Thursday, 12 March 2009, 9:00PM on ITV3

Charlie works to find an extremely rare comic that was stolen during a deadly robbery at a comic book convention.

Guest starring Christopher Lloyd and Wil Wheaton.

Thursday, 5 March 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

When a mega-heiress is abducted by an extremist group looking to punish her industrialist father, Don and the team rush to find her captors, but their attempt to save her takes a startling turn when they to uncover the group’s true motivation.


Friday 27th February at 22:00pm on five

Continuing on Five this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. Numb3rs follows the work of FBI agent Don Eppes and his brother Charlie as they solve complex cases using mathematics. In this instalment, the agents attempt to rescue passengers trapped inside a train that derailed when it collided with a lorry.

A chaotic sight greets the agents when they arrive at the scene of a collision between a passenger train and a lorry carrying hazardous material. One of the train’s carriages is pinned beneath the tanker, which is loaded with a liquid chemical called methyl isocyanate. It emerges that six people are trapped inside the carriage in question – a mother and son, a young couple, a train guard and an elderly woman. Nikki explains to the others that if methyl isocyanate comes into contract with water, it combusts and produces a toxic cloud. “We’ve gotta get these people out of here before this thing explodes,” says David urgently.

Before they can stage a rescue operation, the agents must ensure the chemical remains stable. Disrupting the wreckage in any way is out of the question until more is known about the crash site. As Colby and David use heat-seeking equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the victims, Charlie hits upon an idea that will enhance their mapping system. He suggests sending remote-control robots into the rubble to gather more data. “They’ll radio back information on temperature, toxicity and topography,” he explains. This data can then be overlaid with the infrared images to flesh out the map of the carriage.

Meanwhile, Nikki suspects that the derailment was a result of terrorist activity. She quizzes the conductor, who escaped the crash, as to whether the train’s Syrian engineer had any political ties. However, he is convinced it was simply an accident. “Scary hazardous materials roll through LA every single day on 100-year-old tracks,” he says. “It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened before.” But Nikki’s theory is backed up by the train dispatcher who says there was no mechanical reason for the train to derail.

Desert Pacific Rail’s manager, Richard Cory, implies to Don that the company’s competitor, run by mobster Roman Markovius, may have tried sabotaging the train out of bitterness from having lost the contract. During an interview with Nikki and Don, Roman firmly denies any involvement. “We didn’t touch Desert Pacific Rail. Richard Cory sowed the seeds of his own demise,” he says elusively.

Back at the crash site, David becomes impatient with Charlie’s time-consuming robotic analysis and insists that his colleagues take action to rescue the people trapped inside the train. However, Charlie is reluctant to disturb the delicate chemical balance inside the wreckage. The pair’s disagreement comes to a head when David takes matters into his own hands and ventures into the rubble. “No more waiting, Charlie!” he says.

As Colby and Charlie attempt to guide their friend through the chemical hot zones via radio, reception suddenly cuts out when David disturbs some of the rubble. Fortunately, Charlie can see from the infrared images that David is safe. “He’s alive, but the collapse increased the flow of toxic gas,” says Charlie. The agents have no choice but to wait and see whether the chemical levels will reach explosive proportions. Has David put his own life at risk as well as those of the six passengers?

Thursday, 26 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV3

Don and the team investigate the secret world of alternate reality games after a man plunges to his death while participating in one such game. Amita’s life is in danger when her hidden gaming ability becomes the key to tracking down the killer.

Sunday 22nd February at 12:00pm on five

Continuing on Five this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. Numb3rs follows the work of FBI agent Don Eppes and his brother Charlie as they solve complex cases using mathematics. In this episode, the agents investigate the death of a surfer. While examining the victim’s past, they learn that he had made a few enemies in his day job.

The agents are alerted when one Nathan Watts drowns while riding a big swell. An experienced surfer, Nathan was also a park ranger who lived on the nearby Channel Islands. Although it appears that Nathan’s death was accidental, his father, Keith, appeals to the FBI to investigate. “He had enemies in the Channel Islands – some of the people he arrested,” he says. “He told me he had threats.”

While poring over Nathan’s file, seasoned surfer Colby begins to suspect that Keith was right. He notices that when the deceased was dragged ashore, he was wearing his ankle leash on his left leg, although he usually wore it on the right one. More evidence of foul pay comes to light when the autopsy reveals traces of an epoxy-carbon mix embedded in Nathan’s scalp – the same blend of materials used to manufacture paddles. The medical examiner confirms that Nathan died from a blow to the head.

With the case upgraded to murder, David attempts to identify Nathan’s enemies. He interviews the victim’s colleague, Cameron Wilson, who describes the Channel Islands as a peaceful place. “Who was Watts busting if there wasn’t anybody out here to bust?” wonders David. Then Cameron remembers that Nathan arrested two fishermen for shooting federally protected sea otters. Nikki and Colby venture down to the dock to interview some of the commercial seamen. When one of them tries to do a runner, Colby hauls him in for questioning. However, the man has a watertight alibi and Colby is convinced that he is not capable of murder.

