Beginning this week is the sixth season of the explosive Los Angeles-based crime drama. In this instalment, the agents are called in to protect a high profile activist during a political rally. The case is complicated when a lone sniper targets the campaigner – but what is behind the attacks? Elsewhere, Charlie and Amita attempt to keep their engagement a secret.

The agents are asked to provide security for firebrand activist Benjamin Polk during a political rally. “I’m not exactly sure what he is except our problem for the next few days,” Don remarks. Charlie arrives at the site of the forthcoming demonstration with a theory about crowd control, but he is interrupted when shots ring out. Don chases the shooter in a car, but fails to catch him. David then finds a mobile phone ringing near the scene and answers the call. “That was fair warning. Don’t get between Benjamin Polk and the bullet with his name on it,” the caller warns.

Don, Liz and Nikki view tapes of Polk in action at a number of rallies. Polk insists that following a riot in Portland in 2007, he toned down his extreme views and now conducts peaceful protests. “I’m just trying to persuade people to turn over some of their time to helping others,” he says. The agents ask Polk to cancel the upcoming rally in order to protect himself, but he refuses.

David and Colby survey the site again and realise it will be impossible to protect Polk from the sniper. “There’s no way we can cover this area,” Colby says. The team decides to watch as many rooftops as possible – although this will leave them vulnerable on the ground. Charlie uses the analogy of the ‘unexpected hanging paradox,’ whereby a man on death row attempts to guess the day he will be hanged, to try and unravel the sniper’s plan.

The agents do their best to protect Polk when he makes a speech leading up to the rally, but he is disrupted by another barrage of gunshots and exploding firecrackers. David searches the area and receives another phone call from the sniper. “Five officers doesn’t seem respectful of my intentions,” he shouts. “I’ve shown you my hand twice now – the third time it’ll be for real.” “We are taking you very seriously – you have my word on that,” David responds.

The team views security footage of the shooter planting explosives in a kitchen near to the latest attack. Although the shots are partially obscured, Larry and Charlie are able to produce a picture of their suspect using ‘round images’, and the man is identified as former teacher Shepard Crater. The agents are perplexed by his involvement.

Although Crater once worked for the radical terrorist group Resist First, he has not been involved in any violent incidents for over 20 years.

Charlie produces an ‘assassination map’ detailing the buildings likely to have been used by Crater. When Colby and David visit the fourth building on the list they find fresh footprints and make their way down into the basement –where Crater is armed and waiting. “Don’t move. I’m trying very hard not to kill you,” he warns. “I know you walked away from violence 20 years ago,” David asks. “Why Polk?” “Ask him about Portland. Ask him about the people he sacrificed like cannon fodder,” Crater replies, before fleeing.

Liz makes a breakthrough in the case when she learns that Crater had a son, Richard, who was jailed during the Portland protests and later stabbed in his cell. When she and Nikki interview Polk, they realise that he orchestrated the riot in order to give himself an excuse to become more mainstream. “You’ve been reading the blogs,” Polk says, dismissively. The agents finally understand Crater’s motivation – but can they stop him from murdering Polk?

Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita search for the right moment to tell their friends and family they are engaged. I think there’s something going on between Charlie and Amita”, Liz says, suspiciously – but will the team guess the truth?


Friday 12th June 11.00pm

Concluding this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In the season finale, Charlie races to rescue Amita from a sinister cult. Can she find a way to let the team know where she is? And what does the bizarre collective want with her?

Following Amita’s shocking abduction (see last week’s episode, ‘Greatest Hits’), a distraught Charlie phones Don at FBI headquarters and tells him she was dragged into a blue jeep with tinted windows. “Wake up anyone who isn’t here,” orders Don. The team soon tracks the vehicle down to a parking lot, but it immediately explodes. David confirms that there were two victims in the car, but the bodies are so badly burned he is unable to tell if either is Amita. “They’re both female – but beyond that it’s a morgue question,” he says.

Back at the lab, Liz is relieved to find that neither victim was Amita. Don pulls up a photograph of one of the kidnappers, using a print taken from the car. “I’ve never seen her before,” says Charlie, bewildered. Outside help arrives in the form of Ian Edgerton, who has been following the case of a man named Mason Duryea (James Callis, ‘Battlestar Galactica’), the leader of a cult targeting vulnerable young women. Don watches footage of a crazed, incoherent Mason, which was taken when he spent time in jail for a series of robberies. “Why Amita?” ponders Don.

