Our War

9:00pm Monday 20 August on BBC THREE

The second series of Bafta-winning Our War follows life on the frontline in Afghanistan, through remarkable films shot by the soldiers themselves.

The BBC has been given unprecedented access to the footage, which offers a gripping and poignant insight into every aspect of a young soldier’s experience.

Into The Hornets’ Nest captures on camera a daring mission deep into enemy territory during Afghanistan’s bloodiest summer on record.

Troop surges in 2010 forced the Taliban to fight dirty, using more IEDs than ever. Against this backdrop a 100 strong company from 2nd Battalion, Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment was deployed into one of the most dangerous areas of Helmand, tasked with protecting a vital road link.

During a heavy firefight Kingsman Darren Deady was shot in the neck. He collapsed into the lap of Sergeant Mark Wilson, who was filming on a helmet camera.

The operation later claimed the life of Captain Andrew Griffiths – the first child of a serving officer to die in Afghanistan.

When a dust storm grounded all aircraft in Bastion two brave helicopter pilots rewrote the rulebook, flying in formation so that they could evacuate him.

Both men were treated side by side in the UK, but died of their injuries. Andrew’s dad Brigadier Mike Griffiths, the colonel of the regiment, now uses his personal experience to train ‘visiting’ officers, who break news of injuries and fatalities to servicemen’s families.

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