In search of a fresh lead, Don pays a visit to Nathan’s ex-girlfriend, surf instructor and bikini model Melissa Conway. She points Don in the direction of one Pat Drummond, a keen surfer and photographer. Melissa tells Don that when Pat illegally rode a jet-ski within a marine reserve, Nathan had words with him. Nikki and Colby track down Pat at his recently opened surf shop. When asked where he was on the day of the murder, Pat says he wanted to go out on the water, but was unable to because his boat engine died.

Despite Pat’s squeaky clean businessman image, new information reveals that he was investigated by the drug task force six months earlier when he was suspected of running a cannabis-growing operation on the Channel Islands. However, no concrete evidence was found to convict him.

The agents become suspicious of Nathan when no mention of the task force’s investigation can be found in his notes. They begin to wonder whether he was covering up Pat’s shady dealings in exchange for a cut of the profits. However, Nathan’s father is adamant that this theory goes against the grain of his son’s character. The agents need more evidence to flesh out their case against Nathan, so Nikki and Colby decide to re-interview Melissa. “I don’t know anything about pot farms or anything like that,” she tells them.

As the pair head back to HQ, Nikki asks Colby, “Did you say anything about pot farms?” It seems that Melissa has unwittingly implicated herself in illegal activities. The agents are left to wonder whether she could possibly be involved in Nathan’s death as well…

Continuing on Five this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. Numb3rs follows the work of FBI agent Don Eppes and his brother Charlie as they solve complex cases using mathematics. This week, the agents investigate the disappearance of an illusionist during a magic act. As details surrounding the case unfold, Don and his team are left wondering whether the magician’s vanishing act is all that it seems.

The agents are called to LA’s Tower of Mystery venue when a magician called Talma disappears during her show. The illusion that she was performing involved standing inside a glass cylinder full of water. As part of the trick, Talma was supposed to wow the audience by first disappearing from the tank before reappearing seconds later. She failed to re-emerge at the end, throwing her partner, Susanna, into a panic.

Accompanying the agents to the theatre is a cynical Charlie who thinks that the disappearance is nothing more than an elaborate publicity hoax. However, when the agents open the stage trapdoor, they find a pool of blood. “Tell me that blood is part of the trick,” says David. Talma’s body is nowhere to be found.

Back at HQ, Nikki explains to Colby that the magical duo are more than capable of fooling the public. “Our lady Copperfields have a history of fake emergencies,” she says. In two previous acts, Susanna and Talma staged false disappearances that turned out to be highly successful publicity stunts when the women reappeared days later. “I still say this is just one more stunt,” says a dubious Nikki. “Fake a felony, get on the news, get famous.”

Later, new information comes to light suggesting that what happened onstage was indeed a precursor to the second part of the trick. Nikki learns that Talma recently rented a storefront on a busy Hollywood street and that two party hire companies had been contracted to deliver folding chairs and widescreen televisions to the same location. Nikki and Colby pay a visit to the site to look for further clues. At the back of the shop they make a grisly discover –Talma’s lifeless body floating inside another water-filled capsule. “Talma’s not coming back from this one,” says Colby.

An autopsy shows that Talma sustained a blow to her head, and she also has a deep laceration on her leg. Was the performer roughed up by an assailant and then dumped in the watery prison to drown? If so, who would want her dead? Background research on Talma reveals that some years ago, her partner drowned during a trick that went wrong and some people held Talma responsible. Could her killing be an act of vengeance? Or is it simply a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong? The agents and mathematicians must infiltrate the mysterious world of magic and illusion to find the truth.

Also this week, in a special guest appearance, world-famous illusionist Penn Jillette (‘Penn & Teller’) helps with the investigation by explaining the science behind magic tricks to Larry and Charlie.

Continuing on Five this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. Numb3rs follows the work of FBI agent Don Eppes and his brother Charlie as they solve complex cases using mathematics. This week, Don and his team hunt down the brains behind an armed robbery.

When the FBI agents get a tip-off that thieves are about to strike a parcel dispatch warehouse, they head straight to the scene. On their arrival, a shoot-out ensues but the agents manage to secure the hijacked truck. Just as the commotion is dying down, another van speeds out of the parking lot and the agents give chase. They surround the vehicle, but relentless shooting from the crooks means the agents are forced to back down and the criminals flee.

After analysis of the parcel data, Charlie notices that on board the hijacked delivery van was a package with a reissued tracking code. Charlie explains to the agents that when a label containing the code is damaged in any way, it must be issued again. Liz visits the mail sorting facility where she learns the name of the employee in sole charge of damaged labels – Emerson Laidlaw. “We call him the scan man,” says Emerson’s boss, Brian Hellman. “He can look at a bar code that’s messed up and like magic figure it out faster than the computer.”