Meanwhile, Amita arrives at the camp occupied by the cult. “I think you have the wrong person. I’m a math professor!” she sobs. Mason informs Amita he has been researching her work, including a profile he found on her in Wired magazine. Disillusioned with the consumerism of the modern world, he forces Amita to get to work on his computer, hacking into the Farmers American credit site in order to manipulate the economy. “You’re going to be my binary messenger,” he tells her. “What you’re asking me to do is not just a simple hack,” she pleads, begging him to get her laptop from her office.

With the help of a theory Larry has developed using small models of angels and devils as pieces in an elaborate board game, Liz, Ian and Nikki deduce the most likely places that Mason would have stopped on his way out of town. They arrive at a warehouse filled with the dismembered arms and legs of a series of mannequins. “I don’t like what I’m seeing inside this guy’s head,” says Liz.

Charlie makes a breakthrough when he is informed there is some unusual activity on his credit card. He realises Amita is communicating with him via his credit card details online – the items purchased, including a snow globe, a snowboard and a tea set, are all items in Amita’s office. “She wants us to watch her office,” he says. Sure enough, when David and Colby stake out the campus they see two of Mason’s girls arrive to get Amita’s laptop. Following a shootout, one of the girls is killed. David and Colby arrest the remaining girl and bring her in for questioning.

The agents are unable to get through to the suspect, who simply repeats Mason’s delusional doctrines. However, Don makes headway when he finds a connection between some wooden carvings left at each of Mason’s crime scenes and his plan of action. “You’re the weak link,” he informs the lackey, stating that Mason has replaced her with Amita. “You think you’re going to save her? You’re not! But I’ll send you into hell. I’ll draw you a map,” she spits back.

As the agents arrive at the base of the cult, they are disturbed to find the yard is booby-trapped with mannequin torsos stuffed with explosives. As the agents stake out the building, it occurs to Charlie that the prices of the items Amita placed on his credit card are also significant – the numbers are the code for her private IP address. Charlie realises Amita has created a dummy Farmers American credit site in order to communicate with him. As the agents prepare to storm the building, can Charlie manipulate Amita’s site to their advantage?

Friday 5th June 11.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this instalment, former FBI agent Roger Bloom is in the frame for a series of copycat burglaries. But is everything as it seems? Elsewhere, Amita and Charlie are targeted in a shocking crime.

Nikki, David and Colby are called to a bank heist carried out by four suspects. Nikki soon realises the case is an exact copy of a heist she investigated when she was a rookie cop. David is stunned when she opens a filing cabinet to reveal the corpse of one of the burglars. “I’m getting a big time déjà vu thing about now,” she says. “If they stuck to the old plan, they hired this guy right before the heist.”

Back at the base, Nikki reveals the original burglary she worked on took place in 2002, but the robbers were never caught. When Don examines the case file, he discovers that Roger Bloom (Henry Winkler, ‘Scream’, ‘Arrested Development’) ran the original investigation. As Don recently fired Bloom for theft (see the episode ‘Jack of All Trades’), it seems unlikely he will agree to assist the team with their enquiries.

Nikki and Colby visit Bloom at his home, hoping he might give them some insight into the case, but he reacts angrily to their request. “I put in 32 years!” he snaps. “What did I get?” Liz and David visit Charlie in his new office and ask for his help in making a connection between the old and new robberies. He deduces that someone is copying ‘perfect crimes’. “Someone’s recycling old robberies,” he tells Don.

Nikki and David visit the police library to take out files of two heists from 1994 and 1989 – and discover that the last person to borrow the files was none other than Roger Bloom. When Liz also finds footage of Bloom in the bank in the days leading up to the heist, Don brings him in for questioning. “You checked out two dozen old bank files – why?” he demands. “You’re not going to get a confession out of me!” Bloom shouts back. Although they do not have enough evidence to arrest him, Nikki and Colby visit Bloom’s house again and find papers detailing the recent bank heists.

Using Charlie’s model, the agents predict where the next burglary will be and stake out the area. Bloom is indeed at the scene, but he interrupts the robbers and becomes involved in the shoot-out. “He’s going to try and stop them!” yells Colby. However, Don is furious when he discovers that Bloom has been studying the case for several months. “You are not an agent – you are nobody as far as this case goes,” he tells him. Bloom later confesses to Colby that he is desperate to salvage his reputation. “I thought, ‘this is my chance’. I can’t let that other case be the last thing I did,” he admits.

