Further investigation leads Declan to believe that Paul has doctored a CCTV tape implicating him in the accident at the building site. Donna takes a leaf out of Natasha’s book and decides to stand up to her father.

Friday 6th – Episode 5950

Declan and Toadie team up when they realise that Paul has been lying to them. They quickly uncover evidence that Paul has been using the building site incident as a means of extorting cash to put into his business. Natasha senses that Andrew is more interested in spending time with Summer than with her.

Coming Soon

What will Declan do with Paul’s secret?
Lyn goes on a date with Terry.
Natasha tests Andrew’s feelings for her.
Chris plans a special date with Summer.
Susan struggles to cope on her course.
Callum discovers his true calling.

Neighbours on Five

Can Susan fight off her bully? Donna urges Ringo to rejoin the paramedics. Andrew learns a secret about Natasha. Libby and Zeke jump to Susan’s defence. Diana puts Declan in an impossible situation. Callum continues to defy Toadie.

Monday 16th – Episode 5956

Susan’s trauma continues when she is followed home by a mysterious black car. Will the ordeal cause her to lose her confidence for good? Ringo stands firm in his decision to quit the paramedics. Donna, believing that she knows best how to make Ringo happy, embarks on a quest to make him change his mind.

Tuesday 17th – Episode 5957

A terrified Susan is forced to barricade herself in her bedroom after she becomes convinced that her stalker is inside the house. When the stress of handling Susan’s problems starts to take its toll on Karl, Zeke takes it upon himself to intervene. Andrew is astonished when Sophie enlists Natasha as her maths tutor.

Wednesday 18th – Episode 5958

Fed up with the police’s slow response, Libby and Zeke go on the hunt for Susan’s stalker. After they meet with nothing but dead leads, Zeke enlists Susan’s tutor to help. An unexpected job offer threatens to quash Lyn and Terry’s burgeoning relationship. Will Lyn take a chance on love and join Terry on the cruise ship?

Thursday 19th – Episode 5959

Diana discovers that Declan is Paul’s stepson, prompting her to offer him an ultimatum – if he does not help her take down Paul, she will destroy them all. Susan pursues a risky strategy in order to unmask her bully. But will there be enough evidence to punish the coward? And can Susan ever recover from the ordeal?

Friday 20th – Episode 5960

Jealous of Declan’s interaction with Diana, Andrew sets about getting himself in her good books. Canny Diana soon spots an opportunity and exploits Andrew’s enthusiasm in order to obtain confidential business information on Lassiter’s. Will Andrew’s naivety spell the end for Paul’s business? Callum’s new-found taste for the stage sees him performing another stand-up routine. How will Toadie react to his continuing defiance?

Coming Soon

Natasha learns Summer’s secret. Will Paul betray Rebecca to save his empire? Steph wrestles with her conscience when she hears some shocking news about Dan. Ringo overcomes his fears to help Donna pursue her dream. Kate is forced to make a decision about her career.

Neighbours – Weeknights at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Five

Will Paul give Declan a second chance? Ringo makes a dramatic rescue at the building site. Is Toadie going to lose Sonya forever? Will Susan uncover Paul’s dark secret? Kate finds a new friend for Lou. Harry has news for Kate.

Monday 26th – Episode 5941

Paul decides to give Declan a second chance at Lassiter’s – but insists he must take a demotion. Declan is concerned to hear Paul talking about his money problems. Is Paul’s empire slipping into ruin? Natasha sows the seeds of romantic confusion between Libby and Michael.

Tuesday 27th – Episode 5942

Ringo’s paramedic training kicks in when Donna is caught up in an accident at the building site. Declan knows that Paul sabotaged the scaffolding at the site in order to make the contractor look incompetent – but will he come clean? Toadie struggles to find a best man for his wedding, prompting Callum to volunteer his services. Ringo confronts his feelings for Donna.

Wednesday 28th – Episode 5943

Susan continues to investigate the building site accident. Toadie tries to convince her that Paul is acting in everyone’s best interest by silencing the story – but will Susan uncover the truth? Ringo considers laying his heart on the line – but will Nick sabotage his hopes? Lucas and Steph run a trial class in a bid to win a teaching job at the school.

Thursday 29th – Episode 5944

Toadie is alarmed at the news that Sonya is about to move out of the state, and abandons his stag party to find her. Kate tries to foster a friendship between Lou and her friend Terry. Having accepted the offer of a basketball scholarship in Sydney, Harry has to tell Kate that he is leaving town.

Friday 30th – Episode 5945

In a desperate bid to stop Sonya from leaving, Steph admits that the wedding is a sham. Sonya soon realises the full truth of Steph’s guilty secret when Libby gives a speech at the hen party. Elsewhere, Andrew plants seeds of doubt in Harry’s mind, prompting him to announce that he is staying in Erinsborough. Kate berates Andrew and provides Harry with the encouragement he needs to move away.

Coming Soon

Will Steph and Toadie’s wedding go ahead? Terry woos Lyn. Will Ringo and Donna reunite? Libby witnesses a shocking scene. Declan learns Paul’s secret. Donna stands up to her father.

Ramsay Street will have a new resident, albeit briefly, with news the Aussie soap has decided on the winner of the UK casting competition run by Five.