Confident that Emerson is the brains behind the robbery, Liz and David pay their suspect a visit. When they break into Emerson’s apartment, the agents find him cowering in a corner surrounded by piles of collectables. He is hauled back to HQ for questioning, but Nikki and Don are unable to extract any useful information. Police psychiatrist Dr William Bradford suspects Emerson is an autistic savant. “I don’t deny he is involved,” he says, “but that man is incapable of plotting a crime.” Dr Bradford also dismisses the $500,000 in Emerson’s bank account as another example of his hoarding behaviour.

When computer logs show that Brian Hellman was monitoring Emerson’s online activity, Nikki is convinced that Emerson is trying to protect his boss. However, Brian claims he was only keeping an eye on Emerson. “He’s like a son to me,” he says. He then goes on to explain how Emerson put his excess belongings in the post when he ran out of space in his apartment. “He’d been using the parcel system to store his stuff?” says an incredulous Nikki.

With both Emerson and Brian cleared as suspects, some new information appears putting another man in the frame – Emerson’s cousin Carter. He has been known to exploit Emerson’s extraordinary memory and talent for numbers by using him as a gambling partner. When Liz and Nikki arrive at Carter’s residence, they find the front door ajar. Inside, the agents search the rooms before discovering their suspect slumped dead in a kitchen chair. His bound wrists leave Nikki and Liz in no doubt that Carter has been murdered.

An analysis of Carter’s home computer throws up a spreadsheet detailing a series of parcel dispatches. All of the deliveries are destined for the same address – an overnight storage facility for high- value goods. It is obvious that Carter was a mere henchman for a wider criminal unit. Now it is up to Don and his team to uncover the gang’s identity.

Thursday, 19 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV3

Don feels responsible for the death of a participant in the Witness
Protection Program after she is gunned down in her home,

Continuing on Five this week is the fifth season of the Los Angeles-based crime drama series. Numb3rs follows the work of FBI agent Don Eppes and his brother Charlie as they solve complex cases using mathematics. In this episode, the agents hunt down a conman who continues to slip through their fingers.

The agents arrive at the residence of a notorious trickster nicknamed ‘George’ by police. Although he is known to be at home, the FBI can find no trace of the conman when they storm the house. As David analyses footage from the raid, he notices an unknown officer exiting the building. “Son of a bitch posed as an agent and walked out on us,” he says incredulously.

Back at HQ, Special Agent Jack Bloom (Henry Winkler) reveals that George has misappropriated almost $10million from a series of businesses during his two-year career. His modus operandi is to gain the trust of his colleagues in order to learn confidential details such as bank account passwords. “I think his greatest talent is he can bluff his way into any profession,” says Jack.

Meanwhile, Colby, David and Liz learn that George is dating an actress named Kelly Rand. Kelly’s manager, Susan Stone, claims to know George by sight, so she accompanies the trio on a stakeout of the couple’s favourite haunts. Outside a nightclub, Susan spots George and the agents pursue him on foot. However, when they catch him, it is obvious they have the wrong man. Amid the commotion, Liz sees another man fleeing the scene. As he jumps onto a bus, Liz snaps his picture – the first photographic image that authorities have of George.

At the lab, Liz is disappointed to see that her photo of George’s face is blotted out by window glare. However, when Larry analyses the image further, he notices that George’s features are also reflected in a piece of plastic. “The image has been altered by the refracting nature of the surface, but there’s still information here,” says Amita. She then works with Charlie and Larry to produce a usable picture, which is run through facial- recognition software. A match comes up in the foster child database to one Kevin Oliver. “He’s only 18,” says Liz. “We’re chasing a kid?”

A visit to one of Kevin’s former foster mothers provides no further clues, so David suggests the agents shadow Kevin’s girlfriend, Kelly. Together with Colby, David waits for Kelly to emerge from her house before tailing her car to a nearby beach. Colby finds the couple underneath a pier and approaches them, pretending to have lost his dog. Kevin falls for the trick and Colby quickly handcuffs him.

At the holding cells, Kevin tries to play down his crimes, telling Jack, “I only stole what I needed and never from an individual. It was practically petty theft.” While Jack and the other agents are dubious about Kevin’s claims, Charlie wonders whether his skills were being used without his knowledge by a larger money laundering syndicate. But before the agents have a chance to ponder this theory, they receive some shocking news – Kevin has escaped his cell by disguising himself as an attorney. “You’ve got to admit – this guy is resourceful,” remarks Colby. After two years of searching, will Jack and the agents ever get their hands on the slippery crook again?

Thursday, 12 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV3

A bank for the rich and powerful is robbed but the stolen contents of the safety deposit boxes are being liquidated and donated to charities, and it’s up to Don and Charlie to uncover the true motivation behind the humanitarian thief.

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