Charlie realises the new team planning the robberies must have had some contact with the perpetrators of the original crimes. David suggests that the most likely place they would have come into contact was prison. Don eventually agrees to let Bloom work with Charlie to come up with possible suspects. They determine the next heist will be a copy of a 1981 hold-up at the Federal Reserve, where 11 people were killed. Can Bloom and Charlie identify the robbers in time?

Elsewhere, Amita finds a series of old letters in Charlie’s office written by former professors at Cal- Sci. She tries to persuade Charlie to write his own letter detailing all the things he wants from his career, but Charlie admits he is confused about his destiny. Later, the pair prepare to go out for dinner and Amita tells Charlie she would love him whatever his job was. Just as he is about to reply, a car pulls up and two masked men kidnap Amita. Who are the men? And where have they taken her?

Friday 29th May 11.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In the 100th episode of the show, Charlie tracks a possible serial killer who changes his modus operandi to evade the attention of police. But Charlie’s colleagues wonder whether his obsession with this phantom killer is affecting his judgment.

Still reeling from Don’s near-fatal stabbing (see last week’s episode, ‘The Fifth Man’), Charlie throws himself into a new case. Reviewing old police files, the mathematician believes he has found a pattern indicating a serial killer is at large. But the diverse nature of the killings lead Charlie’s colleagues to worry that he is chasing shadows. “He’s a different type of serial killer,” Charlie says. “A serial killer that nobody’s noticed but him,” a sceptical Colby grumbles.

Charlie is convinced that the lack of an obvious pattern is a pattern in itself – indicating that the killer changes his methods to throw police off his scent. “He switches his MOs, his weapons, his victim types on purpose. No repetitive behaviour means no pattern,” he says. Unfortunately, Charlie’s nebulous theory includes several ‘micro- clusters’ of murders that simply do not fit any pattern. In a bid to find more data, Charlie gets in touch with two amateur sleuths – nerdish Roy McGill and retired accountant Gene Evans.

With the help of his new assistants, Charlie works and reworks his theory, pushing himself to the point of exhaustion. “I need to find the missing pieces here. I make one mistake, people get hurt,” he says. Charlie’s friends fear he is over-reacting to Don’s brush with death, and that his obsession is affecting his judgment. But Charlie is convinced that the killer fits the profile of a ‘stealth predator’ who stalks his victims prior to murdering them.

Charlie’s work takes on greater urgency when Gene Evans and his wife are murdered. “Gene Evans and wife don’t fit the macro-pattern,” Charlie says. “They fit the pattern of the micro- clusters.” Why would the killer target the retired accountant? At first the FBI believes a former client of Gene’s may be to blame, until they realise that Gene had recently gone public with his detective work on serial killers. Charlie’s killer targeted him because he was capable of exposing him. David suggests that the anomalies in Charlie’s theory could therefore be explained by the killer tidying up loose ends. “The micro-clusters happen when the killer covers his tracks,” he says.

To make matters worse, Charlie’s model indicates the killer will strike again within 48 hours. “I say we move now,” says Don, who has recovered enough to assist with the case. Working on the theory that the killer stalks his victims first, the team chases down reports of prowlers all over the city. Meanwhile, Charlie uses his mathematical skills to predict the most likely targets.

Before long, the team uncovers the name of a man connected to two of the murders. The suspect has used several different aliases – yet the evidence remains circumstantial. “We still can’t tie him to even one murder,” David says. While the FBI sets up surveillance on the suspect, Roy McGill probes a case that he believes is the killer’s ‘victim zero’ – his first ever killing. Could this decades-old murder provide a breakthrough?

Friday 22nd May 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this episode, Don is gravely injured when an investigation into a series of burglaries goes badly wrong. As he fights for his life in hospital, the team desperately searches for his attacker, the mysterious ‘fifth man’.

When Charlie is distracted by a new hypothesis at Cal-Sci, he rushes through an analysis on a series of burglaries for the team. “You’ve got to hand it to your brother, he came up with that math pretty damn fast,” Nikki tells Don as they prepare for the operation. “Yeah, after screwing around for two days,” he replies. During the sting, four burglars escape, but Don is stabbed by a fifth man as they make their getaway. Charlie blames his own sloppy work for Don’s attack. “I predicted four invaders. I didn’t account for a fifth man,” he says, distraught.

