You may remember that I interviewed Charlie Brooker just before Christmas (if you don’t remember, click here) and he mentioned more Newswipe.

Here is an article about more Newswipe.

Provided he doesn’t knacker his spine up again, there’ll be six thirty minute shows in the series which kicks off on 19th January at 10.30pm on BBC Four.

Newswipe with Charlie Brooker once again returns to take an impudent look at how the news is covered by the media (aka Weirdly and often with an agenda).

Written and presented by Charlie, Newswipe will study the brilliant and absurd way reports are presented to the public. With his sights firmly set on current affairs, Charlie sets about to analyse the latest news events, as he tries to make sense of the world’s most complex soap opera.

The series will be a funny and yaabooing digest of recent news and will review the two big stories of the week. He’ll be looking at the changes in war coverage, the grammar of reporting, the rise of the confrontation political interview and how the news loves a scare story.

Ace comedian Doug Stanhope (seriously ace… go check him out… but be warned, he’s not for the weak of heart) will reveal all the latest news from America, especially those stories that are driving him mad to the point of spitting up his innards.

A collection of journalists including Marina Hyde, Adam Curtis, Heather Brooke and Peter Oborne will examine everything from the expenses scandals, the political elite, unnamed sources on the news and using celebrities to raise the profile of issues in current affairs.

Charlie Brooker says; “The return of Newswipe is both exciting and daunting, because it nearly killed me last time. Maybe this time it’ll finish the job. It’s hard to say precisely what we’ll be featuring, because I can’t predict the future, but hopefully we won’t be picking apart coverage of either an intercontinental nuclear war or a global ebola outbreak. Whatever happens, we’ll be staring at it with amusement and horror.”

Plus, there will be controversial authored pieces, a poem and much, much more. It should be brilliant.

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