One Way Out

Mondays From 7th December, 10.00pm & 10.30pm

One Way Out is a brand new series in which professional British escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, tests the limits of his own skills and endurance as he fights his way out of a set of increasingly complex, ridiculous, and devilishly dangerous traps. Constructed from an array of ordinary objects with the help of top mechanical engineer Terry Stroud, these traps designed to deliver a variety of dramatic stunts that also demonstrate important scientific principles. First up, Jonathan investigates the theory that minimal movement in dangerous situations is the best thing to do, by having a live scorpion placed in his mouth and getting covered in 200,000 agitated bees! He doesn’t stop there, he goes on to test human reactions to extreme cold by being dunked in freezing water and breaking through an ice sheet to escape; wages war against the force of gravity by taking wild leaps off a diving board; and explores how long a human can survive with limited oxygen by being buried alive. Simple physics may get him into these fixes, but for Jonathan, the trick is finding One Way Out.

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