As Don fights for his life in hospital, David, Colby and Charlie examine a partial print they have recovered from the crime scene, which leads them to a teacher named Tom Kardum. Nikki discovers that Kardum was interviewed by Missing Persons two weeks before about a missing financier called Dennis Alessi. Colby checks the names of the burglary victims against Alessi’s client list and finds that all eight names are the same. The agents surmise that Kardum targeted Alessi in order to obtain details about his clients and rob them.

With tensions running high, Colby and David interview Kardum. “You’ll need meds just to get out of bed in the morning,” Colby threatens him, before David persuades him to take a walk. Nikki visits Alessi’s secretary, who reveals that all the client files are hidden in a safety deposit box, but the key has gone missing. “Dennis told me it was with a special client who wasn’t on the list,” she says.

Elsewhere, David and Liz discover that all of Alessi’s clients were in financial difficulty before he took them on 18 months before. “None of our victims are talking. They all have something to hide,” says David. Charlie develops a theory as to who the next burglary victims will be.Thanks to his correct hypothesis, Liz and Nikki successfully interrupt the next burglary and apprehend three more suspects.

The team discovers that all of the gang are from the same town in Croatia. There is a further breakthrough in the case when Amita suggests that the motive for the crimes might not be burglary. She and Charlie suspect that the mysterious fifth man was in fact hiding out at the property where Don was stabbed, and that the robbers may have been searching for him. “He wasn’t part of their crew, he was their target,” says Charlie in amazement. He then finds evidence to suggest that all of Alessi’s clients hid the fifth man at one time or another. “Alessi hand-picked his clients,” he says. “They were willing to hide the fifth man.”

Colby and David interview Gil and Sarah Fisher, one of the couples whose house was targeted. Sarah admits they agreed to hide a man for Alessi. “We were already in so deep. He said his client needed somewhere safe to stay,” she says. The couple confirm that the fifth man is Slobodan Radovic, a Serbian indicted by the Hague for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. “The burglars weren’t out for money,” says Nikki. “They were out for revenge.”

David and Nikki interview Kardum again, who admits that Alessi was Radovic’s banker and that he and his gang were seeking revenge. “Radovic murdered my family. Alessi saw to it that he escaped justice. I did what I had to do,” he says. Kardum also confirms that the safety deposit box contains $1 million worth of diamonds, but refuses to say where the key is.

With Radovic on the loose, David surmises that he is after the deposit box. “He’s going to keep his eyes on his stash,” he says. With no clues as to where the key is, it is down to Charlie to deduce the location. Will he be able to confront his brother’s attacker? And will Don survive his injuries?

Friday 15th May 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this episode, a professor is killed when a militant animal rights group targets a university research lab. Is it possible that a student is responsible for his death?

The Eppes’ poker game is interrupted when Larry receives a call from the university informing him that one of the science professors has been killed. “Nelson Horowitz has just been attacked in his lab,” he announces, shocked. The team arrives at the scene to find Horowitz’s body displayed in one of the cages used for keeping animals, with injuries to his head. The animals from the other cages have been released. Larry’s friend, Dr Lorna Ludlow, (Polly Walker, ‘Rome’, ‘State of Play’) is devastated. “The loss of our animals is going to affect our work for years,” she sighs.

Back at FBI headquarters, the team analyses evidence from the lab, including an incendiary device that was left at the scene. The device was made using instructions from an animal rights website called ‘Animal Rights Rebels’. “ARR terrorists have no cells. Members log on to the website,” confirms David. In search of clues, Nikki and David visit an animal rights group on campus. The group’s head denies they have any links to ARR but directs Nikki to a vegan cafe where their members are known to meet. Nikki spots a student logging on to the ARR website, but he quickly leaves.

Elsewhere, Amita sees that footage from the attack has been posted online. As she and Charlie view the images in his office on campus, a riot breaks out outside, followed by an explosion. “It’s a flash mob, used as a decoy while someone set fire to one of the labs,” says Charlie. As they look on, police remove the balaclava from one of the suspects. He is revealed to be James Arthur – the young man Nikki spotted in the cafe. However, when Nikki questions him, James claims to know nothing about the professor’s death. “It was a flash mob. I just saw it on a message board,” he says.