The soap will see 18-year-old actress Gabriella Darlington join the cast for a month-long guest spot playing Poppy Rogers, who is described a s a “free-spirited” British backpacker who gains the interest of a few of the local lads.

Darlington, from Chelmsford, won the role ahead of over 1600 other hopefuls vying for the chance to appear on the iconic Australian soap in the Be A Star contest run by UK broadcaster Five.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am. I never expected to be shortlisted, let alone get to Australia and win,” she said.

It’s a quick turnaround for the aspiring actress who is currently in Melbourne, with filming beginning on this week.



Neighbours on Five

Can Michael control Natasha? Toadie discovers Sonya has a new boyfriend. Donna is nervous about her driving test. Can Toadie afford a big wedding? Sophie faces a dilemma. Can Andrew and Declan work together at Lassiter’s? Lucas considers a new career.

Monday 19th – Episode 5936

Libby is forced to step in when Michael fails to reprimand Natasha for her behaviour. Matters quickly spiral out of control, leading to a furious row between father and daughter. While Steph plans an increasingly lavish wedding, Toadie takes a hard look at his shrinking finances.

Tuesday 20th – Episode 5937

Libby tries to patch up the rift between Natasha and Michael. Ringo begins his first day working on a building site, but is stunned to discover his new clients. Toadie, meanwhile, receives a shock when he learns that the person he is actually representing is none other than Paul Robinson.

Wednesday 21st – Episode 5938

Toadie is dismayed to find out that Sonya has moved on with a new boyfriend. Can he suppress his lingering feelings for her? While Zeke passes his driving test with flying colours, Donna is overcome with nerves ahead of her examination, and resolves not to go.

Thursday 22nd – Episode 5939

Shaken by the continuing attraction between them, Toadie and Sonya vow to maintain a platonic friendship. Lyn surprises Steph with an offer to pay for her wedding. Toadie, however, decides to raise the money himself – and reconsiders a job offer that could compromise his principles. Sophie confesses to Declan that she has applied to the National Basketball Academy on Harry’s behalf – and he has been accepted.

Friday 23rd – Episode 5940

Lyn is determined to find out Paul’s business with Toadie. Declan is forced to work with Andrew when he takes charge of a PirateNet event at Charlie’s Bar. But when a client begins to harass the female members of staff, Declan is forced to step in – with disastrous consequences. Michael encourages Lucas to apply for a job at the school teaching vocational classes. But Lucas encounters an obstacle in the form of Steph, who is also keen on the job.

Coming Soon

Will Paul give Declan a second chance?
Ringo makes a dramatic rescue at the building site.
Is Toadie going to lose Sonya forever?
Will Susan uncover Paul’s dark secret?
Kate finds a new friend for Lou.
Harry has news for Kate.

Neighbours: Weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Five

Will Ringo come to Donna’s rescue? Libby learns of Doug’s role in Donna’s arrest. Natasha plots against Summer. Can Lyn bring herself to embrace the wedding? Michael’s new policy at school creates chaos.

Monday 12th – Episode 5931

After being accused of breaking into the hospital, Donna is hauled off to the police station for questioning. Will Ringo believe her pleas of innocence? Libby is outraged when she discovers that Doug called the police on Donna.

Tuesday 13th – Episode 5932

Ringo blames himself when Naomi is hit by a car and rushed to hospital in a serious condition. When Naomi comes round, she delivers some painful home truths to Ringo – leading him to make a major decision. Michael implements a first name policy between teachers and students. Libby overrules the policy when the kids take too many liberties – leading to a showdown between her and Michael.

Wednesday 14th – Episode 5933

Lyn continues to refuse her support for Toadie and Steph’s marriage. When Steph lets slip that she feels she cannot trust her mum, a devastated Lyn declares her intention to leave Erinsborough. Donna tries to persuade Ringo to return to his paramedic course.

Thursday 15th – Episode 5934

Susan urges Steph to reconcile with Lyn. But will Lyn agree to attend the wedding? A jealous Natasha creates a rumour about Summer’s new boyfriend, Chris, in a bid to reclaim her crown as the most popular girl in school. Natasha claims that Chris accepted bribes as captain of the basketball team – but will Harry go along with these outrageous lies?

Friday 16th – Episode 5935

Natasha is forced to issue a grovelling apology after Michael discovers she is behind the rumours about Chris. Lyn throws herself into wedding preparations – but are Steph and Toadie willing to accept her ideas? Kate tries to cheer up her friend Terry, who is dejected about his career as a dancer. A solution presents itself when Terry takes an unexpected shine to Lyn…

Coming Soon

Can Michael control Natasha? Toadie discovers Sonya has a new boyfriend. Donna is nervous about her driving test. Can Toadie afford a big wedding? Sophie faces a dilemma. Can Andrew and Declan work together at Lassiter’s? Lucas considers a new career.


The Americans have nabbed one of Australia’s promising young actresses in Pippa Black for NBC’s new sitcom Outsourced.

The actress who used to play Elle Robinson on Australian soap Neighbours will join the Outsourced cast as a Tonya.

The character was originally played by Jessica Gower but has been recast with Black on board as the young woman who runs a customer service centre on India.

Black spent four years on Neighbours before leaving it last year.

Source: Digital Spy


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