Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend

Episode 6

The first task in this weeks episode was flirting with Callum Best… all the wannabees were dog awful at this for some mildly attractive girls (one or two really good looking girls) you would of expected better but this is just TV gold cringing TV at its very best!!! Carrie was the winner and her prize was to pick her own piece of jewellery from an expensive jewellers she picked a 5K ring!


The entertainment for the night was a game for the wannabees were they pulled out a sass with something written on it (i.e. Most Trust Worthy or Prettiest) but there was a few nasty ones thrown in to make it interesting!! And Emma gave a bad one to Kat and then Kat gave a bad on to Emma kicking off a MASSIVE argument with everyone falling out with Kat.

The next day Emma became Paris’ pet.


The second task in this episode was a photo shoot they were put into groups of two, Flic and Sam, Meddy and Carrie and Kat and Chrissie this was pretty funny coz Kat was looking for revenge on Emma and Meddy and Carrie’s idea was utter rubbish but just great TV! Flic and Sam’s idea was pretty good and for there hard work they won the photo shoot task. Discussion time and this week it was Meddy and Kat. Kat defended her actions for the trouble with Emma and Paris said she couldn’t vote off someone for problems with other housemates as it wasn’t directly with Paris (Fair comment tbh!) Meddy was eliminated as she has had enough chances to impress Paris and hasn’t done this, even though after the trouble between Kat and Emma (and all the wannabees voted for Kat to be up for discussion) Meddy was told TTYN!

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Thursday’s iTV2!

Aired February 26, 2009 iTV

Paris Hilton’s search for a British best friend goes on…


The wannabes must perform in a talent show for Paris and Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. Kat has returned after she left the show (she was invited back at the end of EP 4 and was made Paris’ pet)


The wannabes have to perform a talent contest with some surprising and very comical outcomes, with Sam dressing up with a blonde wig and yodelling a part from The Sound of Music to Chrissie doing a burlesque show.The winner of the talent show was Chrissie and she her award was a pair of shoes of her choice.


To this episodes eliminations… two people would be going this episode so three people would be up for discussion and the three up were Laura M, Ola and Meddy. As Kat was Paris’ pet she asked her to choose the first person to go in this episodes eliminations Ola was chosen by Kat because she could upset someone, wasn’t trustworthy and for all those reasons wouldn’t be right for Paris. Upon elimination Paris said they would still be friends, just not best friends.


The second person to be eliminated would be chosen by Paris but first she asked both Meddy and Laura M (who were both still up for discussion) to tell her Paris should keep them in, part of Meddy’s reason was “Because I think I’m hotter too” which didn’t go down too well with Laura M. Laura M’s reasoning was because she though before she opened her mouth and was an honest person. Paris picked Laura M mainly because she didn’t know much about her.




The next episode is on Thursday 9pm iTV2

Thursday, 29 January 2009, 9:00PM on ITV2

ITV2 and the UK will be playing host to the ultimate all-American It girl Paris Hilton in the brand new and exclusive series Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

Paris Hilton has jetted into the UK with one mission: to find herself a British best friend.

Paris is never far from a whole host of people wanting to be her new best friend as she sashays from a red carpet event to fashion shows and parties. It can be a lonely life jetting the world in the blinding glare of the media spotlight, and it’s difficult to meet new friends.

In this 8-part series, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend will follow the captivating Miss Hilton in the UK for an intensive search for a new friend she can depend on. Providing viewers with a candid insight into her manic world, they will also be privy to the true girl behind the media image through unprecedented exclusive access.

Paris says: “I’ve met all my potential British best friends and I’m so excited. This is going to be a wild ride that I’ll never forget. I love the Brits. Some of them are a little bit cheeky but it’s going to make for great television.”

Will the contestants have the energy to keep up with Paris’ dizzying schedule? Will they have the looks and style to effortlessly accompany Miss Hilton down the red carpet, or will they be hopelessly out of their depth? And will they really be genuine friends to Paris?

The ambitious wannabes will be sharing a house and will gradually be eliminated by Paris until one of them will be inaugurated as Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.

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