Charlie then makes a breakthrough in the case using a system he has devised called ‘private information retrieval’. He identifies one of the users on the ARR message board as a philosophy and maths student called Josh Skinner. Liz and David head to Josh’s home to question his mother, who reveals that her son has schizophrenia and has stopped taking his medication. When a dog comes to the door, she admits that Josh brought him home two nights ago. Liz and David quickly realise it is one of the animals stolen from the lab.

Charlie meets with Liz and David and warns them to be careful when they apprehend Josh, as his schizophrenia could make him volatile. “I would suggest approaching him as calmly as possible,” he says. The pair arrive at one of Josh’s lectures, but he makes a run for it, shooting another professor and taking him hostage. Events take a turn for the worse when Lorna, who has been hiding in the room next door, gives herself up in order to help the professor.

With the situation escalating, Don needs all his negotiating skills to calm Josh but is still confused by the lad’s motives. It falls to Charlie to make another suggestion. “Schizophrenics often feel they have a direct line to the divine – Josh Skinner’s seems to be animals,” he says. Can he work out what lies behind Josh’s obsession? And could it help Don’s team get everyone out alive?

Friday 8th May 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this episode, a psychiatrist questions the conviction of a death-row prisoner at the 11th hour. Can the agents find the real murderer before an innocent man is executed?

Don’s date with lawyer Robin Brooks is interrupted when a psychiatrist, Dr Stanley, reveals he has new evidence proving mob boss John Curtis is not guilty of the murder of Roger Webster. With hours to go before Curtis is due to be executed, Robin, who once worked with Webster, is not convinced the claim is worth investigating. “Evidence always emerges at the 11th hour that is going to exonerate the prisoner – but it never does,” she says.

David and Nikki arrive at Stanley’s office to find he has been murdered. “His blood’s still flowing. This just happened,” says David. However, after a brief chase they fail to apprehend the killer. When Stanley’s office is searched, Liz realises some papers have been removed from the desk. Hoping Charlie can use the imprints to determine what was written, she takes the notepad. Liz also notes tyre marks outside the office made by a police vehicle. “A cop was here and left in a hurry,” she confirms.

David and Nikki review the evidence from the original investigation and find that Curtis has a different blood type to the samples found at the murder scene. He also drove a car of a different colour to the one spotted by eyewitnesses. “If he hadn’t confessed, he would have walked,” says Nikki. Liz and Nikki go through a list of Dr Stanley’s patients and discover he treated an ex-con called Big Chucky on the day he died. The notes on the doctor’s pad reveal the name ‘Danni Hill’ written next to Chucky’s name. When Liz and Nikki discover the arresting detective in the Curtis case was Danielle Hill, they realise they might have found who left the tyre marks outside Stanley’s office…

Nikki and Liz confront Danielle, who denies any involvement in the doctor’s death but admits she was after Chucky, whose conviction was overturned by a judge the previous week. “He probably complained to his doctor about me,” she sneers. Liz, Nikki and David get a tip-off from the LAPD and track Chucky down to a warehouse. He initially evades capture, but Liz eventually takes him down with a powerful jet of water. In custody, Chucky admits the truth to the agents. “Let’s get something straight – I was there to save a life, not take one,” he insists. Chucky reveals he told Stanley he was with Curtis on the night he was supposed to have killed Webster.

Robin and Don continue to argue about the case. “You’re not convinced he’s guilty,” Don tells Robin. “You’re not convinced he’s innocent,” she counters. Charlie makes a breakthrough when he analyses footprints from the original case. He realises the killer would have had to be well over six feet tall, with an injury that made him lean to the left. Don remembers Curtis’s son, Julien, had a shoulder injury, which could put him in the frame. Is Curtis willing to die to protect his son? And can the agents reveal the truth in time?

Elsewhere, Charlie is distracted from the case by his first basketball coaching job. He and Larry have come up with a complicated formula involving isosceles triangles for their beleaguered team. When Charlie has to leave the game midway to work on the investigation, Larry comes up with a distinctly non-mathematical method to clinch the game. Can real-life Lakers stars Jordan Farmar and Pau Gasol save the day?

Friday 1st May 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this episode, the agents probe the mysterious death of a scientist at a high-tech research facility. The number-one suspect is a supercomputer that may or may not possess artificial intelligence.

The FBI is called to a military research lab where Dr Daniel Robertson has been found dead. Robertson was working on his computer, Bailey, when a fire alert was sounded and the lab went into lockdown. Oxygen was sucked out of the room and argon gas was pumped inside to kill the blaze. However, there was no fire – and the combination of gases caused Robertson to suffocate.

Charlie and the team are stunned to learn that Robertson’s mission was to create the world’s first intelligent machine. But they are even more surprised when Robertson’s formidable boss, Jane Karellan, gives her opinion on the likely killer. “I’m hoping the computer killed him,” she says. As a computer designed for military purposes, Bailey’s emergence as a killer could be considered a success. “We can’t rule out the possibility that Bailey really is a thinking machine,” says Charlie.

Nonetheless, Colby is keen to search for a human suspect. The agents interview Robertson’s colleagues and family, including his wife, Jessie, who claims to know nothing about his work. However, Robertson’s assistant insists that Jessie is lying. Under questioning, Jessie later admits that she helped her husband with some of the coding on Bailey, even though she was not supposed to be involved in the top-secret project.

Charlie, meanwhile, attempts to figure out how Bailey could have activated the fire-suppression system that killed Robertson. He and Amita decide to test the computer to see if ‘she’ really has artificial intelligence. “It’ll tell us if Bailey is capable of killing,” he says. The duo arrive at the lab, only for Bailey to take exception to Charlie’s attitude and order him from the room. Amita is left to conduct the test, which Bailey appears to pass.

The computer is now confirmed as a suspect, so Don suggests they proceed as they would in any investigation – by interrogating her. However, Bailey claims not to remember anything about Robertson’s death, except for the fact that he tried to mute her voice shortly before he died. When Amita attempts to do the same thing, the fire alert sounds and the lab is sealed off, trapping her inside.

Amita calls Charlie for help and the agents rally to rescue her. Although the argon gas has been removed from the system, Amita is still running out of air. “There’s oxygen being sucked out of there and there’s no oxygen being pumped in until the threat’s over!” says Charlie. Amita has figured out that someone is hacking into Bailey via an outside line and Don is able to trace the culprit to an underground tunnel. Colby and Liz catch the hacker and disconnect the line, releasing Amita from confinement.

The hacker claims he was hired to delete Bailey’s memory. While the agents pressure him into giving up his employer, Charlie and Amita make a startling discovery. “Bailey’s a fraud,” Amita says. A closer look at the computer’s coding indicates that she has been cleverly programmed to give the impression of artificial intelligence. It transpires that Daniel Robertson designed Bailey as a front in order to steal millions of dollars of government research money. But who would have been capable of programming Bailey to kill her creator?

Also this week, Jane Karellan tells Charlie that he is wasting his genius on the FBI and invites him to come and work on military projects. Jane happens to be Larry’s ex-lover and ex-boss, and the professor wastes no time in warning Charlie to steer clear of her. But Don wonders whether he should encourage his brother to consider a career change.

Friday 24th April 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this episode, Charlie devises an audacious model to eliminate the new drug ‘Hawaiian ice’ from the streets. Liz goes undercover with an old friend, DEA agent Cam, to make the deals. But when events take an unexpected turn, can the rest of the team protect her?

Using a complex mathematical theory, Charlie predicts that the next new drug to hit the streets of LA will be ‘Hawaiian ice’. He creates an economic model that suggests if the agents are able to buy up the whole of the city’s supply of ice, they will be able to dirty the brand; the lack of supply will force the dealers to dilute the quality of the drug, thereby reducing demand and preventing an epidemic. The team identifies a handful of dealers supplying the drug, and enlists the help of DEA agent Cam to go undercover with Liz. “Why would a DEA agent risk his cover to help out the FBI?” Colby asks. “He wouldn’t do it for the FBI, but he would do it for me,” Liz replies. The two trained together and are old friends.

The first two deals go well, but things take a turn for the worse when Liz and Cam try to buy from a dealer called Pritchard, who controls 40 per cent of the drug in LA. Pritchard is known to be a sleaze, so Liz and Cam pretend to be a couple. However, Cam becomes unwell during the deal and disappears to the bathroom. Liz faces a terrifying ordeal when Pritchard makes her undress, but Cam eventually returns. Outside, an incensed Liz confronts Cam. “You’re using!” she accuses him. Later she tells Cam’s handler he has a problem, but she is not interested. “Cam is fine,” she insists. “He can handle it.” “That’s just what an addict would say,” Liz counters.

Back at base the team plans the next deal. Things go from bad to worse, however, when the deal is interrupted by an armed gang led by Pritchard. After shooting up the rival dealers, the gunmen make off with the drugs. “Word’s out we’re paying top dollar,” says Colby. “It makes sense Pritchard would want to get together as much product as he can.” Though the undercover agents are unharmed, Liz is sure Cam was involved in the bust and accuses him of tipping Pritchard off in order to secure narcotics for himself. “That’s a hell of an accusation,” Cam responds furiously. “I don’t know how Pritchard found out but it wasn’t from me!”

Later, David and Colby find a bug in Liz’s car, which explains how Pritchard knew about the deal. Liz tells David about her spat with Cam, but insists she can now trust him. “He’s a risk but I feel like I owe him another shot,” she says.

Charlie is distraught that his model has failed. “My model didn’t predict anything like this. I went wrong somewhere,” he says. He realises that though suppliers usually move into other areas when a brand is dirtied, drug dealers do not always act typically. Realising demand for the drug would soon go down, Pritchard acted to secure as much product as he could. The agents assume he will now be eager to strike a lucrative deal.

Liz and Cam arrange another meeting with Pritchard to buy up all of his stock. However, just as they arrive to make the deal, Charlie has a sudden realisation, sparked by Alan’s observations on a basketball takeover. Panicked, he tells Don that Pritchard does not want to sell the drugs – he wants to buy up all of Liz and Cam’s supply so he can control the market. “I don’t know what Liz is walking into but you’ve got to stop her,” he insists. Charlie’s prediction turns out to be correct when Pritchard pulls a gun on the pair and instructs Cam to fetch all of their supply and bring it to him within one hour. With Liz’s life on the line, can Cam be trusted to deliver the drugs?

Friday 17th April 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. In this episode, an arms dealer is found not guilty of murder, prompting Don to suspect the jury has been bribed. Charlie and the team uncover a trail of high-tech jury tampering, but will they be able to stop the criminal before he flees the country?

Don and the team are left stunned when known gunrunner Damien Lake (James Marsters, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Torchwood’) is found not guilty of slaying his girlfriend, Erica Daniels. The verdict is especially hard for Don, who led the operation to catch Lake using Erica as an informant. Lake realised that Erica had betrayed him and shot her in an elevator before Don could stop him. Now the FBI boss is determined to put the arms dealer away for good. “I want to find a way to get him,” he says, “for whatever we can make stick.”

Charlie’s analysis of the jury’s behaviour soon provides grounds for suspecting that Lake bribed his way to freedom. According to Charlie’s model, the not-guilty verdict was a highly improbable outcome. “So it was rigged?” Don asks. The only way to find out is to look at how the jury was picked. David discovers that a private company called Jury Find runs the software used to randomly select jurors. It transpires that an engineer named Robert Logan tampered with this software shortly before Lake’s trial.

The agents raid Logan’s apartment only to find he has been shot dead. Further investigation shows that Logan was not an employee of Jury Find at all. “He’s a hacker for hire,” says David. “Whoever hired him killed him to cover their tracks,” Colby adds. It is clear that someone paid Logan to hack into the court software and steal the identities of the jury members. Phone records show that Logan was in contact with one Mitch Langford (Ray Wise, ‘Reaper’, ‘Twin Peaks’) – who just happens to be Damien Lake’s jury consultant.

The slick Langford explains that he merely advises lawyers on which jurors to pick for their trials according to their background and attitudes. He brushes aside David’s suggestion that he paid Logan to supply details of the jury. “That’s a pretty wild claim,” he says. However, there is enough evidence of foul play for the judge to rule there has been a mistrial. Damien Lake is a wanted man once again – but when the agents storm his house, they discover he has fled to Costa Rica. Have they let the arms dealer slip through their fingers?

Back at headquarters, the agents investigate a new lead when they realise that a substitute juror was appointed to serve on Lake’s trial. The substitute was called upon after one woman had to step down because her husband was killed in a car crash. David soon determines that the crash was no accident – the husband was killed to free up a space on the jury. The hacker then manipulated the system to put Lake’s inside man on the panel.

The agents realise that this insider only needed to manipulate one or two others to change the verdict. “A few key people in a jury could influence the others,” David explains. The team identifies these other two jurors as a bankrupt businessman who was bribed to return a not-guilty verdict, and a scared housewife who was threatened into doing Lake’s bidding. The arms dealer’s fiendish scheme is now fully exposed and the substitute juror is arrested. With his help, they are able to connect the corrupt Langford to the crime. But can they land the mastermind of the plot – Damien Lake himself?

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